Pam Armstrong

Pam pictured above has a nursing background and for the last sixteen years has been involved in researching all aspects of psychotropic drug use, particularly benzodiazepine tranquillisers, sleeping tablets and also antidepressants,  She also specialises in stress management. Pam co-founded C.I.T.A. (Counselling for Involuntary Tranquilliser  Addiction) with ex-user Peter Ritson, which is a charity based organisation, operating from its base in Liverpool.  This organisation amongst many other things provides a personal helpline for tranquilliser addicts.  Pam still remains as a consultant for C.I.T.A.


Her professional qualifications include:-

Registered General Nurse

Registered Midwife

Registered Nurse Tutor

BA(Hon) in Psychology and Sociology

Diploma in Counselling

Member of Active Acupuncturists in General Practice

Awarded a Churchill Fellowship in 1993

Honary member of California & Nevada Medical  Educators Against Substance Abuse

Awarded 'SCODA' scholarship in 1994

2001 Became member of 'International Centre for the Study of Psychiatry and Psychology'

Member of Counsellors in Primary Care.

2003 Invited to be a Patient Advocate involved with  the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (N.I.C.E.)  

    Six years ago Pam set up BACK TO LIFE as a subsidiary of C.I.T.A. in recognition of the need to provide specialist treatment and support to those individuals who are suffering from mind altering drugs and long term addiction to antidepressants.  She also realised that there is a need to promote and publicise to health care professionals and others the widespread effects of such drugs.

    Pam has a number of publications to her credit including the highly acclaimed book BACK TO LIFE, published in 1992.  She is well respected within the medical and nursing arenas, for her expertise and knowledge in dealing with tranquillisers and other associated drugs.  She is also much in demand by the media, and is used as a consultant to Radio 4, previously to 'News at Ten'.  Pam has a wide range of experience in lecturing and speaking to various interested groups.  She is involved with workshops for 'Talking Life' seminars.

    BACK TO LIFE has been set up by Pam Armstrong as a subsidiary of C.I.T.A. as a way of providing consultations, residential courses for those suffering problems related to anxiety, depression and long term use of psychotropic medication such as benzodiazepines and antidepressants. In addition professional training courses designed for health care professionals and others are available.