"Of all the things Wilson was not told about her first jab, perhaps the most crucial was this: that 10 months earlier, in February 1998, after an inspection of the Michigan laboratory that manufactures the vaccine, the plant had its authority to make the vaccine suspended by the FDA.  
The inspection followed five years of warning letters citing concerns over the plant’s record-keeping and violations in safety, potency consistency and sterility. The February 1998 FDA report, which effectively prevented the plant from manufacturing fresh supplies of the vaccine for three years, and a copy of which has been obtained by The Times, is damning.
    The 95-page report found lots of the vaccine contaminated, a filtration process not authorised by the FDA, problems with cleanliness and the sterility of equipment and a failure to ensure a uniform potency of the drug.
    “The firm routinely redates Anthrax Vaccine lots that have reached their labelled expiration date,” the report says. And it states: “Lot FAV036 was at room temperature for 20 hours, the filling operation was aborted, it was placed back in the refrigerator.” According to military records it was a dose from Lot FAV036 that was given to Wilson that December morning, eight months after the FDA report had been sent to BioPort.

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We became convinced BioPort, as a sole manufacturer of this product [the batches of anthrax-vaccine containing squalene] had considerable power to do what it wanted to do in these matters, and, while we have a lot of legal authority to go and get information from contractors and from government agencies, our ability to actually enforce that authority … is sometimes a real challenge, and that was a situation where we just felt … we were not going to get there, and so we did not pursue it further.  Nancy Kingsbury, US Government Accountability Office, 3 August 2004.