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Subject: Nuthouse Earth

In 1969, the country of Sweden intended to fluoridate 
their water supply due to the strong advice of Professor 
Yngve Ericsson, a Swedish dentist who was also the senior 
representative on the World Health Organization's Expert 
Committee on Fluoridation. Then it was found that Professor 
Ericsson coincidentally was the holder of two highly-profitable 
patents on fluoride toothpaste. (Follow the money.) 

A subsequent investigation disclosed that the World Health 
Organization's numerous so-called "objective" comparative 
studies on mortality and morbidity for fluoridated vs. 
non-fluoridated areas simply didn't exist! The investigation 
stated that the World Health Organization's report was 
unacceptable from a scientific point of view, and that some 
of the claims set forth in the WHO report actually lack any 
and every basis in fact. The conclusion was that the details 
given by WHO on risks and safety margins were grossly defective. 
Sweden thus remains non-fluoridated, to this day. 


In the mid 1970's the Netherlands fluoridated the city of 
Amsterdam, after which an investigation disclosed that 
between 100,000 and 200,000 people had developed 
"more or less severe side effects" to fluoride. A subsequent 
campaign by concerned physicians and public finally 
resulted in fluoride's removal from the Netherland's 
water supply, and the national law was also changed 
in such a way to permanently ban future fluoridation 
for the Netherlands.

June 28, 1974: Little William Kennerly, age 3, of New 
York died just three hours after receiving a brush-on fluoride 
treatment during his first and only trip to the dentist. 
William didn't know that he wasn't supposed to swallow 
the fluoride, and he paid with his life. A toxicologist's 
report later stated that little William had swallowed 
the equivalent of three lethal doses. His parents later 
collected several hundred thousand dollars in a 
wrongful-death lawsuit, but that was small consolation 
for the loss of their son. 

Toothpaste is similar in this regard, because a typical 
family-sized 7-ounce tube of toothpaste contains enough 
fluoride to kill a 20-pound child. To test this, just call 
the 800 number listed on your toothpaste box, tell them 
that your 2-year-old child has just eaten half a tube of 
toothpaste, ham it up a bit, and watch how quickly your 
call gets patched directly to a Poison Control Center.

July 21, 1975: When confronted with new evidence regarding 
the role of fluoride in causing cancer, U.S. Congressman 
Delaney recommended immediate suspension of all artificial 
fluoridation, pending further research. His recommendation 
was ignored.

Dec. 16, 1975: Congressman Delaney entered into the 
Congressional Record the results of a new study showing 
another link between fluoridation and cancer. This time 
he demanded "that all artificial fluoridation of our water 
supplies be suspended immediately." His demands were ignored.


1 August, 1979: A letter from the Secretary of the Victorian 
Branch of the Australian Dental Association stated, "In a 
community with a fluoridated water supply, the dental 
manpower required to maintain a good standard of dental 
health in a community is always halved."

HOWEVER: The 1976 edition of the C.B.S. News Almanac 

published figures showing the number of dentists per 

100,000 population in 30 "Representative American Cities." 

Of these 30 cities, 16 were artificially fluoridated. A simple 

comparison of the fluoridated vs. non-fluoridated cities shows 

that there were an average of 76.7 dentists per 100,000 

population in the fluoridated cities, vs. 59.2 dentists per 

100,000 in the non-fluoridated cities. Furthermore, data 

from the 1971 American Dental Directory, the 1971 U.S. 

Statistical Abstracts and the 1973 World Almanac reveals 

that the three American cities which have been fluoridated 

the longest (Grand Rapids, Newburgh, and Evanston) averaged 

121 dentists per 100,000 population, or over twice the 

national average , after approximately 25 years on 

fluoridated water. (Data compiled by Phillip R.N. 

Sutton, D.D.Sc., Melbourne, Australia, 1979)

1991: Per a radio interview with Dr. Robert Mick, D.D.S., 

916 Stone Road, Laurel Springs, NJ, he has had a standing 

$20,000 reward since the 1950's "to the first individual 

who can provide one copy of any controlled experiment 

with any of the USPHS recommended fluorides in water, 

which shows that poisonous fluorides are safe and will 

cause no future body harm." Dr. Mick stated that nobody has 

yet presented even ONE claim to him, in hopes of collecting 

the reward.

1992: Statement by Pennsylvania Justice Flaherty, after 

40 days of court hearings on fluoride: 

"... I entered an injunction against the fluoridation of the 

public water supply for a large portion of Allegheny County. ... 

In my view, the evidence is quite convincing that the addition 

of sodium fluoride to the public water supply at one part per 

million is extremely deleterious to the human body, and a 

review of the evidence will disclose that there was no 

convincing evidence to the contrary." Pennsylvania Supreme 

Court Justice John P. Flaherty (Townsend Letter For Doctors 

- June 1992, p. 450)

May 23, 1992: 290 residents of Hooper Bay, Alaska were 

severely poisoned by sodium fluoride when the city's fluoride 

dispenser malfunctioned. Dominic Smith, previously healthy 

41 year-old leader of the local National Guard, died of fluoride 

poisoning at that time after swallowing an estimated 

1200-2400 mg of sodium fluoride from the local 

drinking water supply. Fluoride is cumulative in the 

body--somewhat like radiation--so it's been predicted 

that those poisoned residents who DIDN'T die, will have 

worsened health for the rest of their life. (We'll know 

in a few years.) Similar malfunctions of fluoridation 

equipment have occasionally happened nationwide over 

the past 40 years, accompanied by a careful news 

cover-up each time. A Health Services report regarding 

the above incident called it an "outbreak" as if it were a 

live disease organism, instead of the mass poisoning that 

it actually was.

>From an article in the Journal of Applied Psychology, 

Vol. 67, No. 2, Pp. 230-238: Researchers in the Dept. of 

Psychology at Florida International University, North 

Miami, found a statistically significant delay (almost 

1/2 second longer to respond) in visual response to a 

peripheral light stimulus in subjects given just 

1/2 milligram of sodium fluoride. (That dose is less 

fluoride than the amount you get from drinking one 

cup of coffee or tea made from fluoridated tap water.)

June 3, 1993: New Jersey State Assemblyman John V. Kelly 

held a press conference in Room 109 of the New Jersey State 

House in Trenton, NJ. He requested that the FDA remove all 

children's fluoride supplements from the market, after he 

asked the FDA to supply his office with the studies supporting 

the safety and effectiveness of children's fluoride supplements 

and the FDA evidently searched their files back to 1939 and 



supplements, in the FDA's own words, were and are 

"unapproved new drugs." 

Thus, fluoride supplements--which are illegal--are but 

still being highly promoted and sold, meanwhile the FDA 

is now on a campaign to ban common herbs and food 

supplements from our health food stores.

1994: The US Public Health Service and the American Dental 

Association are both continuing to strongly promote the 

expanding and profitable U.S. fluoridation campaign, and 

currently boast that over 60% of the United States population 

is now drinking fluoridated water every day, even though 

fluoride's only original stated purpose was to aid the 

developing teeth of children under 14 years of age.

The following EPA Chemical Profile of SARIN nerve gas  

(US Military designation "GB") as developed and used by 

the Nazis in Germany, used by terrorists in Tokyo several 

years ago, and used by Iraq in the Gulf War, was recently 

published on the Internet after pressure from Gulf War 

Syndrome veterans. Notice this quote from SECTION VII 

regarding the neutralization of SARIN: "Rapidly hydrolyzed 

by dilute aqueous sodium hydroxide or sodium carbonate 

forming relatively non-toxic products. Water alone removes 

the fluorine atom, producing a non-toxic acid (Merck 1983, p. 1204)" 

In other words, the fluorine atom alone is what makes 

SARIN so highly toxic.



CHEMICAL IDENTITY - SARIN (Military Chemical Nerve Agent)

CAS Registry Number: 107-44-8

Synonyms [alternate names]: (NIOSH/RTECS 1983 Synonyms, Volume 3, p.


-- GB

-- MFI


-- T-144

-- T-2106

-- TL 1618

-- Sarin II

-- Trilone 46

-- Isopropyl Methyifluorophosphate

-- Isopropyl Methanefluorophosphonate

-- Isopropoxymethylphosphoryl Fluoride

-- Isopropyl-Methyl-Phosphoryl Fluoride

-- Phosphine Oxide, Fluoroisopropoxymethyl

-- Methylphosphonofluoridic Acid-Isopropyl Ester

-- Phosphoric Acid, Methyifluoro-Isopropyl Ester

-- Phosphonofluoridic Acid, Methyl-Isopropyl Ester

Chemical Formula: C4H10FO2P

Molecular Weight: 140.11



Toxicity Value Used for Listing Under Section 302: LC50 inhalation

(human) 0.07 mg/liter (*NIOSH/RTECS 1985)

TPQ: 10 (pounds)

RQ: 1 (pound) (statutory, for notification under SARA Section 304(a)(2))

Section 313 Listed (Yes or No): No


Physical State: Liquid

Boiling Point: 2970F, 1470C (Merck 1983, p. 1204)

Specific Gravity (H2O=1): 1.10 at 200C/40C (Merck 1983, p. 1204)

Vapor Pressure (mmHg): 2.9 at 250C (U.S. Army 1975, p. 3-4)

Melting Point: -710F, -570C (Merck 1983, p. 1204)

Vapor Density (AIR=l): 4.86 (U.S. Army 1975, p. 3-4)

Evaporation Rate (Butyl acetate=1): About the same as water (U.S. Army

1975, p. 3-4)

Solubility in Water: Miscible with and hydrolyzed by water (Merck 1983, p.


Appearance and Odor: Liquid (Merck 1983, p. 1204). A colorless liquid and

vapor. Almost no odor in pure state (U.S. Army 1975, p. 3-3 to 3-4).


OSHA PEL:       Not Found

ACGIH TLV:      Not Found

IDLH:           Not Found

Other Limits Recommended: Not Found

Routes of Entry: Inhalation: Yes (U.S. Army 1975, p. 3-4)

Skin: Yes (U.S. Army 1975, p. 3-4)

Ingestion: Yes (U.S. Army 1975, p. 3-4)

Health Hazards (Acute, Delayed, and Chronic): Extremely toxic; 

lethal dose in humans may be as low as 0.01 mg/kg. [10 parts 

per billion.] Extremely active cholinesterase inhibitor. Toxic 

effects similar to, but more severe than those of parathion 

(Merck 1983, p. 1204). Death within 15 minutes after fatal 

dose is absorbed (U.S. Army 1975, p. 3-4).

Medical Conditions Generally Aggravated by Exposure: Not Found


Flash Point (Method Used): Non-flammable (U.S. Army 1975, p. 3-4)

Flammable Limits:

LEL: Not Found

UEL: Not Found

Extinguishing Methods: Extinguish with foam, carbon dioxide, and dry

chemical (Sax 1984, p. 1662)

Special Fire Fighting Procedures: Protective clothing and respiratory

protection (U.S. Army 1975, p. 3-5).

Unusual Fire and Explosion Hazards: Non-flammable (U.S. Army 1975, p.


NFPA Flammability Rating: Not Found


Stable: Yes (U.S. Army 1975, p. 3-4)

Conditions to Avoid: Not Found

Incompatibility (Materials to Avoid): Slightly corrosive to steel (U.S. Army

1975, p. 3-4). Hydrolyzed by water (Merck 1983, p. 1204).

Hazardous Decomposition or Byproducts: Acidic conditions produce

hydrogen fluoride; alkaline conditions produce isopropyl alcohol and

polymers (U.S. Army 1975, p. 3-4). When heated to decomposition or

reacted with steam, it emits very toxic fumes of fluorides and oxides of

phosphorus (Sax 1984, p. 1662).

Hazardous Polymerization: 

May Occur:              Not Found

May Not Occur:  Not Found

Conditions to Avoid:    Not Found


Quick-acting military chemical nerve agent (U.S. Army, p. 3-4). Chemical

warfare agent (Merck 1983, p. 1204).


Rapidly hydrolyzed by dilute aqueous sodium hydroxide or sodium

carbonate forming relatively non-toxic products. Water alone removes the

fluorine atom producing a non-toxic acid (Merck 1983, p. 1204).

Decontaminants include bleach slurry, dilute alkali, hot soapy water,

steam and ammonia (U.S. Army 1975, p. 3-4).


For emergency situations, wear a positive pressure, pressure-demand, full

facepiece self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) or pressure-demand

supplied air respirator with escape SCBA and a fully-encapsulating,

chemical resistant suit. See the introductory information section at the

beginning of the profiles for additional information.

SUIT MATERIAL PERFORMANCE (Based on EPA/USCG "Guidelines", 1987)

(Chemical Resistance/Amount of Data)

Butyl/Neoprene GOOD/LIMITED**

Viton/Neoprene GOOD/LIMITED**

*Based on qualitative performance information.

**Based on a chemical analog.


Signs and Symptoms of Exposure: Symptoms include difficulty in

breathing, drooling, excessive sweating, nausea, vomiting, 

cramps, involuntary defecation and urination, twitching, 

jerking, staggering, headache, confusion, drowsiness, coma, 

convulsion, dimness of vision, and pinpoint pupils (U.S. Army 1975, p. 3-3)

Emergency and First Aid Procedures: Immediate 

decontamination of the smallest drop is essential. 

Vapor penetrates the skin (U.S. Army 1975, p. 3.4). 

Toxic effects are similar to parathion (Sax 1984, p. 1662). 

Treatment for parathion is as follows: move victim to 

fresh air; call emergency medical care. If not breathing, 

give artificial respiration. If breathing is difficult, give 

oxygen. In case of contact with material, immediately 

flush skin or eyes with running water for at least 

15 minutes. Speed in removing material from skin is of 

extreme importance. Remove and isolate contaminated 

clothing and shoes at the site. Keep victim quiet and 

maintain normal body temperature. Effects may be 

delayed; keep victim under observation (DOT 1984, Guide 55).

(End of EPA report)


Fluoride poison references:

"Fluorine was substituted for chlorine in Lindane to 

make it a far more toxic substance." (Plummer, W.J. 

and Wall, L.H. Science, Vol. 127, 1958) 

"Fluorine is substituted for chlorine in DDT to produce 

more effective and more toxic insecticides." 

(Reimschneider, R. Suddent. Apoth. Ztg. 1947) 

"Fluorine in the atmosphere increases the sensitivity 

of the thyroid gland to damaging effects of atmospheric 

sulfur dioxide." (Gabovich, R.D. et. al., Chemical 

Abstracts, p. 9051) In other words, fluoride has 

a synergistic poisoning effect with sulfur dioxide, 

a component of smog.

"Sodium silicofluoride spray on oranges remains in 

the peel, and so can cause severe toxicity..." 

(Union of So. Africa, Dept Agr. Forestry Sci. Bull. No. 236, 1943) Note:

Marmalade is made from citrus peel. 

"1080, or Sodium Fluoroacetate, is described in a 

federal training manual as a 'biological high-explosive.' " 

(Los Angeles Times, December 6, 1970) 

Sodium fluoroacetate (also known as FAC, RATBANE 1080, 



is listed in a hazardous waste book as being 500 times 

more toxic to rats than was regular sodium fluoride. 

This is because it's an "organic metabolite." 

1080 was used to kill rodents as early as 1944, 

but was eventually banned for use in buildings due 

to dogs dying from eating poisoned rats. In 1952, 

according to Circular No. 140 of the UCLA College of 

Agriculture, it was reported that 1080 worked so 

rapidly that it was impossible to save experimentally 

poisoned animals, even with first aid and under the 

best of laboratory conditions. Scientists had yet to 

find an antitode for 1080 at that time. Only our nerve warfare

laboratories have the full story, and they aren't telling.

Question: If fluoridation of our water supplies was originally 

stated to be just for the "developing teeth of children under 

14," then why were U.S. military bases among the first 

to fluoridate their water supplies? Why would anybody want 


(And why did Admiral Forrestal "commit suicide" by 

jumping out a window with his hands tied behind 

his back and a sheet knotted around his neck, not long 

after he'd adamantly opposed fluoridation of his military 

bases, among other things?)

Incidentally, fluoride reactions resemble Attention 

Deficit Disorder in a certain percentage of the population, 

and especially in hyperactive children. The simple test of 

this is to get the person under question off of ALL sources 

of fluoride (fluoridated water, toothpaste, soda pop bottled 

with fluoridated water, canned soup, etc.) and see if their 

condition improves over a period of 3-4 weeks. Use distilled 

water, because most simple charcoal water filters will not 

remove fluorides. In all fairness, also test the child similarly 

for negative reactions to sugar and sugar-substitutes. 

It's a tragedy that children are given the habit-forming 

drug Ritalin to counter the effects of a "disease" that 

might only be due to their negative reactions to the drug 

fluoride and/or sugar. Follow the money, and this tragedy 

makes more sense.

Note the following fluoride symptoms as referenced in 

"Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica," Vol IX, p.333:

--Great loss of memory, forgets almost everything.

--Good memory in morning, forgetfulness every evening.

--Forgetfulness in his daily employment of dates.

--On making notes, mistakes right for left.

--Mental weakness. 

--Mental excitability. 

--Feels indifference towards those he loves best.

--Aversion (intense dislike) to his own family, bordering on insanity. 

--Gay disposition, everything is satisfactory. 

--Excessive hilarity; great buoyancy of mind. 

-- Greatly depressed in mind. 

--Exceedingly anxious, causing sweat; greater in morn ing than evening. 

--Sensation as if danger menaced him, but without fear. 

--Felt certain that something dreadful would happen, with dullness in


--Fear of apoplexy (stroke). 


--Irritable, disagreeing mood.

--Moodiness in evening, greater than morning. 

--Very ill humored. 

--Discontent and excessive ill humor followed by in dif fer ence and

forgetfulness, and finally by perfect con tent ment and uncommonly gay

disposition of mind. 

--Congestion of blood mostly to forehead. 

--Feeling in brain as if on the verge of being struck with apoplexy. (A


--Vertigo with sickness of stomach. 

--A kind of sinking weakness, has to sit down. 

--Feeling as if in an earthquake. 

--Sensation of weakness, like numbness in head, same in hands.

--Sensation of numbness in forehead. 

--Congestion of blood in forehead. 

--Heaviness above eyes, with nausea. 

--Severe pressing of both temples. 

--Compressing pain in temples. 

--Slight pain in right temple, followed by left. 

--Headache in skull, behind ears. 

--Headache accompanied by congestion of blood to head, sensation of


--Headache every morning. 

--Sensation of weakness, like numbness in head. 

--Numbness in head and hands. 

--Dull, heavy headache. 

--Congestive headache. 

--Dullness & pressure in back of head. 

--Dullness in back of head. 

--Pressure on both sides, back of head. 

--Headache in back of head, with fullness in head. 

--Headache from neck to forehead; dull feeling in   head.

--Atrophy of brain.

The above symptoms--by volunteers who took varying quantities of

fluorides--were listed in 1887!

Is it a coincidence that the listed fluoride symptoms sound 


ILLNESS COMPLAINTS which today's expensive TV commercials,

pharmacies, physicians and psychiatrists are so eager to "cure" 

with their endless supply of profitable new drugs? 

The bottom line: Follow the money, and look at the high standard 

of living of those who are promoting and distributing the 

current crop of pharmaceuticals, versus the living standards 

of the general public who are receiving those same drugs. 

For the past 50 years the US public has been very convincingly 

persuaded to ignore the fluoride issue, but the serious facts 

about this issue keep repeating themselves, and the situation 

appears to be degrading.

The growing concern over public apathy and apparent stupidity of 
our school children keeps mounting, and this fluoride issue is 
offered as just one of several possible important answers to 
that problem.

Tom Swanson