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Like Ray Gallup, my children suffer in silence too. Though we have irrevertable proof of the viruses of MMR, Stealth Polio SCMV pumping through my children's veins, CNS and Brain, hypofusion-encephalitic damage, Myelin Eating, Lyme disease, Autistic enterocolitis etc, this is not proof that autism is not caused by vaccines? Let's break that down shall we?

I believe vaccines are the last trigger in our children, the irrevertable truth is, it is the major trigger. This along with use of antibiotics lowering Metallothionein at key times, a birth process that damages the BBB and gut via hypoxia on speech centers and aerobic centers of the brain as well as gut, then following that through with antipyretics which lowers glutathione, selenium, TNF, IGF-1, Metallothionein and lowers IL-6 in ALREADY compromised immune tendancy to autoimmune reaction ( ), this is the set up if you will to make an autistic child. But I can make another scenario just as clear from other stories of families with autism. Though they are varied and different, they all have various trigger events, and the final wallup is the vaccines.

First of all, you have parents who have lyme disease, who are congenitally passing the bacteria to their children via semen and breastmilk. Then maybe mothers have amalgam fillings, filling the birth environment, or flooding it with mercury disrupting brain circuits and growth of the brain. Then, you birth with less hypoxia, but pitocin is pumped in you or your C-sectioned, and then you give them a HEP B mercury shot, which along with that, will have billiburin stain in the brain (a sure sign of Immediate Cord Clamp), then you get autism very early.

Or, another scenario. A mother takes the "pill" for many years, disrupting her zinc, copper and iron balance. She is high testosterone now (a poor energy metabolism too), and has very little zinc stores which makes for collapsed metallothionein. She may have high histmines and absence of copper regulation which triggers a total shut down of Metallothionein and a slow autism onset, becuase the child is dumped with MSG and IRON in his diet (formula, Poly-vi-sol), and now you have no methylation and pump them with mercury. Again, autism onset regression around 18 months.

Or, you have a family history of Hemachromatosis, and your child has an underlying cerouloplasmin deficiency and Mt problem. You have a family history of schizophrenia and depression in your family, and included in that, sure signs of mycoplasma infection via a husband with GULF WAR history or VIETNAM, and even other TORCH symptoms at birth. The mother had a virus in utero (simple flu) and while she had it, she had a fever and took antipyretics, but then finally, got the full course meal of vaccinations...whala, you have a child with autism.

Or, you have a family history of pyrlorria and high oxidative stress. And talk of stress, you have that too. You have extraordinary high norepinephine and adrenaline levels, and signs of thyroid problems, a little mercury here or there in the mouth or fish eating, and then you wallup your child with vaccines, and they react with a high fever, and then you give them fever suppression drugs, but then your rememberence is that the child was on ear infection antibiotics for many months previous, wallup, your child has autism.

The point I am making is harsh, and a little cartoonish, but it is making a point. Just what makes a pediatrician think that a "healthy looking child" is ready for vaccination, WHEN IN FACT HE IS NOT ASKING THESE QUESTIONS!? We never were asked if we had a viral process, if I had mercury in my mouth or a MELISA allergy to thimerosol, if I had an iron disorder, lyme disease, SCMV or other markers that suggest, my children will not do well. No one is ready in these paragraphs above, yet we IGNORE the biological code of ethics which states, you cannot inject people with a biologic if they can't handle it.

The question is never asked, nor the question answered, if vaccines are a one size fit's fall, and, if some must wait, split, or never be vaccinated based upon these principles of health, and if anything, pure science, what has our medical cartels really done? They have made stories like Eric, like my son Ryan and Stacy...who to them, are acceptible losses in their disease wars. Disease is frightening either way, both either maim or injure, and the two sides offer plenty of sorrow. However, in my mind, it is preventable, due in part to the fact, that we are not asking SERIOUS questions in a SERIOUS epidemic.

Case in point, my son with ZERO complement C4B. Not measured in routine bloodwork, my son is in essence a sitting duck for viruses, fungals and toxins. He had VERY LITTLE ear infections, or use of antibiotics. He was for all purposes of the argument, the best looking child around, yet, he had an underscore of "don't mess with me". All three of these lovely ingredients above are produced in vaccines in one vial. Every succeeding vaccine he received dumped him into the landfill of autism.

UNLESS WE START ASKING THESE PRECONCEPTUAL, BIRTHING, and FAMILY HISTORY Questions and LESSONS-while avoiding products, medicines, and birth practices which are known to be harmful ( ), we shall continue autism, due to our mindset that they are IRRELEVANT in the entire picture. They are in fact the things we have changed in policy and scope and amounts, which have developed into problems for the average american family who for all intents and purposes are just as oxidatively stressed and immune deficient as a biafra child. Our immune systems are constantly being degredated, yet there are never new and improved vaccinations, or safety regulations, due to the fact that there is no icentive to look at such changes in policy and making vaccines safer, or enlarge the contraindication tables becuase "profit margins" matter, not our children.

If 30 percent of the american people are in fact sitting ducks with vaccines, this would still maintain herd immunity. Perhaps those thirty percenters will have a chance of a whole life, free from autoimmune autism, or other autoimmune diseases and or decades later, a life free of myeloma, lymphoma, MS or other neurological diseases that have also proof's of vaccination histories and damages (proven).

It is entirely clear to me, just how evil the whole paridigm is. There is no free agency, when it comes to this choice, unless your informed, and for those who are not, pay a bitter price. I wonder how long however, that will be, until an administration finds it necessary to vaccinate or pay up or go to jail, becuase terrorism small pox attacks are eminant? What lengths will these people go through, and how they can sleep at night, is my question? That's why the legal system is so important, becuase that is the only avenue parents have left to make sure their rights are protected, which in the first place, was not even protected due to our lack of ignorance and or our buy into the hype, media, and lies that vaccines are inocuous.

The same kind of lies are being told the Lyme infected. That it is not prevelant, that it is perfectly monitored. But we all know, the CDC, NIH and other minions, have a buy into the thought pattern of not waking up the american people, and ensuing anarchy that our government has us under wraps with a lot of things. WAG THE DOG.


Competing interests: Two Children with Autism-vaccine injured, lyme, stealth and a host of products thought safe, that were not...