Ethyl vs. Methyl

Comparative Toxicity of Ethyl and Methyl Mercury (Power-Point Presentation from the Institute of Medicine/IOM)

Comments from :  [2015 Feb] Anderson Cooper: How To Be A Vaccine-Expert


How about this Power-Point Presentation from the Institute of Medicine (IOM) website?

This is the first of 17 slides in the presentation from the Institute of Medicine (IOM), comparing methyl-mercury and ethyl-mercury (Thimerosal).

Ethyl-mercury (in Thimerosal) exposure resulted in higher accumulation in the brain than did exposure to methyl-mercury. Kidney damage was also worse from exposure to ethyl-mercury than for methyl-mercury.


What was that about Thimerosal being excreted rapidly from the body?

What were you saying about methyl-mercury in breast milk as compared to mercury exposure from vaccines?


Gee. Speech disorders, vision disorders, tremor, ataxia, spasticity, delerium… sounds like “autism,” doesn’t it?

Ethyl-mercury (in Thimerosal) is a neurotoxin. Infants may be more susceptible than adults. Although etHg is less “acutely toxic” than methylmercury, it accumulates at increased levels in the brain and kidneys, resulting in chronic toxicity. Inadequate data to compare for assessment of developmental neurotoxicity. That is NOT THE SAME as saying it’s safe.