AIDS in Africa is Caused by Starvation and Medications 7 March 2002
Mohammed Ali Al-Bayati,
President, Toxicologist, and Pathologist
Toxi-Health International, Dixon, CA 95620

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I reviewed many published studies that described the impact of malnutrition on the functions and the structure of the immune system of people in Africa. These studies clearly demonstrate that the main cause of AIDS in Africa is severe starvation and not HIV. I described these studies in my book “ Get All The Facts: HIV Does Not Cause AIDS”[1]. The functions of the immune system, especially the cellular immunity, are impaired in malnourished individuals. For example, the size of the thymus of 42 malnourished children was reduced by 90% as compared with a case-match normal controls[2]. In a second study involving 110 malnourished children, the thymic area was found to be 20% of the size in healthy children[3].

High prevalence of malnutrition in Africa and other developing countries has been documented by Fauci et al.[4]. They stated that the magnitude of malnutrition problem worldwide is immense. Protein energy malnutrition (PEM) may be present in endemic form in developing nations and under famine conditions the prevalence may approach 25 percent. In 1983, the World Health Organization estimated that 300 million children had growth retardation secondary to malnutrition. Cell-mediated immunity is impaired as indicated by all standard tests in individuals suffering from PEM and common infections and opportunistic infections can lead to increased morbidity and mortality. In addition, nearly every aspect of reproduction is impaired in the woman with PEM, including implantation, fetal growth, lactation, and parturition. The infants are stunted in size and may have cognitive impairment if they survive [4] Yet, Anthony Fauci and the AIDS establishment have continued to overlook these facts and maintained the claim that HIV is the cause of AIDS in Africa.

The reduction in the thymus size and in the functions of the immune system of malnourished children are reversed after proper feeding[1]. For example, the size of the thymus increased from 20% of normal in a malnourished child to 107% of normal in the following 9 weeks of proper feeding[3]. The reversal of the reduction in CD4+T cells counts in HIV- positive pregnant women who suffered from malnutrition was also accomplished by feeding these women a balanced diet for a few months. Briefly, the influence of a diet on T cells counts in peripheral blood in 1,075 HIV-infected pregnant women who had poor nutritional status was studied in Tanzania. The CD4+ T cells counts of the women who received multivitamins for six months increased from 424/ÁL to 596/ÁL. This treatment also improved the outcome of their pregnancy[5].

As a toxicologist and a pathologist, I reviewed several AZT clinical trials and found that AZT is a very toxic drug, especially to the stem cells in bone marrow (the source of T and B lymphocytes)[1]. For example, Fischl et al. conducted a randomized controlled trial in 524 subjects who had a first episode of Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia[6]. These subjects received AZT in either a dose of 250 mg taken orally every four hours (n=262) or a dose of 200 mg taken orally every four hours for four weeks and thereafter 100 mg taken every four hours (n=262). In this study, additional AIDS-defining opportunistic infections developed in 429 subjects (82%) in the AZT treated groups. Furthermore, the hemoglobin levels declined to less than 80 g per liter (baseline= 121 g per liter) in 178 subjects; the neutrophil counts declined to less than 750 per ul (baseline = 2200 per ul) in 230 subjects; and one hundred thirty-four subjects received red-cell transfusions. One hundred eighty-three subjects (35%) were withdrawn from AZT therapy because of toxic reactions such as severe anemia and neutropenia. At 24 months of treatment, the mortality rates were 66% and 73% in the low and standard AZT doses, respectively.

The results of the AZT clinical trials clearly show that AZT is a poison and not a cure. However, the US FDA approved AZT as treatment for AIDS patients and HIV-positive asymptomatic pregnant women based on the assumption that HIV causes AIDS. Giving AZT which destroys bone marrow cells and fast growing tissues such as embryonic and fetal tissues to people with AIDS and malnourished pregnant women is just like putting gasoline on fire!

We have a large body of medical evidence that clearly shows HIV does not cause AIDS. I urge governments and people to review the evidence and to evaluate the AIDS establishment’s unscientific approach of dealing with the AIDS epidemic.

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