It's prudent to post about the occasional murder attempt 

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 08, 2005 11:28 am    Post subject: It's prudent to post about the occasional murder attempt
The reason I report these is so that the modus operendi will then be abandoned by the CIA, FBI, NSA or whatever other thug agency has adopted it. They thrive on secrecy, after all.

I don't really mind if most folks who read this, or anyone, in fact, believes me. I'm writing it because the folks who do this need to know that I enjoy reporting their actions.

The Etheric Warriors psychics were all hit pretty hard in the past week and on Sunday we exacted a little bit of lawful retribution and went hunting for the mass murder plots that were apparently the reason they wanted our psychics to be distracted. Any more, there are so many massive-scale, desparate terrorist plots being planned by the very tired DC/UN cabal that we don't even consider them worth mentioning, specifically, but this time the Vatican was implicated and that's something fairly new.

Sensei Dennis is apparently provoking so much ire from these guys that they tried really hard to take him out with a heavily programmed 'moving violation' in another vehicle but the guy's pretty resiliant and all he suffered was a concussion instead of being turned into blended protoplasm, thank God. His truck was totalled, though, I gather.

I hesitate to tell you without some preparation what apparently happened in the Vatican as we were doing our group intel/boosting work on Sunday (the Lord's day Wink but Stevo's comment about 'spanking the bishop' was sort of apropos in that case and had us all, or most of us, rollling on the floor with laughter. I'll leave it to Dooney to post the full report if she feels up to it.

I've been running Cesco's Little Secret on my desk continuously becuase it's the most powerful device I know of for charging the environment with positive energy. Since I give away most of my little freq.boxes I've only kept one on hand and I've left Dodeca Richard's lovely special SP with an orgonite base and trick gem additives without a freq. box. I was using that one mostly for dowsing but I found out that I get the same consistently good results when I dowse with the assistance of the Little Secret that I get with any Succor Punch.

The Little Seret can't block surveillance devices in our home but of coruse any SP does that. I keep Dodeca's device on my desk, too, and from now on I'll keep approx. 15Hz running thru that, too, because the CIA was listening to our conversation yesterday and set a trap for us in a large store in Lewiston (30 miles away) after that. I won't give them another opportunity to snuff us, based on our home conversations.

We keep a SP running in the car on the 12v system, so none of their street surveillance tech is working for them, whch is why the local cops had to set up a video camera for the feds on our block last week to see what happened when a talented CIA kinetic energy tosser threw Carol down as she came out the front door then.

In that case she ID'd the young blonde CIA man who remotely threw the energy at her because she clearly read his thoughts and the thoughts of his buddies as they watched the video feed from the cop camera across the street and down a few doors, 'She's down! Did she break her hip?'

I wonder if he had been required to master the Stair Dismount video game. Have you played that? It's a lot of fun and teaches you something about physics (not psychics). My younger son and I play Truck Dismount which is from the same folks. Our favorite trick is to get the 'passenger' to fly over the wall that the truck runs into. It's not as easy as it sounds. The two movable ramps in the road need to be arranged just so to achieve that, otherwise the passenger is merely thrown in front of the truck and/or is run over.

That was a couple of days after she and Linda visited Stevo and Dooney in Montana and got the finest kind of chiropractic adjustment and some appropriate herbs and supplements from the Doc, who is a rare and reputable healer. Before she visited the dolphins Carol had been pretty depleted by the constant energy assaults directed at us from close range but with Steve's help, right after that, she's been boosting her physical endurance and we've even been visiting a gym together for the first time in our marriage Wink

bluemarbleimages is their site and Dooney and STeve are both also two of EW's most trusted and skilled psychics, by the way, also a couple of genuine etheric @$$ kicker$ who are closely connected to the cetaceans.

I'd gotten out of the habit of posting about the regular attempts to murder Carol and/or I but the one yesterday is unique and from now on I'll resume posting about the attempts because the other side is getting sloppier and more desparate, so they need more exposure on their way to accountability and prisons/executions under the law.

We were going to Shopco in Lewiston to see if the little portable plasma screen TV was available yet. We like to watch DVD movies while we do our zapper assembly work (most of our livlihood is from the zapper biz) and next summer we'll probably be working on the road in our little camp trailer a lot (and on a seaworthy boat, Grid willing) so this folding, flat. small TV screen is important to us.

We started for the back of the big store where the TVs are displayed but we got distracted by a rack of movies that were on sale at the front of the store. Within a minute someone announced that the store was being evacuated because 'someone had knocked a fire extinguisher down and it ruptured' so we moved outside. Looking back thru the aisles, all the way to the back, we could see that there was no 'cloud' or anything else as far as we could tell but Carol smelled a chemical that obviously wasn't from a fire extinguisher. We didn't think much about it, other than that we didn't feel like waiting around for the time it would take to get back in there. We didn't believe the 'five minutes' estimate that was announced and went across the road to eat some supper.

When we got back, an hour later, the store was still closed and Carol sensed an awful lot of feds there, so we left. NO fire trucks, ambulances or cops had come to the store throughout the episode, which is suspicious of course, and when we go back there, soon, we're going to talk to some empoyees while Carol reads their thoughts. I'll add to this thread, then.

Zappers and Harmonic Protectors shield us from the worst effects of the frequent poison attacks and maybe the CIA assumes that a massive, up close aerosol poison attack can take us out. These guys' imaginations are vastly over rated. The only predator/parasites that have enough imagination to get the job done, we believe, are the nasty ETs who are not allowed to carry out their wishes in 3D on human turf, at least not above the ground. I"m not going to do any spelunking until the feds are in jail Cool

Meanwhile I'll prudently keep a SP running in the house again, along with the Little Secret. The trouble we'd been having in recent months with infiltrating feds has been resolved, by the way. I don't think it's appropriate to post about any of that, since it's pretty personal, but those who know us have been helping us get this resolved, thankfully.

What's funny to me, now, is that our trip to the highly secured Hannaford Nuke Reservation a few weeks ago was planned without any regard to stopping surveillance in the house and they still failed to tag us then until we were all done and on our way home.

The recent successful sabotage of our psychics (Dennis is psychic and also a boardop for Warrior Matrix, which is double trouble for the other side, unlike one-trick ponies like me) points up the importance of the cell approach, I think. No matter what efforts we make publicly the fact remains that there are only a few people whom we're able to trust in a life/death situation, ultimately. That's just a fact of life, no matter who we are.

Grid willing, Dennis' bold new public effort will be setting a trend when it reaches an even keel soon. When that happy event has been achieved we'll all then shift to a higher gear on the Orgone Highway Wink in pursuit of Overdrive as we all ride along on the Hundredth Monkey Omnibus.

The 'Bad Stuff' only happens to those of us who stick our necks out the farthest, of course, and that demographic includes the obvious front line warriors and the brave folks who are breaking out of CIA Monarch Programs. Since we've already achieved a working level of fearlessness we mostly just celebrate these assaults as confirmations that we're 'doing it right.' There seems to be a lot of overlap among these two groups and maybe only historians will be the first to sort this all out someday.

The open quesiton for me, now, is: How many front rank folks who are dodging arrows in our persistent assaults against the occult/corporate world order have no history in Monarch programs? I'm fairly sure that I was an MK ULtra washout by age 15, for instance.

"We shall no longer hang on to the tails of public opinion or to a non- existent authority on matters utterly unknown and strange. We shall gradually become experts ourselves in the mastery of the knowledge of the Future."

~Wilhelm Reich