20 years ago, my children look autistic too 14 January 2005
Kathy Blanco,

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Re: 20 years ago, my children look autistic too

About 20 years ago, I walked into the Stanford Autism Clinic to receive the most devastating news of my life, AUTISM. I didn't even know what the word meant, but it didn't take me long to know, it would completely change my life. If I were to take my same child in today, and have him diagnosed by BRYNA SIEGAL, who set forth the criterian of DSM3r for most of the major colleges, universities and qualified researchers, she would have said the same thing, as she said then, AUTISM. She further diagnosed my infant in my lap as having some kind of developmental suggestion of autism. I thank her for that. Because of that reality bite, I was able to put my daughter into early intervention, which my son didn't have, and today she is extremely high functioning. BUT STILL AUTISTIC.

The point I am making is, I don't see these journals, and these authors having any forms of judgement, that ASD as they call it, is a crisis of untold proportions! I still think 1/166 children according to NIH is an epidemic no matter how you slice it, and beyond that 1/6 children having forms of developmental, psychological and mental problems in our nation, a crisis-even though we don't put it under the umbrella of autism.

All these arguments of underconnectivity, and brain not maturing, etc etc, is all worth our time and efforts, but we must ask how can regression happen in a child who seemed to develop milestones, and then lose them? For the children who seemed to not develop at all into a cogent normal child, the same questions need to be asked, just backing them up to what happened in utero. In my mind, their are many ways to destroy neurons and pathways, beyond a vaccine, it has to be a combination of factors, immune and metabolic genetics and what kind of exposures these parents have had and oxidative stress in it's many forms...

What is more damning, is that these people refuse to look at the biological aspects of autism, the etiological environmental agents causing autism, beyond the MMR, such as mercury toxicity in mothers and birthing process known to cause autism in monkeys via immediate cord clamping, and the other aspects of autism such as poor immune quality, metabolic quality and autoimmune HLA propensity. Had they done their homework, we wouldn't be here worrying about definitions, but worrying why so many of these children are being damaged, knowingly, or unknowingly. My bet is knowingly.

Most of the time, parents who have children with autism don't need to be reinforced that they are making up what they saw in reality or that they are refridgerator parents and can't accept reality, and test with impunity in their children, such as autistic enterocolitis, an immune process of autoimmunity due to molecular mimicry, or a systemic persistent infection in the CNS and gut that came out of "thin air", or an infection that is known to cause demylination, such as lyme (which is in my estimation the first cause of autism). My son had a clear vaccine reaction, with high pitch screaming, febrile convulsions etc. What these people also fail to tell parents is that when the child is vaccine reacting, they are reacing to and with and for fever suppression medicines, known to further exasterbate the situation but recommended while vaccine reacting, with the viruses in vaccines, pulling the infection deeper into the immune system and ruining the fever response and immune quality of the child. I wish, I wish for the day, that these people would take their dunce caps off, and see reality, see, and feel our children for who they really, really, are...systemically ill.

Fiddle dee, these people are fiddling with the definitions, while children are suffering. If you want parents on your boat, you best find a way to listen to them, and see their tests that show their children are sick. Instead, we want to know if we diagnosed the child right? I almost don't care about the diagnosis, as much as how sick my child is?

Competing interests: Parent of two children with autism, vaccine induced, environmental induced, predisposed by autoimmunity in the family