In agreement 23 July 2004
Kathy Blanco,
Beaverton Or 97006

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There are more scary things in life than contracting a childhood illness. Much of those illnesses are necessary to pump up the necessary channels to have a vibrant immune and metabolic system through all the decades of life. Beyond that, their is a difference between immunizations and innoculations. Delaying chicken pox for instance, sets up for Shingles in later decades. I have never been convinced that vaccinations safe us from all harm. In fact, they do harm. They are not HARMLESS. This is fact.

Recently, my VACCINATED DPT autistic child came down with PERTUSSIS (which he lived through just fine). While in the ER, I came across four other nurses with a child with autism, who in secret meetings to me between doctors and tests, revealed that they too felt their children were vaccine induced autistic. This is not to say that all children with autism were vaccine injured, but is curious in light of the fact that all of them also came from families with high problems with autoimmunity or what I call a "ding" on their immune and metabolic controls. Let alone the question I asked them about the vaccine reaction, did you give them antipyretics? (see  ), and or what happend at birth, but that's another policy argument.

My argument against all vaccinations, is that their is no such thing as a one size fits all approach. Such is against the biological code of ethics for the use of biologics-routinely ignored. If my children were tested before vaccinations began, it would have revealed hypogammaglobulenmia, a VIRAL PROCESS ALREADY, tendancy to iron load, zinc deficient, Vit A deficient, C4B anulle or complement deficiency or a form of CVID, Lyme disease, Mycoplasma, Sv-40 infected, autoimmune propensity and stuck Th1 or Th2, and propensity to react to heavy metals and msg in vaccines via MELISA allergy, Metallothionein deficiency and IL- ra and MHC alleles and autoimmune tendancy. I could have opted out of this "lovely life" of autism. This all packaged mind you in a perfectly healthy "looking" child. This would delay vaccinations, or at all, on many children who had the potentiality of contracting a lifelong neurological disorder, if not lessening of that predisposition. 30% of children in my estimation, are a no go to our current vaccine stripping policy, which in essence strips the last amount of immune controls they have-if any.

My response to such articles as teenagers getting mumps is where's the beef? So what? Pertussis is making a comeback, and I have not heard one death ensue-vaccines simply don't work on many people. What I hear more of, and see more of, is damaged children, from Minimal Brain Dysfunction, to ADD, to Epilepsy, to Autism. The NIH alarm for autism is now 1/166 children. One in 6, now have a developmental psychological problem. What a lovely world we are leaving to these people? Talk about a holocaust or terrorism.

Does it matter to these people that we see MV vaccine strain in the CSF or Peyers Patches in the gut or other Central Nervous system viruses or vectors? Does it matter to them that they are showing up with LYME disease, retroviruses, sv-40? Do not these people see the mercury flowing out of our children like a gush? Do they not see our kids have Metallothionein and Glutathione deficiency or Oxidative STress? Do they not see that MINOR infractions in their immune and metabolic quality "set them up for disaster"? Or does vaccinating a SICK child (which is ok to the ACIP officials) who had long courses of antibiotics for ear infections and strep even matter to them as it generally depletes metallothionein, but we don't care, pump them up anyways with heavy metals they can't get rid of? I will tell you their "so called" concern. Recently, we funded a study with Voices of Safety, to identify a marker of a poor immune quality called Hyper IgE on Cord Blood. When you have this, you have tendancy to allergy, analphylaxis and poor immune control to viruses, fungals and toxins. We identified a test in Cord Blood in newborns ( ). Such a test costs a mere 10.00. Any child who had signs of Hyper IgE at bare minmum should not be vaccinated after birth the HEP B shot unless positive for HEP B (without m ercury preferabbly). Such would help many children opt out of vaccinations they cannot endure. And a scientist in Canada, has recently found out, THE NEWBORN HAS NO IMMUNE SYSTEM FOR ABOUT A YEAR and depends upon learned immune behavior from breast milk and exposures. So what do we do? We opt to give EVERY CHILD a bullet or a dud while giving them iron laced msg foods and no god given breastmilk protection. (which has antidotes to all childhood diseases and infections).

In my mind, this is infanticide in it's worse form, since many know that vaccines can harm, and injure, and maim. They know it, but have their hands tied by secrecy, by doubt, by holding down their jobs for the sake of their families, and by not being labled an "alarmist" or "quack". Way beyond that, who is going to fund a study that implicates so much? Not a pharma company, oh no, not NIH, oh no, not CDC...for to do such would be business suicide.

I find it alarming that our society is now measured by how many Iraq people we can kill (and vaccinate by the way), and silence our children from a lifetime of loving and sharing their lives, by autism and other neurolgoical disorders. We are measured as a society by how we treat our children. We get a giant F. Our throw away acceptible losses routine is getting a lot of parents fighting mad..will we take this anymore? I doubt it highly.

Kathy Blanco  

Competing interests: Mother of two children with autism