Kidney stones and kidney cleanses

Cleansing the Kidneys

 by Richard Shulze, N.D., M.H.  and Sam Biser

Here are two formulas you will need for cleansing your kidneys, e formula is prepared as an herbal kidney tea. The other is a tincture rh gets squirted into the tea before you drink it.

Here is the kidney/bladder tea:

2 parts Juniper berries

1 part Uva ursi leaves
1 part Dandelion leaf
1 part Kidney Bean pods

Add to this, one part of any of the following you can get:

a) Corn silk
b) Parsley root or leaf
c) Carrot tops
d) Watermelon seed and rind

Pour sixteen ounces of boiling distilled water over one rounded :spoon of this herb tea, and let steep. Add four dropperfuls of the wing kidneys/bladder tonic,
Here is the formula for the kidney/bladder tonic:

2 parts Juniper berries
1 part Corn silk
1 part Uva ursi leaves
1 part Horsetail herb
1 part Pipsissewa leaf [optional]
1 part Burdock herb
1 part Goldenrod flower tops [optional]

On the incurables program, you are taking two cups of the tea three times a day, and you are purring a dropperful of the tonic in each cup of tea. If you need to, you can go to six cups of this tea a day with twelve dropperfuls of the kidney/bladder tonic per day.

The reason one formula is a tea and the other a tincture is because some of the chemicals in the herbs are water-soluble and could come out in the tea better. Others could come out better in the tinctures. When you use the tea and tincture together, you end up with a full-spectrum array of the chemicals in these plants.

Getting the herbal ingredients in this way is totally different to getting kidney herbs in a capsule full of dry powder. According to Dr. Schulze, when you're dealing with a capsule of dry powder, the volatile oil content is probably very insignificant. If you are taking herbs in this form, Dr. Schulze says he wouldn't expect anything to happen.

According to Dr. Schulze, Dr. Christopher carried fresh juniper berries in his first-aid kit. That's how he got his cures. He had people make teas and tonics. If you are getting your herb formulas in capsules-I'm not surprised that you're still quite sick.

I have never seen anybody whose kidney/bladder/urinary track infection wasn't gone in a week or less.

How to do the kidney flush. This is required on the incurables program.


Juice of one lemon and one lime
16 to 32 ounces of distilled water
A pinch of cayenne pepper maple syrup to taste [optional]

Fifteen minutes after drinking the kidney/bladder flush, drink 2 cups of a kidney/bladder formula. Also drink 1 to 2 cup(s) of this tea in the early afternoon and early evening.

In each cup of the Kidney/Bladder Tea, add 1 dropperful (35 drops) of a kidney/bladder tincture.

SCHULZE: Every day on the incurables, for the first 30 days, they do a flush in the morning. I suggest that they alternate. They do one for one week, the liver/gall bladder flush (given in the liver chapter), then the next week the kidney/bladder, then the next week the liver/gall bladder. And they are doing both of those complete flushes regularly.

Poisons pour from your kidneys when you take these formulas made with fresh herbs.

BISER: You told me you've seen kidneys look like a Jacques Cousteau TV special inside of them with coral structures.

SCHULZE: There is no doubt about it. There are things that look like sea anemones, that are round with spikes kind of like toy jacks. It's everything from stones to small stones with spikes going out in every direction to big ones they call staghorn stones that look like deer antlers and that are quite big.

BISER: How big, an inch maybe?

SCHULZE: Three or four inches they can be. They can grow and encompass the whole inside of the kidney to where the entire kidney crystallizes and becomes plaqued and hardened.

BISER: And you have seen that?

SCHULZE: Oh, yeah.

BISER: How would you get to see things like that?

SCHULZE: Those you don't see unless you are looking at medical photography or at cadavers and organ dissection.

BISER: But again, a person might just have bad kidney functions and not know it.
SCHULZE: Absolutely. I think it would be rare to open up anybody's kidney and say that it was perfectly clean.

And these kidney formations I'm describing, these were pcupic who didn't even know they had kidney problems. I've seen people who were marathon runners that thought they were healthy who hadjgall-bladders the size of soft balls that were impacted with cholesterol and stones.

BISER: And they died from an accident or something?

SCHULZE: Absolutely.

BISER: These people didn't even know they had kidney disease. Now you can see the joke when people take dried-out juniper berries, a few capsules, and say I didn't get well.

SCHULZE: You know, many of the principles that are in herbs deteriorate quite rapidly. In fact, some herbs are best off using fresh, and if you use them dried, you are just not going to get the activity. This is one of the advantages of tinctures. When you make a tincture, you can use the fresh herbs and get them right into solution.

BISER: And then you lock in the chemical properties of the plant.

SCHULZE: That's why liquid extracts are preferred by the majority of natural healers and herbalists throughout the world. Unfortunately, as I will say elsewhere, most of the extracts they prepare are so weak, they are useless.

Regarding kidney cleansing with great quality herbs, it's quite dramatic what can come out of the kidneys, especially someone who has had years and years of infections or inflammation or crystallization growing in there.

I've seen jelly-like stuff come out, with strands of things. A horrible, horrible stench.

BISER: How bad? Like what?

SCHULZE: I've had to hold my breath to get some fresh air.

You feel like you are going to be sick. That is why you have to carry your cayenne tincture for yourself, too. I have...many times had these people bring in their urine specimens just to show me some of the stuff that was coming out.

How to dissolve kidney stones.

This formula is famous for dissolving stones. It is a routine of Dr. Christopher's that was revised and updated by Dr. Richard Schulze. It will dissolve stones in the kidneys and the entire urinary tract. It is soothing to inflamed tissues and assists in the smooth and painless release of the stones.

The ingredients in the formula are:

2 ounces of hydrangea root
2 ounces of gravel root
1 ounce of marshmallow root

The instructions are to take 5 ounces of these combined roots, cut or powdered. Obtain organically grown or wild-crafted herbs, not commercial grade herbs.

Take two quarts of fresh-squeezed apple juice, organic if possible, but it must be fresh-squeezed. Put half of the herbs (2.5 ounces) into each quart of fresh apple juice. Let sit overnight and in the morning bring each to a boil and simmer for 15 minutes.

Let cool, strain out the herbs from one of the quarts, and drink this entire quart during the first day. Consume about two fluid ounces per hour. The first day; you should also drink an additional 32 ounces of distilled water.

Let the other quart sit in a cool, dark place, shaking it a few times this clay; and the next morning; strain and drink this quart at the rate of one ounce per hour that you're awake for the next two days. You will be consuming about 16 ounces per day.

On these two days, you should also consume 32 ounces of distilled water and 32 ounces of fresh juices. On the fourth day, a juice fast is suggested consuming 64 ounces of distilled water and 64 ounces of fresh juices.

Consume only distilled water and the freshly squeezed juices during this period, but only up to one additional quart the first day and up to two quarts the second and third days.

Usually, only one time is necessary, but you may repeat this procedure at one week intervals until all stones are dissolved. Remember, one large stone will dissolve slower than twenty small ones In difficult cases, it may be necessary to repeat this routine 2 or 3 times

The following is FORBIDDEN: Absolutely no other liquids are allowed, especially alcoholic beverages, sodas, or any carbonated beverages (even the natural ones), black tea or herb tea, unless prescribed, coffee (decaf or regular), dairy products and no minerals.

Food program: The diet should be animal-free (vegan) and best: the patient fasts on fresh juices for the entire 3-day period. If fasting is not done, then a raw food diet is suggested, consuming only fruits, fruit juices, vegetables, and vegetable juices.

Best juices are: orange, distilled water with lemon and/or lime juice, cranberry, watermelon and vegetable combination with carrot, parsley garlic and ginger root.

The kidney and bladder herbal tea formula mentioned earlier may be drunk, 2 to 6 cups a day, during this program.

This procedure helped one rock star eliminate nineteen kidney stones.

SCHULZE: He was a lead singer in a rock-and-roll band, living on whiskey and junk food. He had started peeing a lot of blood while on the road.

He came to UCLA, they did x-rays, and x-rayed nineteen kidney stones around pea-size in his kidneys. And that was what was causing the bleeding. They suggested surgery.

That afternoon, he had to go pick up a guitar and went into the guitar store and my brother worked in the shop. And the guy said, "I've got to have kidney surgery."

My brother goes, "Look, I don't know, but my brother is some kind of holistic healer," and he carries my card. He said, "Give him a call and see what he can do."

I said, "Get over here." He came over and we did the procedure I just gave your readers.

Dr. Schulze uses garlic to eliminate a man's urinary tract infection when nothing else helped.

BISER: Did it work?

SCHULZE: He did a double-strength routine. I thought we'd do it twice over the period of a whole week. He did it for two-and-a-half days, went back to UCLA and they x-rayed him and he was absolutely clean. The blood was gone and there were no kidney stones at all.

Doctors had given him every antibiotic and every possible treatment and couldn't get rid of his urinary tract infection. I gave him 4-6 big cloves of garlic a day, along with the kidney tea and kidney tonic formulas we have mentioned earlier, and it cured him. I've never seen garlic fail.

They used to use sulfa drugs for kidney infections, and garlic has almost 80 different sulphur compounds in it.

In World War I, they used sulfa drugs. They had that packet of sulphur, and if someone got shot or burned, they just poured sulphur on the area because sulphur is an anti-infection mineral.

Well, the British ran out of sulfa the first six months of the war, and so they thought, "Well, which plant contains the most sulphur?" As I just said, there are 80 different sulphur compounds in one clove of garlic.

They started mashing up garlic and putting it on moss and applying that to the wounds. They had a 50% decrease in the amount of battle wound infections by using garlic.

It worked better than any sulphur they could ever use. So they asked the English people to grow garlic in their backyards and they did a big garlic drive; that was the official treatment for battle wounds for the English in World War I. Just chopped garlic on moss, dirty moss. applied to the wound.

They never had infection, and they healed the wounds. This has been something that has been in use for centuries. The only reason mat we are not using it now is because there is no money to be made in it.
BISER: Is the organic garlic more potent?

SCHULZE: Yes. Organics generally have more medicinal ingredients in them. Plants can only grow and create chemicals from the richness of the soil. We've got garlic from the grocery store that was pathetic. The organic garlics we get are just absolutely unbelievable. There is so musefa sulphur and they are so rich. Garlic does it all. It's a broad spectrum antibiotic for the kidneys and everything else.

False warning about juniper berries from popular herb books.

BISER: One book said that high doses of juniper berries causes kidmey irritation or possibly kidney damage. They said, "This herb should not be used by anyone with kidney infection or a history of kidney impairment. Even low doses taken over a long period may cause problems".

SCHULZE: First of all, juniper berries are not an herb that you wmild give someone to take nutritionally for the rest of their life. It's an herb that you use to clean the kidneys and to disinfect the kidney. I've had people use the fresh berries for months with no problems.

I wouldn't suggest it for more than a couple of months, because it should be clearing up your infection and making you pee. And if it's not. then there is something you are not dealing with that is going wrong-
If anyone has their kidney/bladder infection after a week of juniper berries, then we are barking up the wrong tree.

BISER: The book said that many elderly people suffer kidney impairment, and that those over 65 should consult their physician about their kidney function before taking this herb.

SCHULZE: They are absolutely barking up the wrong tree. Go back to your original statement about juniper.

BISER: They said that, "High doses cause kidney irritation and possibly kidney damage."

SCHULZE: First of all, what the heck is a high dose? They were probably injecting a rat with straight juniper oil in lethal doses to make that statement. In other words, what is the high dose? One juniper berry or a wheelbarrow full? They don't quantify that statement, so it makes it absurd. They need to say 25 drops of tincture or 50, or 5,000 drops.

BISER: It also says juniper does not destroy fungi, and has never been shown effective for gonorrhoea or bladder or kidney infections.

SCHULZE: You tell that to my patients who got cured. My answer to that question would be, "Can you show me the case studies that they have done?" Even medical journals and medical books say that the volatile oils in juniper and uva-ursi destroy bacteria. Juniper is listed in the British Pharmacopoeia as a urinary tract disinfectant. It was also listed that way in the old herbal dispensatories.

These medically thinking herb people give the herb only by itself, never as part of a formula, never as part of a cleansing program, and then say it doesn't work. I guarantee they have never even tried it. I guarantee they have never taken 20 people with kidney and bladder problems and given them the complete formulas and programs I do.

And no one is using fresh juniper berries. They are using dried-up berries that look like little pellets.

I wish you could be with me out in the fields here in Southern France. Yesterday, we made a juniper tincture. We just picked fresh juniper berries off the trees around here, put them in a blender with the cheapest vodka we could find at this French supermarket. Today there was a bright bluish-purple liquid that rose to the top and we tasted that; it's unbelievable. You can't buy anything like that in the U.S. This is the. best I have ever had.

I think this is something that ties right in to what you were just; talking about with herb quality. We need these people to know about getting things fresh off the trees. It will just blow your mind when you taste this. It's so incredible. And this is always the way. The fresher, the better. It's very simple. It's one reason I have been able to cure so many people.