Boy in intensive care after jab
Bronglais Hospital
The pupils were all taken to Bronglais Hospital

16 November, 2004

A 13-year-old boy is in intensive care after a severe allergic reaction to a vaccination at an Aberystwyth school.

On Tuesday, 10 other pupils from Penweddig Comprehensive were also taken to Bronglais Hospital after "adverse effects" to the injections.

Nearly 120 students at the school were being injected with the BCG vaccine, which combats tuberculosis.

A Ceredigion NHS Trust spokesman said it was investigating, and had stopped the batch of vaccine being used.

The trust has named the boy in intensive care as Dominic Hamer. He was said to have had an anaphylactic shock, which is defined as a very sudden serious physical reaction caused by an allergy.

His condition has been described as stable. Three other pupils were all kept in overnight for observation, but the rest were discharged.

The trust has said it is working closely with the school to ensure that pupils and parents receive any information or support they require.

Individual advisory letters have also been issued to pupils.

Brian Thomas, head of corporate services at the trust confirmed the batch of vaccine had been withdrawn.

Intensive care

A statement from the trust said the batch of vaccines used at the school had also been used on Monday without any adverse effects.

A team of four doctors and three nurses had been conducting the vaccinations at Penweddig Comprehensive.

The statement said: "At 12.30pm, nine children presented at the accident and emergency department of Bronglais General Hospital following a suspected adverse reaction to a BCG immunisation.

"Another two pupils attended the department in mid afternoon."

"Following assessment, 10 of the pupils were admitted for observations and one pupil admitted to the intensive care unit."