Heavy Cancer Clusters in Ireland Ireland

 Created: 19 Oct 2007

The Irish mast action group B-E-S-T (better environmental Safer telecommunications) have been campaigning for the safe siting of base stations and masts for several years.
Over these years several cancer clusters have been recorded by the group.
Every county in Ireland is affected. Clare, Limerick, Kerry, Tipperary, Dublin, Etc.

The most recent ones that have come to light are in, Clondalkin Dublin and Summerhill Dublin.
Summerhill consists of about 80 houses.
There were 32 cancer deaths two years ago and now this year there are 4 people with lung cancer, one house has two victims, 1 more has stomach cancer and another has prostate cancer.
The area in Clondalkin has 9 policemen in the station with cancer ( three have died) plus their cleaning lady has also been stricken with cancer.
In the houses at the back of the police station there is a family who have been devastated with the mom and dad having strokes (The mom had six) their beautiful 19 year old son Brian has a brain tumor and their 30 year old daughter has a clot on her brain,
The rest of the family are awaiting the results of brain scans.
The next family have 3 daughters, one who died in January with cancer, one with cancer of the cervix, and one with skin cancer.
They are all under the age of 30 years.
These People are all living near the mast which is at the police station.
The Irish government have ZERO interest in why they are dead and have cancer.

Best regards,
Pauline Keeley