March 28, 2012, ANSWER by Richard Shulze, N.D., M.H.


Dear Dr. Schulze,

My brother went into the hospital in January after falling and hitting his head in the kitchen. We knew something was wrong when he came to visit us for Christmas from Florida. He seemed sick but we weren't really sure. He was sweating through his clothes at night and his legs kept giving out on him. He started not being able to make it to the bathroom on time and also lost his bowels one night.

We took him to the ER in Santa Barbara and they ran lots of tests to find out that he was HIV positive with very advanced AIDS (10+ years).

They gave him 30 days to live!

The medical doctors put him on chemotherapy with some new, ďexcitingĒ trial drugs. My Mom and I agreed that we wanted him in the hospital for the 24-hour care he would receive (diaper changing, bed baths, and physical therapy for movement of his limbs) but did not want him to have any chemotherapy or crazy new drugs.

We worked out a plan to take shifts at the hospital during medication dispersal so we could take home and throw away all the prescribed poison. The only thing we gave him was organic applesauce with your SuperFood Plus powder. We have continued the applesauce / SuperFood Plus plan and my brother has gone from his deathbed in the hospital to talking again, walking again, going to the bathroom on his own again, and new blood work shows his blood counts are ALL up in the healthy range and no more AIDS.

Itís only March and we have seen this much progress!

The doctors will document their medications as successful but we know it was all you, Dr. Schulze.

Itís a Dr. Schulze Miracle! Thanks for saving my brotherís life.

ó Anna S. in Carpinteria, CA, USA


Dear Anna,

You are AWESOME! This is exactly what the relatives of many of my patients did, flushed the toxic wonder drugs down the toilet and gave the herbs instead. Who cares who gets the healing credit? All that matters is that your brother is ALIVE, and Getting STRONGER!

So everyone gets up to speed here, once you are infected with the HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus), it can lay dormant in your body for months, years, a decade or even forever. This depends on your level of health, your lifestyle and the strength of your immune system. This is called asymptomatic HIV infections, which simply means you donít have any symptoms associated with the infection.

Asymptomatic HIV infection can progress to symptomatic HIV infection, which means that now you start to notice that you have symptoms of having the infection, and a weakened immune system because of it. Symptoms are like most viral infections, including fever, sweating, muscle aches and swollen lymph nodes.

HIV can eventually turn into AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). This is considered the final stages of HIV infection, where your immune system is greatly compromised and other aggressive diseases begin to appear, like other bacterial and viral attacks, and even cancer. AIDS is said to exist when you have 2 additional opportunistic infections and also a T-Immune cell count below 200.

My Patients with AIDS. I had patients so ill with AIDS; one had a T-Cell count of 2, not 200, TWO! This patient also was covered with Kaposiís sarcoma cancer,


and also had the majority of his lungs fibrosed with Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia.


The medical doctors said he would be dead in a month, three months before I saw him!


Anyway, this gentleman made a complete recovery, to the point where his cancer and pneumonia were healed and he no longer tested positive for the HIV infection, which is considered medically impossible, (like your brother) and is still alive today!

I had numerous other patients with AIDS make similar recoveries; so the story of your brother is certainly a MIRACLE, and is AWESOME and AMAZING, and because of my clinical experience, I also know it is POSSIBLE and TRUE!

The Bottom Line
The real bottom line here is this: NOBODY, I mean NOBODY knows when your time is up. I had patients that were given their last rites TWICE by a priest that are still alive. And I had THOUSANDS that were told by their medical doctors they would be dead in a few months, and many are STILL ALIVE TODAY! In fact just last week my son Arthur ran into an old patient of mine at a Health Expo, who was (previously) riddled with cancer, that was told by the head oncologist at a leading hospital in America she had only two months to live, even with chemo, radiation and surgery, and she got healthy instead of trying to poison herself well with drugs, and is STILL ALIVE 25 YEARS LATER!

The point is, NEVER GIVE UP!

You can HEAL YOURSELF of ANYTHING, ANY DISEASE, ANY ILLNESS, all you have to do is to STOP doing what made you sick, and START doing what will Create Powerful Health.

Tomorrow is what you BELIEVE and DO Today!

Obviously, I never get bored of evangelizing Natural Healing!

And Anna, I NEVER get bored of getting MIRACLE letters like yours.

Please give your brother a big hug and kiss from me, tell him to get stronger EVERY DAY, and tell him to write the next email himself!


ó Dr. Schulze



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