CAN's Position "Shocking and Disappointing"

     After a thousand parents and doctors saw slides of ileal and colonic
biopsies with inflammation (as verified by PCR) due to vaccine-strains of
measles virus at our recent DAN! conference, it was a shocking
disappointment to hear CAN's endorsement of the very flawed Danish study.
An epidemiological survey in a nation that injects ethylmercury (as
thimerosal) far more prudently than in the U.S. is being used to implicitly
endorse the actions (and continued denials) of the those agencies that
mandated the mercury-laden Hep B vaccine to newborns from 1991 to 2001.
     In my opinion this was most likely what started the gut and immune
damage in many susceptible children leading to their inability to
subsequently handle the MMR vaccine.  To take the MMR outside of the entire
vaccine picture is scientific folly.
     I hope CAN executives will have an opportunity to see the MV-related
data of top-notch scientists such as Wakefield, Buie, Krigsman, O'Leary, and
others, and direct more of their funds to creating diagnostic and treatment
clinics.  I predict that the epidemic we are seeing now will start to
subside in 5 or 6 years, even though we have many other environmental toxins
lining up to take on mercury's job.  In the meantime, we have thousands upon
thousands of very sick kids that need medical help much more NOW than they
need genetic studies.
     - Jaquelyn McCandless, M.D., physician, grand-parent of an ASD child,
and author of Children with Starving Brains.