Contamination level: Severe illness! Forced to abandon a home. Author: Dr. Carlos Sosa M.D. Created: 16 Oct 2007 Updated: 17 Oct 2007 Viewed: 37 time(s) There are murderers who kill with a knife or a gun. And they stab people and shoot them with all the vicious ferocity which is proper of a delinquent. Many times they are victims of hunger, need, lack of opportunities, social circumstances. This, is the "honest" deliquent, if such a thing can be stated.

On the other hand, there are assassins who wear ties and white shirts, who ride fancy cars and own beautiful homes and who have high paid jobs. This type of criminal is more difficult to unveil because he/she has a covering of well manners, of social position, of "respectability", of parfums, of university titles. However, this type of criminal is bloodier, more effective, more immoral, more deadly, more nauseating, more repugnant, more miserable, more mass-murder inclined. This criminal is responsible for the death of millions with a single signature. He vanishes complete cultures with a gesture. Entire nations are subject to his inequities, and children, men and women alike, all pay with their lives the consequences of his double morals. This is the true criminal who calculates in billions how much each grave represents.

The death of Jairo is one more in the long list of crimes committed by Michael Repacholi.

I cannot express what I am feeling and what I am thinking right now because I would be banned from this web page.

October the 10th should become the INTERNATIONAL DAY OF ELF AND RF VICTIMS. I pay my due respects to all the victims that came before, but this is the evidence and consequence of the cruel brutality of the engineers and physicist who are running the World Health Organization.


Dr. Carlos Sosa M.D.

The death of Jairo Montilla Herrero was reported by various organizations, among them Omega New and Next-up: