Natural Solutions Alert 

by Gabriel Cousens, M.D.  2009 July

Dear Friends, 

This following data received from Natural Solutions is comprised of facts that are worth paying attention to so you may be prepared for these potential difficulties and build your immune system.  By being somewhat forewarned about these potentials, you give yourself the opportunity to remain in a state of peace while positively affecting your mental state and overall well-being—as both are affected by your immune system.   Please be also aware that the Hand of God through the "disruption on the earth plane" can upset the best laid plans of mice and men. 
Blessings and Peace,
Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, M.D.

 1.  An "informal" [e.g., illegal] clinical trial of the Avian Flu vaccine on about 200 Polish vagrants resulted in 11 immediate deaths and an additional set of 20 later deaths (approximately 15% of the test population).  The doctors and nurses involved were charged with murder. (Fact. 2008)
2.  The Philippine High Court convicted WHO (The World Health Organization) of involuntarily sterilizing over 3 million Philippina women through the use of vaccines. (Fact)
3.  The WHO in 1985 documented that one of its' primary goals for the use of a sterility vaccine disguised as a smallpox vaccine was to "eliminate 150 million excess Sub Saharan Africans". (Fact, 1985-ongoing)
4.  The WHO 5-shot vaccine programs for tetanus in third world countries in South and Central America caused the involuntary sterilization of millions of women. (Fact, ongoing)
5.  Monsanto's MON 810 corn causes sterility according to studies published by the Austrian Government. (Fact, 2009)
6.  Monsanto's MON 810 corn contains the Cauliflower Mosaic Virus which, when ingested, lowers the bodies CD 4 cells to a point which, on immune tests, indicate that a person has HIV/AIDS.  The lowered CD 4 cells results from eating GMO corn, the staple of the diet in many parts of Black Africa. MON 810 is grown in Europe for animal feed and in many places, including the US, around the world for human food. (Fact, ongoing)
7.  Merck's Gardasil vaccine causes death, collapse and chronic illness in young woman and girls, including a new, never-before described "disease" called Juvenile ALS, a fatal condition in which the nervous system is slowly destroyed while consciousness remains unimpaired.  This vaccine increases cervical cancer by 44.7% in women and girls who already have Human Papilloma Virus.  Cervical Cancer is easily detected and cured in early stages and is not a major killer of women.  Gardasil contains substances which may cause sterility in women receiving it and any protection lasts only a few years, so 9 year olds will probably not be sexually active by the time this protection has worn off. (Fact, ongoing)
8.  Baxter International Inc. was in the process of applying for a contract to provide Avian Flu vaccines to European countries in the event of an Avian Flu epidemic.  Its Austrian laboratory shipped Seasonal Flu vaccines to 18 countries in Europe.  A laboratory technician tested the Baxter Seasonal Flu vaccines sent to the Czech Republic and discovered that they were contaminated with a highly pathogenic version of the Avian Flu, 72 Kilograms of it, although Level 3 precautions were in place and such contamination "could not have happened accidentally" according to experts in the field. No documentation of the destruction of this highly infective material has been provided although the Austrian Health Ministry insists that the deadly viral material was destroyed. (Fact, 2008, 2009)
9.  It normally takes a minimum of 12 to 18 months to create a vaccine after a specific virus has been identified. (Fact)
10.  The "Seed Culture" for the Swine Flu virus was provided to vaccine companies in May, 2009.  Baxter International Inc. announced in June, 2009 that they would have their vaccine ready in July, 2009 . (Fact, 2009)
11.  The US Government has spent more than a billion dollars to develop and to make available the Swine flu vaccine for a disease which poses no significant health threat.  (Fact, 2009)
12.  A significant number of virologists and other scientists are on record stating that the Swine Flu was created in a laboratory and could not evolve naturally. (Fact, 2009)

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Protect Us From Compulsory Vaccination, Drugging
Demand Protection from Mandatory Vaccination,Drugging or Sanctions, Including Internment and Support for the Right to Self-Shield In the Event of a Pandemic. CDC and WHO are predicting that the H1N1 "Swine Flu" will be back this fall in a new and deadly form.  WHO, after changing the definition to fit current conditions, declared a "Level 6" pandemic in mid-June, 2009. Since the organism appears to have been man made, this prediction may be one they can make "accurately."



Protect our Rights to Organic Foods
We have just weeks to stop the take over of family farms and ranches,organic and natural foods.
H.R. 875 and S. 425 [and similar bills such a H.R. 759 and HR 2749]. We need to rally people immediately. The new administration is pushing new farm controls through Congress as fast as possible and have coordinated the bills so there will be no debate and the committee meetings are closed.



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