Real reasons for early cord clamping?
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[Looks like they doing early cord clamping so they can collect blood for stem cell transplantation.  Does it cause trauma to the navel energy point?  If so this could account for failure to orgasm and a block to spiritual experience. See: Tantra books by Mantak Chia for more on the navel point.]

Cord Blood Stem Cell Transplantation

Diseases treated with cord blood

"False medical reasons are given for immediately clamping the premature babies.  Premature babies just happen to have more valuable Mother cells, (cord stem cells) then a full-term baby.  I would think they would go to cord blood banks, with or without the parents consent.  All babies, all sizes, whenever born, are being risked to hasty clamping.  NO discrimination, in the size or gestation period of the baby, in most instances.  Most parents will not say anything, after being humiliated and conned in child birth.  But when we have no complaints, the medical malpractice and the corruption will continue. 
    The Mother cells, sought after by science researchers, are the cord stem cells to be used in experimental research to attempt to treat disease. The diseases are likely rooted, originally in the bad birth practices.  Hasty clamping, currently, a trend, on an international scheme."

DECEIT INVOLVED IN BLOOD DENIED THE BABY:  This taking of the baby's blood, in many instances, will be done in secret. Hidden from the mother and the father will be the actual  volume of the blood drained out of the placenta, anywhere from 50 ccs to over 1 cup of blood, 250 ccs (8.8 ounces).  Sometimes the draining is done while the placenta is yet warm in the mother's womb.   This is because they have experimented to prove that warm blood transfuses faster into bags or tubes.   The fact is the mother is actually none-the-wiser.  This is because she cannot feel the blood being drained from the baby's placenta.  It is the baby's deprived blood, not the mother's blood that is sought.  There are mostly unproven medical reasons the doctor and the nurse use to clamp the cord before it had naturally ceased to pulsate.  Both may be in collusion with each other, and may collaborate with policies of the hospital, who may collaborate with policies set by who knows who set them?  Many of the hospitals do send the placenta and blood to drug companies.

 My best guess how long some of the babies were assaulted by unethical doctors and nurses is to the First World War.     While mum's the word on this one as to few survivors of those times, we know the doctors were involved in blood transfusions.  And there is definite recordings of research and experiments that the use of the umbilical cord stem cell blood from babies was used in transfusions all the way back to 1939, during the Second World War.  But the big trend in going public with cord stem cells was not until the 1980's.  What really was going on all this time to many of our babies that we trusted to birth in the hospital for the best of care?

 While most BC Hospitals, on the lower mainland, at the maternity wards would not reveal where the blood from placentas go, and the placentas themselves.  But, at the Royal Alexander Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta,  lab technicians admitted they are given two and three tubes of placenta blood to do the hospital's directed research of the day.   Alberta's Health and Wellness Minister, the Hon. Gary Mar , who has a criminal law degree, accepted this as normal medical procedure.  This was accepted as acceptable practice by the Alberta College of Physicians and Surgeons, too.  No questions asked as to protection of the baby's right to all property rights of its placenta , that I call a blood bag.

THEORIES:  I present three theories or motives  that I maintain are connected to false medical teachings and practices.  The most common is the taking of the components of the babies blood , more precious then gold, to all medical fields that get a spin-off from creating a situation, where the child does not start life with opportunities to have optimal health.  The medical societies treat illness and disorders but do not actively prevent them or research the likely association and similarities of disorders by looking at drugs , position of birth,   clamping of the cord , and vaccinations .    The facts are, whether hasty umbilical cord clamping is Social Darwinism, Blood and Organ robbing, or Time Efficiency, all three are inexcusable reasons for clamping off a functioning organ.  This is apparently done with no regard of Constitutional Rights of the infant. Sadly, for want of public outcry, no justice official, police or law firm, will protect the babies from being exploited.  The practice will continue until the new generations are better educated.