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What's Eating Stephen Barrett? by Burton Goldberg

How Cancer Politics Have Kept You in the Dark Regarding Successful Alternatives by John Diamond, M.D, Lee Cowden, M.D.

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"Did you know that the research information contained in the Physicians' Desk Reference the pharmaceutical bible used by M.D.s is supplied by the drug manufacturers themselves? Did you know that the FDA approves drugs not by actually doing the testing, but simply by reviewing studies submitted by the drug manufacturers? Did you know that a drug manufacturer needs to submit only two studies showing satisfactory results to get a drug approved by the FDA even if there are even more studies showing the drug causes adverse reactions in an unacceptably high number of cases?
    Did you know that most of the articles discussing the efficacy of drugs that are published in medical journals are studies paid for by the drug manufacturer? And that often, as the New York Times reported last summer, the academic scientists listed as lead authors are often just "window dressing, to lend credibility to papers that are really the work of drug companies. The academic scientists' main role in such studies is to recruit patients and administer experimental treatments. The scientists or their universities are paid for this work."
    And did you know that a study conducted by USA Today found that more than half of the experts hired to advise the government on the safety and effectiveness of medicine had a direct financial interest in the drug or topic were asked to evaluate?"----Burton Goldberg http://www.alternativemedicine.com/

Alternative Medicines Definitive Guide to Cancer---Burton Goldberg
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