Flyer on Dr.Carley's Medical Licensing case

June 2002


Dr. Rebecca Carley,MD the pioneering doctor who has successfully developed and used homeopathic remedies, bovine colostrum and other supplements to reverse some of the adverse effects of childhood vaccinations, is being threatened with loss of her medical license.

The New York State Office of Professional Medical Conduct (OPMC) does not say she did anything wrong in her medical practice. They base their threat on a highly questionable psychiatric evaluation as "delusional". The evaluation was even based on a tape of the content of her statements about the actions and failure to act of government and law enforcement agencies. This may satisfy the political forces behind Dr. Carley's prosecution. It is a disservice to health care consumer-patients.

The State has not been content with attempting to take away her medical license, which is a dispute between adults. They have stooped to taking away her only child and giving him to his father who sexually abused the child. This was done in spite of overwhelming evidence presented by the child's foster mother, social worker and the head of the Sex Abuse Unit of Nassau County Medical center, according to court transcripts I have personally seen. The child complained that the father inserted a magic marker in his anus and he was unable to move his bowels. The child was examined at Nassau County Medical Center (NCMC)and a "rape kit" was prepared with DNA evidence. For some unexplained reason the police did not pick up the evidence kit as they procedurally should. Therefore NCMC threw out the evidence kit. The Nassau County District Attorney, therefore stated that because he did not have sufficient evidence he dropped the charges against the father.This unusual chronology would raise eyebrows among most "reasonable persons."

In case anyone reading this is unfamiliar with the facts legitimating the controversy surrounding vaccination, the official federal data cannot be disputed.The federal government pays out over $100 million dollars a year to the parents of vaccine injured and dead children. Under the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program individual payments are capped at $250,000 per case,these official figures are posted at What started as a small program has exploded as vaccine manufacturers no longer have the incentive to make sure vaccines are as safe as possible.Most of the cost can even be passed on to the consumer, who has no choice but to pay..

Call Governor Pataki in NYC tel.212-681-4580 or write him at Executive Chamber, Albany,NY 12224 ask why OPMC is using a psychiatric diagnosis making New York look like a totalitarian state.
OPMC should not limit your choice of Doctor and discourage other doctors from using alternative and unconventional therapies.He must answer these questions in the upcoming campaign in this election year. Come to a demonstration in support of Dr.Carley on Thursday July 11,2002 at 8am held in front of 5 Penn Plaza at 34th Street and
8th Avenue where OPMC will hold Dr.Carley's Hearing.

Prepared by Arnold Gore, Consumers Health Freedom Coalition
212-795-6460 Email:arnoldgore@m... Please notify if you can attend July 11 Yahoo! Groups Sponsor ADVERTISEMENT