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Lisa C Blakemore-Brown,

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Camille Clark writes: For anyone who is interested, I took the flu vaccine this year with it's thimerosol additive, as did my adult child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

So did my mother. Three weeks later she had her first heart attack.

Days later she had another.

She was allowed out of hospital a day or two before Christmas. Our family spent Christmas Day together not knowing how long my mother had left in her life.

Christmas night she had a massive heart attack - as reported by the Registrar.

Our choice was stark - if we left her she would certainly die. If we allowed her to have a thrombylising treatment she could die of a haemorrhage - but her chances were better than leaving her.

She came out of hospital after New Year, at least alive, but, as someone who had NEVER in her life had a problem with her heart, and who became ill after the vaccine, I was then able to find out about many other adverse reactions and they could all have been my mother. No history but myocardial infarction after the flu vaccine.

I too reacted to my first vaccinations. Out for the count all Christmas Day - so whats cooking for me? Do we not have a right to know?

I am eternally grateful to the staff at Frimley Park for saving my mother's life, but I am not grateful to a system which allows all this to happen.

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