Homeopath articles on vaccination
Vaccine articles

Medical & homeopathic historian & researcher:
Harris Coulter

[2015] Richard Moskowitz, M. D. – The Case Against Immunizations

[pdf] VACCINATIONS. A DANGER TO HEALTH? by Dr.-lng Joachim-F. Grätz  [Germany] Dr.-lng Joachim-F. Grätz

Vaccinations and Their Side Effects by Thomas Quak

The Post-Vaccination Syndrome: diagnosis, treatment and prevention ------Dr. Tinus Smits

Christina J Head MCH

Some history of the treatment of epidemics with Homeopathy by Julian Winston

Peter Morrell

Homeopathic medical doctors:
Vaccination: A Sacrament of Modern Medicine---Richard Moskowitz, M.D.

Unvaccinated Children---Richard Moskowitz, M.D.

Dr Jean Elmiger MD

The Facts about Variolinum By Charles Woodhull Eaton

My Experience with Smallpox and Internal Vaccination by W. L. Bonnell, MD