Kitty Campion
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[Kitty Campion, along with Jill Davies of Herbs Hands Healing, is the leading Naturopathic Herbalist in the UK.  She was trained, and worked with Dr Shulze.]

Kitty Campion. Born 28th May 1949.

 2000 to date     Director of the Campion Clinic in Oxfordshire

1998 – 2000    Director of the Campion Clinic, 16 England’s Lane, London, NW3 4TG

1982 – 1998    Director of The Natural Health and Iridology  Centre, 25 Curzon Street, Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire, ST5 OPD.

1984 to date     Director of the College of Herbs and Natural Healing, Staffordshire. One of the top four colleges in the UK.

1976 – 1982    Chairman of Kitty Little PLC. Manufacturer and retailer of environmental fragrances.

Education and Qualifications

Born in South Africa in 1949, she was raised and educated in Central and East Africa until the age of fourteen when she completed her education in the UK. She took a year off before entering university, when she trained as a Cordon Bleu Chef. 1968 – 1973 Bachelor of Arts (Hons); American Studies. Master of Arts; American Literature, both degrees at the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth.  She won one of six university scholarships, awarded yearly, to go on to study for a Ph.D. in Modern American Poetry at Keele University.  In 1982 Master Herbalist Certificate awarded by the School of Natural Healing, Utah, USA.  1985 PhD awarded by the School of Natural Healing, Utah, USA. 1988         Certified Practitioner in colonic therapy. Colonic International Association.  1992 Qualification in Traditional Thai Healing Massage. The School of Oriental Massage, 5/989 Mubanpachacum, Pa-ket,  Nontaburi, Bangkok, Thailand. 1993 Advanced Traditional Thai Massage studied with Asokananda, the world’s leading European practitioner of Traditional Thai Healing Massage. 1996 Dr Vodder-Schule-Walchsee, Austria: Qualification in Manual Lymph Drainage. 1997 Qualification in the Bowen Technique in the European School of Bowen Studies.

 Kitty has been a regular contributor to What Doctors Don’t Tell You and The Herbal Review.


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