Murdering Blacks with Aspartame!  Tuskegee Syphilis experiments were Chickenfeed compared to boosting Sickle Cell Crisis!


The Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation serves drug companies. They "test" new drugs, grind out "reports" and sometimes get patents for drug applications as in the case of aspartame. OMRF found surreal new "benefits" from this toxic "diet" chemical, marketed as NutraSweet and Equal now under many other names.  It's the sweetener in Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi and thousands of "diet" foods.  In 1996 the Food and Drug Administration  published a list of 92 adverse aspartame reactions:  seizures, blindness, sex dysfunction and death, from 10,000 consumer complaints.

Headache was #1 on the list!.  OMRF has patents on it from 6 nations as an "analgesic"  for headaches and other discomfortsExtinguish the fire with Napalm!

Aspartame is supposedly a "diet"  sweetener, keeps you slim.  OMRF has patented it for "appetite enhancement".  It keeps you thin by making you crave carbohydrates, as we explained 12 years ago: If you want to be fat, NutraSweet is where its at!  USA  patents 6156795  &  6326400

Now in 9 countries OMRF has patents to use it to treat SICKLE CELL ANEMIA!  It enhances the disease, makes it more deadly and murderous!  A dagger in the heart of the black race!

How it does the deadly deed: A third of the aspartame molecule digests into wood alcohol, CH4O. The alcohol next loses 2 hydrogens to be the undertakers' friend: formaldehyde. CH2O!  Add an oxygen and its formic acid,  the venom of fire ants which can kill a person a million times larger, also known as formate! CH2O2. Formate is a "blister poison" that kills and runs, transferring cell to cell,  killing as it goes, leaving blisters of dead tissue. It destroys the deformed sickle hemoglobin cells reducing the sickle cell count, but it amplifies the disease inciting a sickle cell crisis.

All of these poisons tie up the enzyme cytochrome oxidase P-450, blocking the body's ability to use oxygen. Many other essential enzymatic functions are inactivated by these poisons; over 85 enzymes are known to be so affected.  Like carbon monoxide, formic acid inactivates hemoglobin, reduces oxygen transport to the cells, the most immediate and urgent function of blood circulation.  You silently suffocate!  Chelating aspartame carries toxic heavy metals into your cells, such as aluminum from the pop can which appears in Alzheimer's neurofibrillary tangles, brain cell graveyards.

For 40 years from 1932 terrorists at the U S Public Health Service experimented by infecting Alabama sharecroppers with syphilis to watch them die. Injections were for "bad blood" lied the doctors who went to extreme lengths to insure their victims received no therapy or medication from any source. 400  innocent American men, their wives, their families, butchered; and hundreds more to whom the agony, blindness and insanity of syphilis have spread to this very day. That heinous crime counts more bodies than the children recently slaughtered in Chechnya. And for what did our countrymen die?  For the insane curiosity of remorseless medical maniacs!

Aspartame presents an equally sinister atrocity!  Million$ spent have convinced the world a poison is safe as rain.  A toxin that intensifies sickle cell and will murder multitudes.  A more noble motive is here involved than curiosity.  Its an invincible greed for fine old American profit! And what colossal lie flies on the banner under which these monsters march?  OUR POISON CURES IT!

See Dr. Bowen's full warning below and on Remove all forms of aspartame from your diet now. A mountain of scientific evidence confirms its an addictive neurotoxin. The National Soft Drink  Association's long objection to aspartame approval in the 5/7/85  Congressional Record called it "uniquely and inherently unstable"  [S5505]  FDA won't send you their list of 92 reactions any more.  See it on

Dr. Bowen's complete report:

Researcher Carl Manion has claimed that a single dose of aspartame lowered the sickle cell count in the blood.  We've known that for 20 years because aspartame causes the sickle cells to break down as in a sickle cell crisis.  Then there are few of them to count.  Aspartame metabolizes into formic acid, a blister poison that transfers from cell to cell killing all and leaving a blister of dead tissue.

It blocks the body's ability to utilize oxygen by tying up an enzyme called cytochrome oxidase P-450.  Many other essential enzymatic functions are disabled by this class of poison, 85 are now known to be so damaged.  Formic acid or formate is such a potent sensitization agent that a sting by a fire ant can kill a human being which demonstrates the enormous immune system damage from aspartame derivatives.  Like its sister, carbon monoxide, formate inactivates the hemoglobin molecule, so it can no longer pick up oxygen to supply the body, a vast injury to the metabolism.

Aspartame grievously and rapidly damages the MtDNA, and the mitochondria with formaldehyde and formate poisoning, as well as by chelating and carrying heavy metals into the body.  This leaves the mitochondria insufficiency, and inefficiency which generates large amounts of harmful super oxide free radicals, as well as diseases like diabetes.  Super oxide free radicals aggravate many disease processes, and rapidly age the person.  In my personal experience, I had a full head of dark brown hair.  After 6 weeks of using the low cal Kool-Aide with aspartame, in June l983 I was fully and immediately grayed.  I looked like I had dyed my hair brown and now the gray roots were showing!  I also suffered severe degeneration of my cartilages, fracturing the largest cartilage in my right knee.  Had I been on aspartame a few more weeks I would have destroyed all my cartilages.  I have seen it do this to other people with a few weeks of use!  Figure how much that would add to the joint destruction from sickle cell!  I found that taking my diabetic patients off aspartame led to an immediate improvement in their disease, many did not even have diabetes once off aspartame.  All were spared the tremendous complications they had been experiencing from aspartame, which they thought were inherent complications of their diabetes.

The notion aspartame would in any way benefit those with sickle cell disease is sheer nonsense/genocide.  Aspartame also consumes folic acid on a molecule per molecule basis.  This consumes immense amounts of folic acid, leading to even greater carbon monoxide poisoning of the body.  Folic acid is critically needed for the sickle cell patient to heal their injury.  Deficiencies of folic acid also lead to birth defects in the children of those who consume aspartame.  Aspartame is a synergisticmethanol poison.  Methanol also produces grievous birth defects and pervasive developmental disorders such as autism and attention deficient in the offspring of aspartame users.  The IQ of the average high school graduate has fallen 10% since the l950's because of chemicals like aspartame, MSG, and fluoride being pushed into our youth, along with an inexcusably, damaging and scientific unsound immunization program.  The US military is now having trouble finding youth bright enough to man its high tech weaponry.

Every step in the human fertility cycle is destroyed by aspartame, starting with the gleam in daddy's eye and the response from mamma.  See Genocide/Aspartame Murders Infants on Aspartame is a potent brain washing agent, and a highly addictive neurotoxin.  If started on it, few will question what its really doing to them.  The fact I'm a physician with an outstanding knowledge of applied biochemistry, did not protect me from being brainwashed and devastated by aspartame.     James Bowen, M.D.

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Be sure to alert schools.  Congress has admitted  US children are poisoned and given NIH 2.7 billion to find the culprit. (Letter on   click on aspartame)  This neurotoxic drug  triggers birth defects, learning problems, and behavioral problems.  It interacts with all antidepressants, insulin, all cardiac Rx, anti-seizure Rx, hormones and L-dopa, for starters.  As a chemical hypersensitization agent it even interacts with vaccines and other toxins.  It has an additive and synergistic effect with MSG. (  )  Government documents were requested by the NEA, National Education Association.  When damning records were sent showing aspartame to be unsafe J. Newberry wrote:  "HIN is not able to pursue this issue at this time."

Please sign petition to free Diane Fleming on  Husband died of aspartame and she was sentenced to 50 years for poisoning him.  Several doctors have signed affidavits his autopsy showed aspartame was the culprit.  It liberates free methyl alcohol.  Damages the cardiac conduction system causing sudden death.

Medical books:  by H. J. Roberts, M.D, including Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic  by neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, M.D., including Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills

Dr. Betty Martini, Founder, Mission Possible Intl, 9270 River Club Parkway, Duluth, Georgia 30097  770 242-2599 (note lawsuits on home page banner)  and

(For full story, Discovery may hold Sweet Relief, see The Oklahoman, article by Jim Stafford)