4. German Magazine "Spiegel" Tells the Truth About Chemo Treatment
One of the most read German magazines, Spiegel, recently published a
three page article on the uselessness of chemotherapy. While
oncologists tell their patients that chemo helps prolong their lives,
statistics have revealed that for the most common cancers chemo does
absolutely nothing. In the case of breast cancer, chemo even
shortened the median life span from 24 months to 22 months, in
prostate cancer from 19 months to 18 months; while the median
survival time for lung cancer was increased from 5 to 6 months and
from 12 to 14 months for bowel cancer. All in all, chemo does nothing
for the most common kinds of cancer.
What comes as a surprise for the average reader, the pharma critical
reader has known for a long time: Dr. Ralph Moss' book "questioning
chemotherapy", a meta analysis of a large number of studies, revealed
the same result.
Why orthodox medicine is willing to spend about 15% more on this
useless and excessively expensive kind of treatment remains a mystery
to most everyone with a three digit IQ, except of course for those
who have realized that pharmaceutical companies are not about helping
patients but about making money.
[So why does the public commonly use such approaches when approaches
with much better track records such as various detox methods are