Rebecca Brown's Interview with Amy L. Lansky, Ph.D. Author of Impossible Cure

Amy Lansky's son Max cured of Autism with Homeopathy

Message from Amy to those who write to her..........======

Hello!  You are getting this message because you have written to me about
seeking homeopathic treatment for your autistic child.  I believe that most of
you have found me via the article about my son Max that appears on the web at

First of all, thank you for your interest in my article and in Max's
recovery. It is really a mission of mine to let people know more about his
story and in particular more about homeopathy.  I'm have just
finished writing a
book, which includes his story in even greater detail, as well as much much
more about homeopathy and what homeopathic treatment is like.  I am
currently seeking a publisher and hope that it will appear in about a year.

I thought I'd take this opportunity to tell you a bit more about
homeopathy, especially in treatment of autistic kids.

Homeopathy isn't a "take this for that" medicine.  10 different autistic
kids might get 10 different remedies.  Choice of remedy depends on a
person's individual characteristics.  That said, however, there is a range
of 10-20 remedies commonly used in autism cases.

Autism, unfortunately, is very serious and is not an "easy cure".  For
example, while simple ADD (ADHD) has an 80% cure rate in many homeopathic
practices, autism is much much more difficult. However I have heard of
several other cure cases of autism besides my son Max, with homeopathy.  In
fact, besides the Kaufman's cure of their son Raun using their own
techniques(see the book "Son-Rise"), I have heard of no other complete
cures EXCEPT with

When I say complete cure, I mean a cure without the ongoing need for a
heavily restricted diet, therapies, etc.  -- i.e. complete recovery,  not
just functioning "better". If you met Max today (at age 10) you would never
suspect he had been autistic.  He attends regular school at age level, is
an excellent student, outgoing and friendly! His teachers are, for the most
part (unless I have told them), unaware of his past history.  He attends
sleep away summer camps with no problem, and is popular socially.
He still sees his homeopath about 3 times a year and
takes occasional remedies.   So cure IS possible, but it requires
commitment on your part.

Because autism is difficult to treat, you need to seek out a very good and
experienced CLASSICAL homeopath (one remedy at a time, no mixtures) and
STICK WITH IT FOR AT LEAST A YEAR.  DO NOT try to treat your child
yourself!! It usually takes a practitioner time to find a good
remedy...often months of trial and error.  In our case, we were lucky to
see slow and steady improvement throughout, but that's unusual.  It's
really a longterm process but well worth it!!  Your child's life is at
stake -- and your own life as well! Once you begin to see improvement, I'm
sure you will have no problem continuing with it. If you have no success
with a particular homeopath, then I suggest trying another.  Successful
homeopathic treatment, unfortunately, depends on the ability of the
practitioner to successfully find the right remedy for your child.  If you
have concerns about your homeopath's recommendations for your child, feel
free to contact me.

To find a good homeopath, I suggest you go to the site:
Within the top page is a pointer to recommended homeopaths in the USA and
Canada. The ones in boldface are the most experienced ones.  Please note
that just because someone has an MD does not make them a better homeopath.
Often, the opposite is true -- although there are exceptions.   If you are
located in the New England area, you might consider contacting Paul Herscu
who has had a few successful autism cures.  He practices in Massachusetts
and possibly in Connecticut as well.  He has a long waiting list though!

If you are located elsewhere in the world, contact me and I will try to
find you a reference.  There is a world-wide homeopathic mailing list, and
I can send out a message to that list in order to find a practitioner close
to you.  You can join the mailing list yourself by sending an email to:  and have the subject line contain the
word: subscribe

My other recommendations to you:

a) DON'T GIVE UP HOPE FOR RECOVERY.  So many parents with autistic kids get
very despondent and don't believe their kid can recover.  This really works
against them!! Don't give in to despair.  Try as hard as you can to be
loving, accepting, but CONFIDENT that full recovery is possible!  If you
accommodate to your child's illness, you may also become invested in it.  I
have seen this quite alot in this community and I highly recommend avoiding
it.  Don't try to convince yourself that your child is just fine as an
autistic person;  they will be much better off if they aren't autistic!!
Striking a balance between acceptance&love and confidence in improvement is
difficult, but you can achieve it.  Also, don't be afraid of
disappointment!  What's worse, experiencing disappointments or never trying
at all?  You owe it to your child to not let your own fears get in the way.

autistic children "leave" us and the further they get, the harder it is to
bring them back.  Ideally, you should treat before age 5 or 6.  However,
even older autistic children can manifest significant improvement, even if
they cannot be fully cured.

autism in the USA -- from about 1/10,000 to 1/150 -- and the most suspected
culprit is vaccination damage.  The most suspected vaccines are the MMR and
DPT.  If your child experienced convulsions and fevers before the onset of
autism, DPT is highly suspect.  If the onset was more insidious,
MMR is more likely. The Hepatitis B vaccine is also suspected by some
parents. The vaccination trigger for autism may be one reason that
homeopathy is successful, because homeopathy has a pretty good track record
in correcting vaccination damage.

d) TAKE MILK OUT OF YOUR CHILD'S DIET -- especially cow milk.  For many
kids, this helps a lot.  A study at the University of Florida on the
effects of milk protein on the brain found that eliminating dairy helped
something like 75% of autistic and psychotic kids!! Goat milk is not as bad
(it contains less milk proteins), but try to cut out all cow milk and dairy
in general. You might also experiment with eliminating corn and avoiding
food colorings as much as possible.

I have heard that many autistic children have improved significantly if
they adhere to severe dietary restrictions.  I think pursuing this avenue
is VERY worthwhile.  My guess is that vaccinations have triggered severe
food allergies in these children that affect their brain, resulting in
autism.  Eliminating the allergens can unburden their systems and provide
relief.  Homeopathy can then go in and REMOVE THE ALLERGIC TENDENCY ALL
TOGETHER.  Homeopathy also has a very good track record in removing

e) Try traditional hands-on osteopathy -- cranio/sacral work. It's very
gentle, and was also helpful to my son.

f) I believe that energy healing (e.g. Reiki) and prayer are also helpful.

Finally, if you do try homeopathy, please let me know.   And please let me
know what the outcome is!!!

My Love and Prayers for you, your child, and your family,