Now You Have Permission to Stop Feeling ‘Beat-up’

[Editor's Note: This article focuses on the announcement of a new homeopathic/herbal from Dr. William von Peters which is said to address the immunity depression and organ damage caused by chemtrails. Don Croft feels very enthusiastic about the effectiveness of this formula. Dr von Peters decided to call this remedy "Chembuster", but do not confuse this homeopathic/herbal formulation with the original name of the large orgone generator with six copper pipes that was coined a "Chembuster" at this web site. Currently, you can obtain Dr. von Peters' Chembuster remedy from either Dr. von Peters or Don Croft. It will soon be available on this web site as well..Ken Adachi]

By Don Croft < >
June 6, 2004

It seems to me that just about everyone is sick these days in North America, Japan, Korea and Europe (a pitiful trilateral condition ;-) and there’s no question in my mind that this has happened, mainly, because of the chemtrails and the associated new death towers.

I’ve read that there are now a half million unexplained deaths per year in America and many people have told me that the obituary columns in their local newspapers are twice as fat as they used to be.

Anyone who has been accustomed to looking at the sky knows that in early 1999 the chemtrails began making almost daily appearances in all these regions, turning the sky into a big tic-tac-toe game, with sometimes six or eight white, very quiet jets seen at any given time, all day long, flying at altitudes far too low to leave contrails.. The United Nations is the only organization I’m aware of that flies white, unmarked aircraft and the spewplanes fly low enough to be easily dentified with binoculars.

I was living in Des Moines, Iowa, when this started and on the first day, few people noticed the bizarre display in the sky but everyone was talking about the sudden rise in respiratory illness and deaths among the elderly, infirm and infants there. After the first spraying, my neighbor, a retired truck driver in his seventies, looked like he was about to drop in the driveway from coughing and he had a deathly pall, so I asked him to use one of my zappers. Thankfully, he did for an hour or so and the next day his complexion was rosy, he otherwise looked like a million bucks and was vigorously shoveling snow. Eight years in the healing trade, making and selling zappers, had accustomed me to witnessing these extraordinary reversals but in the coming years the increasing endemics, as the biological and chemical weaponry of the chemtrails insinuated themselves from the lungs, into the other vital organs, especially the liver, caused me a lot of concern.

In 2001 I began looking for and experimenting with various herbal remedies that seemed to hold some promise for getting people’s livers and other organs back in harness but nothing really panned out, so I asked our good friend, Dr William von Peters, of, to develop a remedy based on the known pathogens contained in the chemtrails. He was pretty reluctant at first because he’s an old school naturopath and homeopath who distrusts ‘magic bullet’ approaches to curing illnesses but last spring he developed Chembuster for us to field test among our more hopeless customers who hadn’t gotten satisfactory results with their zappers.

See, in the early days of the chemtrail assaults, any zapper on the market could easily cure the effects of those pathogens because they hadn’t had time to go to work on the vital organs other than the lungs. In the lungs, these pathogens are easily overcome by zapping. After years of getting hammered incessantly with the spew, though, many, even most people’s livers, spleens, pancreases and kidneys are so compromised and overwhelmed that zapping can only restore the vitality of about half the people who first use them, by the time they’ve become obviously sick enough to seek a remedy.

On top of that, the new death towers had been suddenly erected in all population centers throughout our planet and along all of the world’s more travelled highways, two and a half years after the international assaults from the sky began, so when the intense, debilitating energy from these transmitters mixes with the effects of the depleted vitality caused by the airborne pathogens, it’s a miracle, to me, that most people even show up at work most days. In fact, it would be interesting to see the records of any major corporation regarding efficiency and absenteeism on the job since 1997. I think the records would show a sharp drop in January, 1999 and a more gradual, further decline beginning in September, 2001, when the new towers began proliferating throughout the world. Does anyone still actually believe that these towers are for communication? You probably know by now that your cellphone and even TV aren’t working as well these days, since the towers went up and the strangest thing for me to consider is that the vast majority of people never even see these monsters until you patiently point out the fact that they are now a virtual forest ;-)

Of course, your serial killer (most MDs, besides trauma and plastic surgeons, are all serial killers, no matter how nice they are) won’t ever mention the word, ‘parasite,’ nor will he ever acknowledge the presence of chemtrails and death towers because, frankly, he’s not in the business of curing sickness, nor does he care at all about the causes of illness. He’s been trained to manage symptoms and to ‘practice,’ and ‘treat,’ after all. I sincerely believe that most MDs belong in prison for dope dealing, confidence scams and murder. You can bet they KNOW exactly what they’re doing, and the few who don’t shouldn’t be allowed to hide behind their ignorance. Modern medicine is merely a cult, at best, and a horrid plot to kill and maim millions, at worst.

If you go to any MD besides a trauma doctor, are you able to intelligently justify it?

I’ve been making and selling zappers since April, 1996 and I put my business online in December, 1997. Having an online business in the healing trade has given me a special insight into these trends because, of course, when people order our Terminator zapper (Carol developed this model with me when we got together in June, 2000, so that we could offer something that does more than just kill parasites, due to the emerging endemics of chronic, aerially transmitted illnesses) they tell me what their symptoms are. Of course, even if I was a doctor I wouldn’t try to diagnose any of them because one or two email messages are not an examination but in fact after the beginning of this war on humanity from the skies I got more and more reports of chronic illnesses, which told even me two things: the initial respiratory illnesses were simply the body’s way of trying to fight off the new pathogens and the following illnesses were an indication that the lungs had failed to stop the advance of the pathogens toward the liver and other vital organs, which resulted in the essential absence of immune systems and vitality.

As I mentioned, a great many of the infirm simply died in the early part of the assault and millions more are on their way to their graves, with the able help of incompetent and willfully ignorant MDs, the weird new priesthood of the western

I guarantee that anyone can take a box full of any sort of zappers, distribute them in any hospital and most of the ‘patients’ would walk out of there, cured, sooner than later. When the average Joe knows this, most hospitals will close and most MDs will face charges in genuine courts of law.

I’m very pleased to note, in this context, that after a couple thousand (our best estimate) orgonite cloudbusters were built in North America and Western Europe the reports of ‘severe candida,’ fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, Lyme, MS, hepatitis and other debilitating chronic illnesses from these regions, which I had come to learn were misdiagnoses of the symptoms of mycoplasma and other chemtrail-dispersed infestations, with a bit of radiation sickness thrown in, and the accompanying decline in the livers’ functioning, dropped immediately to an immediately smaller percentage of my incoming emails. Before that (May, 2002) the ‘severe candida’ complaint from customers on both continents was coming from about half of my prospective customers and there was an overall sense that almost nobody was feeling tip top.

That was only a year after Ken Adachi had first put the cloudbuster information on his site, , which, to me, was evidence that humanity in general is sufficiently aware and motivated to Do Something about problems like this. Even today, many people genuinely can’t see chemtrails, even when the sky has turned into a chessboard of crossed lines from horizon to horizon. I don’t know whether this is a result of successful mental conditioning.

I had expected people to just get well after we stopped the worst of the chemtrails, dead, but another year of emails from thousands of still-chronically sick or enervated people I started referring the saddest cases to Dr.von Peters, who had been a wholesale zapper customer of mine for years and specializes in curing chronic sicknesses through an intelligent, inspired combination of proven, old-school naturopathy and homeopathy. He had also gotten a cloudbuster and was healing his own community’s atmosphere.

After two years of mostly de-activated chemtrails, millions and millions of people are still not recovering. I never found a reason to credit the world order’s scions with genuine human intelligence but they get a big score for cunning on this count. It was quite amazing how they had found a way to damage people’s vital organs with incessant assaults by a mix of biological weaponry, heavy metals and slightly radioactive material.

A couple of months ago, Doc von Peters agreed to formulate a remedy specifically intended to reverse the effects of these assaults and I distributed fifty samples of the 1-ounce bottles to selected customers, known personally by Carol and I, who fit the profile of the typical sufferer of this widespread malady. I gave it a month in order to get the feedback I needed in order to decide whether to sell it on our site, and the results were so confirming that I’m very pleased to offer it for sale to anyone who has bought a zapper from me or from any other zapper manufacturer.

In fact, this little bottled remedy has far exceeded our expectations, as well as Dr von Peters’. We now sell this to people who have suffered from chronic conditions since long before 1999 and they’re getting overwhelmingly positive and confirming results. In most cases, only one bottle is needed to restore people’s vitality and health, I’m very happy to report.

I wish to sell this only to people who have been unable to restore their own health by zapping. I don’t care what kind of zapper they’ve been using. All zappers cure illnesses consistently because the basic principle of bioelectification is profoundly simple and effective. One may achieve this happy result by simply touching an electric cattle fence once daily, in fact. There’s nothing at all arcane or mysterious about curing pathogen-caused illnesses (aside from the damage caused by long term biological warfare assaults) with electric current, in spite of many unscientific, unconscionable claims made by people who ought to know better!

The reason I’m putting that little caveat on the sale of the remedy, at least from our own website, is that the opportunistic bacteria, viruses, worms and fungi, at that stage of their infestations, would more often than not keep a person sick no matter what other remedies were applied, including this one. Once a disease has established itself it truly does carry on as though it had a will of its own and it needs to be destroyed. Only electrocution will deal with these natural pathogens effectively and consistently, in my experience and observations. Not colloidal silver, not enzymes, not herbs, not supplements, not oxygen products, not meditation or prayer (most likely—after all, zappers are an answer to prayer ;-), and absolutely not antibiotics, which, after all, only end up inviting more pathogens in by destroying living tissue, permeating the colon wall and creating broad avenues for fungi. Prescribing antibiotics is just like prescribing arsenic. What does this directly tell you about your doctor?

The world order is parasitic, after all (the serial killers push antibiotics because they know this will guarantee that the users will be back with more serious, costly illnesses, later on, from using these destructive fungal toxins), and most of us go along with it or try to escape this simple reality by joining cults, watching TV, overeating and/or using narcotics or booze. See how that massive, programmed pajama people response serves the parasitic, global medical/dope cartel as well as the little, legless cartel inside the human body? Those everyday world responses, by the way, are similar to how people respond to being overwhelmed by internal parasites—see the pattern? We may laugh at the fact that turkeys drown during thundershowers because they look up in continuous astonishment, with their mouths open but it’s really funny to us because this is exactly how PJ folk respond to being inundated with false information, authoritatively stated.

As Muhammad said, ‘The truth is one point, but the ignorant multiply it.’ He also said, ‘They perceive the straight to be crooked and the crooked to be straight. Have you ever listened to a Marxist college professor or a materialistic scientist?
Nuff said.

One of the funniest things I know is the fact that I figured out how to deal with the bloodthirsty, bloodless old Saville Row suited, Gucci-clad macroparasites in the receding world order by simply applying the principles that I learned, firsthand, from dealing decisively, effectively, economically and almost effortlessly with the little ones inside our bodies.

When you travel to areas in the world where there are no chemtrails, as Carol and I have done, you’ll be struck by the higher level of vitality in the people of those lands, though you may not even remember that it used to be that way where you live. That hit me in December, 2001, when we went to Namibia. Both the blacks and the whites there had a great deal more vital energy than the Americans were able to muster after two years of biological, chemical and radiological warfare from the skies.

Let’s all get our vitality back, okay? In a way, vital health is our birthright every bit as much as free speech, free assembly, just government, freedom to travel and freedom to earn a livelihood are, don’t you agree? How can you be politically free if you drag your miserable body through the day, unable to see much besides the tops of your shoes?

By the way, if you haven’t disabled the new death towers in your neighborhood, yet, why not? Who’s going to do it besides you--the town council? Your treasonous Congressman? The militia? ;-)

It’s time for you to get healthy, happy, busy and dangerous to the status quo.

Here’s Doc von P’s description of his astonishingly effective but very affordable formula:

For symptoms from Aerial Spraying

The various governments have been spraying in the upper atmosphere for a number of years for unknown purposes, good or nefarious, resulting in what has become known as ChemTrails over many parts of the world. Many people have developed strange symptoms and chronic health problems following the spraying as the various constituents of the ChemTrails have fallen to earth. These constituents have been particularly identified as barium and mycoplasmas. Whether the mycoplasmas are part of the original spraying or become attached to the particulate matter of the ChemTrails is unknown. Nevertheless, it is known that more and more people are developing strange chronic type conditions which are generally unresponsive to standard medical care, as well as to herbal treatment, due to changes in the internal terrain of the body. Dr. Wilhelm Reich discovered orgone energy which is part and parcel of all life on earth, and may well be God’s natural energy of life which pervades the earth and its atmosphere. It is believed that the ChemTrails spraying is upsetting the balance between orgone energy and its negative counterpart D-Orgone. Further, Reich showed that an adequate amount of orgone energy must be absorbed by the body to maintain health and normal physical and mental function. It is stated by some that ChemTrails spraying is blocking the absorption of this energy as well as blocking body function necessary to proper nutrition, elimination and absorption of necessary elements. Chembuster is designed to combat this problem.

Specifically Chembuster is a HomeoHerbal© preparation. omeoHerbal© products are a creation of Dr. William von Peters and the term HomeoHerbal© is copyrighted by Dr. von Peters and may not be used without his permission. HomeoHerbal© products are a combination of homeopathic remedies and herbal remedies blended especially to obtain a higher level of healing capability in a single product. Homeopathics largely operate through their energy signature patterns which the body recognizes through its electrical and nervous system. Herbals contain the food and nutritive values of the herb, and work through the digestive and alimentary system. When these are combined according to Dr. von Peters’ method one gains the best of both systems enabling a more rapid healing response even in situations where no response has been noted previously. In addition, Chembuster is the first remedy designed to be able to be potentiated in its effects by the absorption of orgone energy prior to being taken into the body. The bottle should be placed near an orgonite* device for 5-10 minutes prior to administering the remedy in order for it to be able to be fully charged with orgone when taken. This results in a deeper and faster effect within the body to move the body to a healing response by removing the blockages caused by ChemTrails spraying.

Sensitives have said that placing the Chembuster near orgonite results in 10 times the strength on the energetic level than if just taken as is out of the bottle. This ability to be potentiated by orgonite was deliberately programmed into Chembuster to break up blockages and restore the body’s natural healing ability. Yet, as it works with natural orgone energy it is not harmful to the body.

Chembuster Contains:

Mycoplasma pneumonae 12X – A Mycoplasma that has been found within ChemTrails. Baryta carb 12X – Barium carbonate has been found as a constituent of ChemTrails.

Sabadilla 6X – For people who are sensitive to environmental influences.

Taraxacum 6x – Action on the liver. Jaundice with hepatic pain. Achillea millefolium 6X – Action on lungs and mucal system.

Juglans nigra 6X – Action on intestines and against parasites Solidago 6x – Action on the liver and kidneys. Quercus glandus spiritus 10x – Action on the spleen.

Silybum marianum 6X and Ø – Action on the liver. Echinacea Augustifolia – 6X and Ø – Systemic purifier.

Cayenne 6X and Ø – Action on the mucal system. Hydrastis Ø - Systemic purifier.

Alcohol 20%

Dosage is 6 drops twice daily or as recommended by your Health Professional.

The above is written by:
Dr. William von Peters
All rights and copyright reserved.

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