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 The article below speaks for itself.  Contact info concerning this article listed at bottom.  Please feel free to share with whomever may benefit:  pediatricians, nurses, parents.  Personally,  we believe pediatricians should be made aware of these serious concerns.  When a pediatrician cites AAP as a source to support their beliefs, news articles like these lend credibility to the assertion that serious bias exists.    Suzanne Messina   REAACH

Medical Journal Editorial Bias Deceives Doctors, Leads to Bad Medicine

"[T]his political bias ... is forcing the dedicated practitioner into becoming little more than a vaccine-toll booth operator."
                    - Mark Blaxill, director of SafeMinds
    WASHINGTON, Aug. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- SafeMinds -- America's leading scientific organization investigating the risks that mercury-containing medical products pose to our children -- is concerned with the growing political influence and bias exhibited by the editorial decisions of certain medical journals, and the detrimental effect this will have on America's health care systems.

    "Attempting to hide critical medical science and research from pediatricians is not in the best interest of our children," stated Mark Blaxill, MBA, director of SafeMinds.  "The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)-- who said Thimerosal-mercury should immediately be removed from vaccines in 1999 -- now refuses to publish science demonstrating a Thimerosal-autism link.  This results in pediatricians who are not properly informed on this critical matter.

    "Pediatrics, the AAP's magazine, published an attack on a previous mercury-in-vaccine/autism study that was not peer reviewed, then they refused to publish a scientific refutation of that unfounded attack," Blaxill explained as one example of this growing bias.  "It is hard to fathom why Pediatrics would perpetuate research that has been scientifically proven faulty."

    "Thimerosal and Autism? A plausible hypothesis that should not be dismissed" (Blaxill, Redwood, Bernard) is the scientific review that Pediatrics refused to publish.  It was subsequently peer reviewed and recently published in another journal (Medical Hypotheses, 2004 - 62, 788-794).

    "The unrestricted promotion of vaccines that this political bias has caused, regardless of unresolved safety and efficacy concerns, is forcing the dedicated practitioner into becoming little more than a vaccine-toll booth operator," concluded Blaxill.
     Joe Giganti
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