Bladder Tumor, Gone!

June 13, 2012, ANSWER by

Richard Shulze, N.D., M.H.

Dear Dr. Schulze,

Hello, and thank you for the opportunity to write directly to you! I have a fairly urgent ELIMINATION question!

My family has been Dr. Schulze fans for around 10 years now. We have done various cleanses and encourage your products on to friends "who will listen."

My daughter is 9 now, one year ago she was told that she had a tumor in her bladder. It was found in an ultrasound and the photo was there to prove it. She had had many UTI's (Urinary Tract Infections) and even a recent kidney infection. We were told to go to Seattle children's hospital and the appointment was 4 weeks away. The first thing we did was put her on your 5 Day Kidney cleanse. My husband and I had done cleanses before, but never our children. At 8 years old with this huge scare, we talked her into doing the cleanse. She was AMAZING! She zipped through your cleanse way better than my husband and I did! We could not believe it! She would take her shot of Detox formula with some white grape juice and say, "what's the big deal"!

(4 weeks later at the Seattle Children’s Hospital) Well, guess what, after an extensive test, the polyp/growth/tumor... WAS GONE!

The doctor showed it to me on the ultrasound disc I brought to her, but it was no longer there! I was told to go home and be thankful! I got into my rental car and cried with relief!

Now, to my urgent question. She is constipated! 4 days ago she said that her stomach hurt. She laid on the couch all afternoon with no appetite. She said she had pooped "hard balls" the day before. We gave her some #3 right away. The next morning we gave her half of #1. Then whole #1, today 2 #1's. Her abdominal pain is pretty much gone, she is tired, no appetite. Today has a fever. I am WAITING for this monster poop. I have not left her alone; I even have had her drink some castor oil, and gave her a suppository. There has been a little bit of diarrhea, but nothing major. Her spirits are good, but how long do I wait? I read to seek medical attention, but fear that we will just be sitting in the hospital waiting instead of here at home. I worry about the fever and loss of appetite. I have been forcing one Superfood drink every day, plus fruit smoothies and water, water, water. ADVICE??

Thanks so much,

— Tracie H. in Sitka, AK, USA

Dear Tracie,

GREAT JOB, dissolving your daughter’s tumor and healing her infections. GREAT MOM, too!

And GREAT Daughter! She is an inspiration to all of us. The 5-Day Kidney & Bladder Detox is not a big deal at all, I think it’s the best tasting and easiest of my Detox programs to do. So I agree with your daughter, “What’s the Big Deal”!

It is just as adults, we don’t look at something as simply as it is, we make things like a simple 5-Day Detox into a BIG DEAL, but it isn’t. Children, on the other hand, see it for what it is—consuming a few liquids—and can’t figure what all the fuss is about. Many of my children patients were far easier to deal with than my adult children.

On the other side of the coin, just because it’s not such a big deal to do it, never underestimate its POWER and EFFECTIVENESS. I used this 5-Day Kidney Detox in my clinic and it assisted my patients in healing the most stubborn and raging kidney and bladder infections, on patients whose immune systems were shot. As far as its success rate, 100%!

As far as dissolving a Bladder Tumor, all I can say is NEVER underestimate the power of herbs at cleansing and healing the body, and NEVER underestimate the healing power of the human body, when it’s happy.

I may have said this before…

Your body can heal itself of ANYTHING, ANY ILLNESS, ANY DISEASE. All you have to do is STOP doing what made you sick, and START doing what will Create Powerful Health!

OK, now on to her constipation…

Make sure her food program is animal-free, as ALL animal food contains NO FIBER! Worse, it is sticky, glueish and constipating. To increase her FIBER intake, add a spoon of my HerbalMucil Plus to her morning blender fruit smoothie and SuperFood Plus drink.

Drinking plenty of water and liquids, just like you did, wonderful! This will inhibit further kidney or bladder infections and also relieve any constipation, which is often caused by simple dehydration. The large intestine’s job is to extract liquid from our fecal matter, and if you’re not consuming enough liquid, and the fecal matter is not liquid enough to begin with, well, it will become too dehydrated and dry in our intestines, which makes it very difficult to eliminate.

YES, with children always start with my Intestinal Formula #3. This is the good tasting children’s herbal bowel cleanser. If that does not work, after increasing the dosage for about a week, then move onto my Intestinal Formula #1, like you did, increasing the dosage every day until you get results, like you did. You will eventually get results!

FORGET castor oil, mineral oil or any oil, and FORGET suppositories!

Enemas rule!

Enemas are almost taboo in our post 1950’s society. But they are a simple, easy and quick solution to constipation. A simple rectal enema will flush out the contents of the rectum, and often stimulate the entire colon into action, emptying the entire colon. If not, a high enema is also simple to do, and EVERONE should know how to do one, especially EVERY PARENT!

Again, Enemas rule!

NOTE: Some kids eat a lot less than we do, especially picky or finicky eaters, so their poop may not be substantial. Don’t look for the toilet bowl to be filled with feces; it may just be a few small pieces. This does not mean she is constipated.

Once she is going, at least once per day, I would go back to the Intestinal Formula #3, unless she is taking two or more of the Intestinal Formula #1.

As far as loss of appetite, I wouldn’t worry. When children, or anyone, are not feeling good, especially with constipation, it is a natural process for your body to suppress hunger

As far as fever, I will assume that this is just a coincidence. But in extreme constipation, a fever and abdominal pain can be a sign of appendicitis or some intestinal infection. If her pain is mainly in the appendix area (draw a line between her navel and her hip, and the middle of this line is over where appendix pain often is), then it wouldn’t hurt to start her on my appendicitis routine. Read this on page 97 through page 100 of my book, Detoxification Volume Two.

You can read these pages, or the entire book, right on this BLOG. Just go over to the books on the right margin, and scroll down to Detoxification Volume Two, (currently the 4th book down with the blue cover) and then click on this book. The book will load up and you can read it right here, RIGHT NOW, online, FREE!

I am so happy that with a few herbs and your good common sense you were able to help your daughter heal herself naturally, dissolve her tumor and most important, avoid bladder surgery. GREAT HEALING!

— Dr. Schulze