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[2014]  Dr. Vernon Coleman Talks about Vaccination and Safe Immunization

[2006] The Ten Biggest Lies Vivisectors Tell by Vernon Coleman

The Truth About Badgers, Farmers, TB And The Government by Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc

The Real Cause Of Cancer ---And The Solution by Dr Vernon Coleman

Modern Medicine is not a science By Dr. Vernon Coleman

Why Animal Experiments Continue by Dr Vernon Coleman

The National Autistic Society by Vernon Coleman  I see that a drug company which makes MMR vaccine is one of your financial supporters (and has been since 2003). I understand that the company has, for example, paid for mailing to over 4,000 GP surgeries with information about autism. Since there is a huge debate ongoing about whether or not autism is caused by the MMR vaccine I would be interested to hear the society's explanation for accepting this funding. Do you not feel that by accepting money from GlaxoSmithKline you are abandoning your independence, your reputation and your value to autistic patients and their carers?

[2005] `Why You Won't See Me Debating Vivisection On TV, Or Read Articles By Me In The National Press.' by Vernon Coleman

Vernon Coleman's Summer 2001 Challenge To Vivisectors (dated 15.5.01)  I challenge vivisectors to produce one patient (just one) whose life they can prove has been saved as a direct result of animal experiments - and whom they can prove would now be dead if it had not been for animal experiments.

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[Book] THE DRUGS MYTH -Why the drugs wars must stop by Dr Vernon Coleman MB

[2014]  Dr. Vernon Coleman Talks about Vaccination and Safe Immunization

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