Urgent Appeal to Pres. Obama to Stop CIA Torture 


Dear US Attorney General and Friends of Human Rights,

I am sitting in the building of the Milano Tribunale, having just met with Milan prosecutor Armando Spataro to hand in the report that he requested yesterday. I am very concerned because it appears that this prosecutor of proven integrity and courage is being blocked from effectively investigating and prosecuting the CIA's torture of me.

The reason I have that opinion is because he refused to undertake simply measures to collect and preserve the evidence of my torture, including not accepting the evidence I brought today, refusing to give me the name and address of a police official whom he trusted to preserve that evidence, and refusing to direct me to whom in the police and hospitals could collect the evidence of rape of my orifices up to his honest standards to prosecute the case.

Clearly, even a delay of 24 hours in collecting the medical legal evidence, as has already happened, is not justified. Furthermore, he said that it could be weeks to months before he decided to prosecute. Such a delay in the effective investigation of the case can only be meant to allow the CIA and the Italian officials involved to get away with their crimes.

Furthermore, no measures were taken to decrease my risk of being tortured again in Milan. When I requested that he report my being missing, if I failed to show up at his office tomorrow, he refused. When I requested that I come to his office each day to find out if he wanted to contact me as the CIA blocks me from getting many calls and emails, that was also refused repeatedly.

Clearly, it just takes a moment for his secretary to recognize me and verify that I am still alive and not rendered back to the US where I have been tortured. He refused on the basis that people from the Mafia etc. come to his office. Having a regular civilian show up for a moment each day would not be a problem as they would not recognize such people wanting to maintain their anonymity.

However, having a person like me who has helped Italian Intelligence in the past with Mafia and corruption cases might inhibit such underworld from seeking his office to give him valuable information needed in the prosecution of other cases. But doesn't that consideration of his mean that he does know that I have helped Italian Intelligence in Mafia cases and could recognize some of those people? Otherwise, why increase the risk of the torture and kidnapping of an Italian American woman merely to prevent the possible discomfiture of underworld figures?

In addition, I am very concerned because he repeatedly pressed me to state a reason for my coming to Milan which did not include torture. I was unable to because I came to Milan for one reason and one reason only--to try not to be tortured again by the CIA. It appeared that his line of questioning was to deny me refugee in Italy on the assumption that I was not already a citizen of Italy.

Since a former head of Italian Intelligence in Italy in the 1990's confirmed I was an Italian citizen according to their laws before offering me a job in Italian Intelligence to continue helping him fight corruption, I know that Italian Intelligence knows I am an Italian citizen since birth. That is because my father was born to parents with Italian citizenship while they were still aliens in the US. The 1930's Pueblo Colorado census data shows that quite clearly online.

My mother in San Diego has a certified copy with apostille at her house where you can call her 858 278-4999 hours 7 am to 9 pm. I sent that information to the Minister of the Interior, Frattini, the judges on the Italian Supreme Court, and others many months ago on how they can confirm all of the relevant information in a couple of phone calls. The collection of paperwork in the US has been stalled by the relevant agencies not supplying my parents birth certificates, etc. for month after month. I first applied for them over a year ago. In all those months those Italian officials have not complained about my being in Italy without an Italian passport.

Most Italian citizens in Italy probably do not have one; they are not required in order to be a citizen. Babies and children and many others get health care here in Italy without applying for and presenting a passport first. If Italian officials now claim that I can be deported to the US where I was tortured for 50 years, I assure you that it is against my will and means that they are aiding and abetting my torture.

I would like it if Mr. Obama would end US torture in practice and not just on paper. However, since he has not appointed people to head US intelligence agencies with the proven experience to clean up intelligence practices, I do not for one minute believe that he is sincere in his commitment to end US torture, kidnapping, false imprisonments, and mind control experiments. Without ending these practices effectively and transparently, democracy in the US can not be said to exist. I am waiting for Mr. Obama to provide his birth certificate and other documents to establish that he had not just been installed by the Rockefellers as a puppet of theirs.

In particular, transparent accounting of campaign contributions of both the Obama and McCain campaign need to be secured to ensure that those taking office in the US are not puppets of financial kings.

The current economic crisis with billions being paid to those financial kings without transparent accounting already in place, strongly suggests that corruption is alive and well in the US. Since the level of corruption is such that it undermines the National Security of the US and the world at large, it is treason for officials to allow such lack of transparency to continue even for a single week more. Since I have long been supplying the US Congressional Oversight and Reform Committee with my testimony on US corruption, I am not surprised that I have enemies in the US who want me tortured, rendered, or falsely imprisoned on terrorism charges.

Some of the evidence I tried to give to Prosecutor Spataro today is needed to prevent the CIA from framing me as a terrorist while they tortured me this week under the direction of Senator Jay Rockefeller. It is highly inconvenient for criminals for the US public to find out that the US has been torturing innocent women and children for the financial kings who are robbing the economy dry.

Had the US Congress effectively investigated and prosecuted the crimes of torture and corruption that I and others submitted to them, they would not be guilty of aiding and abetting those crimes. They have not, to my knowledge, relieved Senator Jay Rockefeller from his position on the Senate Select Intelligence Committee pending investigation of my allegations that he has blocked reform of the CIA for the Bush Administration. Those whose duty it was to ensure the ethics of Senators and that their work on Committees was undertaken without a conflict of interests should take warning that they have not run effective investigations and prosecutions in the past.

They should now remedy that immediately since the CIA has a 50 year history of torturing and raping the bodies, minds, and souls of Americans, including children, women, and Congresspeople. Nations rarely fall while their officials act with integrity. They fall from corruption of their officials draining their riches and giving away their real national secrets, like the names of their operatives and the placements and specifications of their weapons.

To expose the crimes of officials is not an act of terrorism; it is the duty of all citizens. Failure to protect the US Constitution and Public from all enemies foreign and domestic is treason. I remind those in Congress and in the US Govt. that the Congress and the US govt. have already failed in that duty as evidenced by the shredding of human rights and the commission of the crime of 911 on US soil.

How can Mr. Obama be considered serious in his oath to protect the US Constitution and Public when he has not yet effected in practice the end of torture, kidnapping, and mind control by US Intelligence agencies? How can he be considered serious in his oath of office when he has nominated to head US Intelligence Agencies people with no intelligence experience worthy of mention in the mainstream media?

When Mr. Obama appoints competent people of proven experience to clean up US Intelligence in a serious fashion, then and only then would I consider returning to the US.

I ask all readers with knowledge of my credentials inside US military and intelligence to please call Milan Prosecutor Armando Spataro at the Tribunale di Milano so that corrupt officials in Italian and US intelligence cannot lie to him about the merits of taking this case to end CIA torture.

I have included as an attachment my report to him so that others can send him confirmation or additional information to support my claims of torture by the CIA in Italy. Many intelligence people read what I write on a daily basis. This is their chance to act with integrity to end US torture, kidnapping, and mind control. I do hope that there are some intelligence officials in the US and Italy with integrity and courage.


Sue Arrigo, MD Former Intelligence Advisor to the Joint Chiefs of Staff