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I wish you'd taken a picture of that wheelbarrow, Genghis Cool but you're absolutely right about Eric. We need to pay attention so that the CIA won't try to frame him again. He hurt them BAD when he posted about their last attempt Laughing

After all, the only thing that parasites fear is exposure to the host.

I'm getting more confirmation from people about the private board approach, by the way, and more folks are already forming their own sites and boards now, which was my intention with this.

The chat is a private function but I wish I could convey the fact that when I'm in there with others in a group effort I'm obviously not the one running the show becuase this fact would probably do more to dispel the cult notion than anything I can think of. In that case, my main challenge is to stay out of the way, though it's important to note that somebody has to take the reins and that happens more or less organically now. We'll polish off the sharp edges as we move along, of course. Group effort is needed to punch through the newer and stronger shielding and misdirects that are thrown at us these days to protect the really juicy NWO targets. It used to be so easy!

Thanks for lining out the concept of levels, John. What we're seeing is that anyone who gifts is performing a valid service; even the ones who just do the death towers that are in sight of their parlor because THEY want to feel safer.

I first encountered this peculiar feature a couple of years ago when I felt and expressed the urgency of disabling the new tower networks in the face of imminent martial law then.

There was a massive, immediate and sustained backlash from several people who were posting incessantly on the board I was involved with and these folks characteristically were mainly concerned with making fancy, complex orgonite devices and posturing.

In fact, by then there were a couple thousand CBs and the droughts had mostly ended and so did the worst aspects of the chemtrail campaign, so there's no question about the fact that even these folks who were getting disgusted with me were also performing a wonderful service by simply having a cloudbuster in their garden.

This is when I realized that there can't be a community based on orgonite, of course, but I couldn't articulate that until much later, when I was expelled from that board. Technically, I was no longer a member of the cloudbuster community then Wink

Right now, just as Credo Muttwa predicted, humanity is being called to account, which is a pretty way of saying that we're all finding ourselves required to be more accountable than ever before.

I think this is why all the genuine information about 9/11 and that horrible invasion of Iraq is finally coming to light, at least on the internet. I do a little victory jig when I contemplate the current demise of all the disinformation sites that are engines for doom scenarios and blame-shifting, which unwitting but well-meaning peole dutifully spread across the internet at the drop of a hat.

I've known for 8 1/2 years that the best news travels at a snail pace while fake news (can you say, 'NESARA?') races aroudn the globe in a heartbeat but now the best news has speeded up to a turtle's pace and we all know about how well the turtle did in that fable Wink

When I was working in Western Samoa in the early 80s I was befriended by a very articulate, knowledgable and talented Samoan man (he was teaching me carving for an architectural project we were both working on) who enjoyed discussing the foibles of humanity. He once, as an experiment, stood in the big market place in Apia and simply stared at the sky. After a little while a crowd had gathered and all of them were casting furtive glances at the sky while pretending not to notice my friend.

He once told me that rumors travel around and get embellished so that everyone in the country (several islands separated by deep ocean) had heard the most elaborate version within 24 hours and these final versions always implicated at least the deep concern of the Malietoa, their genuinely loved Head of State.

I believe, based on observation, that gifting a community transmutes their (our) innate, even profound desire for drama into actual curiosity. I live in a small town and I've watched the change since we came here three years ago and did our initial gifting. I think that this is because orgonite reduces fear.

When the fear factor is taken out of the equation the only really disgusting human quality left is ego and I haven't found that orgonite has even a remote affect on the insistent self, though of course it does prevent the most hurtful expressions of that. Most people are prone to paranoia but most people are NOT prone to excessive egoism and its butt-ugly sister: desire for leadership.

I'm more confused than anyone that I'm perceived as a leader.. I rather prefer Sensei's assessment: Don Croft (tm)

I want to make a buck from all of this someday but that's not going to happen as long as it can be used by snipers to discredit me.

Anyone who claims to do this purely for service isn't being forthcoming, so when you hear that line, better move your wallet to your breast pocket. We're humans and that means we're not likely to be saints any time soon. If we can stay balanced we'll continue to progress spiritually but we can't fake it.

If you look objectively at my volunteer job, it more closely resembles an infection. My main goal, in fact, is to be a successful Typhoid Mary unleashed on the occult/corporate world order; an antipolitician.

I'm ecstatic about this new primal urge toward accountability, too, because it means that all the payrolled, whiny lapwings/fakers who are sniping at my character will be exposed to the unwitting sooner than before and I won't have to spend any more energy dealing with their incessant attacks.

"We shall no longer hang on to the tails of public opinion or to a non- existent authority on matters utterly unknown and strange. We shall gradually become experts ourselves in the mastery of the knowledge of the Future."

~Wilhelm Reich