700+ Vitamin C Secrets

a book by Dr. Sydney Bush

Dr. Sydney Bush's passionate tome provides a wealth of information about Vitamin C. Dr. Bush is an optometrist who discovered that the eyes are not only the window to the heart, but they can be used to monitor reversal of heart disease.. He (as have many other eye doctors) has been able to measure the progression of heart disease in the retinal arteries. It is generally accepted by the medical profession that the atherosclerosis eye doctors observe in their patients cannot be reversed. It is medical dogma that arterial plaques always get worse. Dr. Bush discovered that these plaques can be made to go away quite easily! After Dr. Bush saw that it can and was being reversed in his patients on high vitamin C and other nutrients (The so-called Pauling therapy), he became intrigued, informed and tried to spread the word in Britain. He was amazed by the resistance of the medical profession, National Health Service, etc. Just like Linus Pauling before him, Bush hit a brick wall of disbelief and suppression. Dr. Bush's new book is a product of his studies into vitamin C. It is meant to expose the wealth of knowledge about vitamin C that science has uncovered, but that has been deliberately kept from the medical profession. Aimed at his fellow optometrists, but if you know someone who thrives on trivia, then 700 Vitamin C Secrets is for them! (Really 1600 tidbits!)