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Cataracts - Part II

"Are there any natural cures / remedies for cataracts?" This
question from an HSI member named Fred started off a recent
Forum thread that I told you about last week. Then over the
weekend I received this e-mail from a member named Barbara
with a remarkable story about how she treated her cataracts:

"Approximately 8 years ago, my optometrist told me my left
eye was ready for surgery, but they were short on
ophthalmologists and I would not be able to get the surgery
until they were able to get more personnel in that
department. At an earlier appointment she had told me she had
heard that Bilberry was very good for cataracts.  I went to
our local health food store and bought some Bilberry.  I took
5 of them a day - 3 in the morning and 2 at night.
"When I went back 3 months later, I did not need surgery.  I
have continued to take the Bilberry. My cataracts AND my
macular degeneration have never gotten any worse.  Needless
to say I am 'sold' on the use of Bilberry for my eyes."

Meanwhile, back at the Forum, many additional comments have
been added to the "Cataracts" thread, including these:

Lyle: "In the first place, cataracts are principally caused
by dehydration. So as a preventative, more water than you are
currently drinking is the best place to start."

Warren: "Take LOTS of vitamin C to slow the progress of
cataracts. When and if they must be removed, continue with
high levels of C (Ester-C) to protect against macular
degeneration. Good luck!"

John: "About five years ago, I heard a tape by an
optometrist. He said the he and his employer, an
ophthalmologist, had traveled to France to better understand
why cataract surgery is rare among the French populace. He
said they learned the reason is because for years,
ophthalmologists and optometrists in France have known that
supplements of Vitamins C and A, along with glutathione
(antioxidant enzyme), were highly effective in preventing

If you believe you or someone you care about may be
developing cataracts, this thread is a great place to review
first person accounts about natural remedies. Just go to the
HSI Forum on our web site ( to find out
more, or to add your own comments on how to treat or prevent

Many comments on the "Cataracts" thread also address macular
degeneration. Other topics covered in the Forum this week
include kidney stones, c-reactive protein, goat milk, carotid
arteries, vitamin C, and a thread titled "Recent Echinacea
Doubts" started off by Rachel, a "health shop" worker in the
UK, whose opening comments trigger an interesting discussion
about the popular cold and flu fighting herb. Log on and join
in with these and other conversations about important health
and nutrition topics.

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Monday, December 16, 2002 
Last week, President Bush formally announced his plans for
administering the smallpox vaccination. Immunizations will
begin immediately for military personnel, followed soon by
health care workers. But long before the general population
begins receiving inoculations (in 2004), a serious health
crisis may already threaten many millions who are in groups
at high risk of permanent and sometimes lethal adverse side
effects from contact with others inoculated with the smallpox
vaccine. Find out if you or someone you care about is in one
of these high risk groups - then we'll tell you about an
important step you can take to protect yourself.

Tuesday, December 17, 2002    
When we asked for responses from women who had found success
with natural treatments for hot flashes and other menopausal
symptoms, the e-mails came pouring in, with details, advice
and insights that you rarely find in the formal language of a
clinical trial. We'll share some of these personal accounts,
and then offer background information on exactly how these
easy-to-find remedies work.

Wednesday, December 18, 2002 
Selenium is a naturally occurring mineral that has been shown
to activate a cancer-suppressing gene, fight autoimmune
disorders and help increase insulin efficiency. So it's not
surprising that a recent e-Alert about selenium brought a
wave of e-mails about this excellent antioxidant. HSI
Panelist, Allan Spreen, M.D., answers members' questions with
some surprising information that opens up other critical
topics, including vitamin efficiency, fat metabolization, and
how you may be able to minimize the adverse side effects of
mercury intake.

Thursday, December 19, 2002
A question from an HSI member about mercury in dental
fillings prompted an examination of the heated debate over
the safety of amalgam fillings. Contrary to what you may have
heard, there are many factors at work here that complicate
any "easy" answers that might settle the many questions
surrounding this topic. We'll sort through the pros and cons
with valuable insight provided by HSI Panelist, Richard
Cohan, D.D.S., who offers his expertise regarding mercury
intake from amalgam fillings, and the problem of finding
suitable alternatives.

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