Cranial Restructuring

Cranial Restructuring

What is cranial/facial restructuring?

It is the practice of placing small amounts of pressure on the sphenoid bone, only accessible through the nasal passage, for the purpose of restoring the skull and facial bones to their natural position. This has tremendous benefit: you can resolve a number of physiological conditions and even become more attractive in the process. For less than $15.00, and only spending 1 minute per day, you can perform the therapy yourself with few, if any side-effects. Don’t be deceived - this therapy is extremely simple but it must be performed correctly.

Cranial adjustments have been practiced for centuries, dating all the way back to ancient Egypt. In 1947, Janse J. published the first known version of a balloon assisted cranial adjustment, calling it “Nasal Specific.” The practice of bilateral nasal specific was further developed by Dr. Richard Stober, a professor at Western States Chiropractic College and the National College of Naturopathic Medicine. One of Stober’s students was Dr. Dean Howell who (supposedly) advanced the technique with the concept of “proprioceptive testing” and bodywork prior to treatment.

After Dr. Howell popularized the technique to some extent, many spinoffs and variations on the technique have been created. A doctor out of Florida practices FCR (functional cranial release) which is his own version of the technique. He has added some advanced techniques in diagnosing and monitoring patients. He charges about $1200 for a 4 day series, but includes X-Rays and other techniques in the package. Another defector (former assistant) of Dr. Howell runs a website and teaches people how to construct their own “face-pulling” device, or constructs one for people for $300 to $700+ depending on their needs. His website is more specifically on the aesthetic benefits of treatment, and he believes that face-pulling offers certain benefits NCR cannot offer, to the endocrine system specifically.

The point is that there are different methods to achieve the same result, and what matters to me is what works most simply, safely, cheaply, easily, and effectively. I’ve experimented with different balloons and different treatment methods and I’ve found one that has worked great for me, causing easy, continual improvements over the past 10 months [photos below]. I’d be happy share the method with you: email me at for a much more thorough understanding of the therapy and the how-to information. Please read this entire article first.

There have been two deaths in almost 100 years of sphenoid manipulation therapy. The Quackwatch people have predictably jumped on this, despite two deaths out of a million treatments being extremely good odds for any medical therapy. One death was caused by the device being constructed very poorly and the little girl not being told to inhale and hold a breath prior to treatment (eliminates the possibility of inhaling the balloon). The other death was due to using a much harsher version of this therapy on an elderly woman with severe osteoporosis. Brittle bones and osteoporosis is an obvious and necessary contraindication for conducting manipulation of bones. Despite all this, the families didn't press charges as they loved and respected the doctors but the medical mafia did jump on these events and widely publicized them to smear, discredit, and attempt to ban the therapy. They failed, but succeeded to make the therapy more expensive and require a license to treat others.


This is a testimonial of someone using a similar therapy to NCR (it's not me). While he is more tan and looks generally healthier which could be attributed to other causes, the bone structure has clearly improved as evident by the length of the face (between mouth and eyes) and width (between nose and ears).

Background Information

In the natural health community, there’s a lot of talk about healing people of degenerative disease, infectious disease, and almost any type of sickness. But the one part of health that’s neglected and dismissed is the actual foundational structure of the body, the bones. It is largely assumed that you cannot easily or naturally change the positions of the bones, and what we see around ourselves is merely a product of genetics. This popular lie denies us the possibility of further healing and obtaining the body we’re meant to have. Functionality is inseparable from appearance, more often than not they are directly related. If someone looks bad, they probably aren’t functioning well either.

This section details how the foods and toxins we eat directly and dramatically affect our facial and skeletal structures, along with every other aspect of our body. It might be incredibly unorthodox to say that we’ve become physically and emotionally ugly as a species due to our consumption habits, but it is the truth. The good news is that a little-known therapy exists to bring the skeletal structure much closer to alignment to its natural position. And when your skull and face move towards the golden ratio, all systems in your body will function at a higher level. This might sound like science fiction but take a look down below to see what I’m talking about.

You are what you eat (and what your parents ate, too)

We all know the modern diet has caused an endemic of health degeneration, but what might surprise some people is that this degeneration not only affects the skin, blood, tissues, and organs... it affects the skeletal structure too. Our diets are the primary factor responsible for narrow palates and undeveloped jaws, narrow and elongated faces, deformed skulls, and every degree of variation from the beautiful face you’re biologically programmed to admire. And we admire that appearance for good reason: narrow palates and undeveloped jaws create dental crowding (one consequence is wisdom teeth removal), narrow and elongated faces have major consequences for brain and CNS functioning, along with cerebro-spinal fluid flow and proper breathing. An even mildly deformed skull can cause any number of ill effects from tinnitus, restless leg syndrome, poor vision, and posture problems to mental retardation.

Think about how often you see someone with excellent bone structure. It’s rare to see these days, even in Hollywood. And no, “excellent” isn’t really subjective - studies on the perceptions of beauty and the golden ratio proportions prove its objectivity time and time again. What might surprise you is the “ugliness” you’re looking at has very little to do with genetics, and everything to do with nutrition (getting enough of the right things) and anti-nutrition (toxins, bad food, etc).

Weston A. Price was a dentist in the 1930s who noticed that people who had tooth problems also frequently suffered from other diseases. He hypothesized that the factor causing illness was diet, and he traveled to over 13 of the remotest places in the world, to observe what native people ate, and what happened when those same people had converted to a modern diet (with sugar, wheat, milk, etc).

To greatly simplify his work, Price found in every case that individuals who followed their “primitive” diet, were relatively free of every degenerative disease which regularly inflicts the modern world. People who followed a primitive diet did not get cancer, they did not get heart disease, and they rarely got cavities. Their bodies where stalwart, in excellent physical form, and their teeth came in straight (as the bone structure of their skeletons where balanced, which also made for easy childbirth). When the same civilization simply switched diet, to the white mans diet, the Western diet, they immediately became prone to all of the insidious degenerative illnesses of our time. Furthermore many indigenous people on the modern diet suffered birth defects, infertility, and a general longing for death rather than life.

Weston Price’s full written work is a fascinating read that will permanently change the way you look at faces.

So the foundations of our bodies (the bones) have been crippled. What can we do about it? Well the first question to ask is, can the bone shape change? If so, how?

The skull does not “fuse” after birth

Dr. William Sutherland (described in Upledger & Vredevoogd 1983) observed mobile articulation between the cranial bones almost 100 years ago and researched the concept for the rest of his life. He further suggested that there existed what he termed a ‘primary respiratory mechanism’ which was the motive force for cranial motion. This mechanism, he believed, was the result of the influence of a rhythmic action of the brain which led to repetitive dilatation and contraction of cerebral ventricles and which was thereby instrumental in the pumping of cerebrospinal fluid.

The notion that bones in the skull fuse together in early childhood originated out of a paper written in 1873, referred to as the “Munro-Kellie Doctrine” or Kellie Munro hypothesis. In the real world, this notion was shortly disproved in basic experiments. Yet somehow, parts of the medical mainstream have managed to ignore this. In 1929, Dr. William Sutherland’s studies and observation of the structure of the skull lead him to notion that the cranial bones of the skull determines the shape and function of the brain. He also theorized that the bones of the skull move slightly, which was a different take on the previously theorized and accepted idea that the cranial plates fuse together. This theory was not scientifically proven until the mid 1970s, when the use of newly developed x-ray equipment demonstrated this to be the case.

In the mid 1970s John Upleger and his research team at Michigan State University studied recently deceased individuals (fresh cadavers) using radio waves, electron microscopes, and the new cinematographic x-rays to prove the theories that the bones of the cranium actually do move. Out of these studies it was reinforced that when fusion of the cranial plates occurs it is a direct result from trauma. This trauma then interferes with normal joint mobility and nervous system function. This is referred to as a pathological condition. Upleger was able to prove empirically that the bones of the skull the cranial plates have a natural rhythm and move 1/100 of an inch, and contain blood vessels, nerve fibers, and connective tissues. Out of his studies, Upledger was able to develop what is now referred to as Cranial Sacral Therapy.

Still, many mainstream doctors and nurses are trained under the antiquated Munro-Kellie Doctrine, so you will find many people in medicine today hold onto the belief that the skull cannot be manipulated. Never-mind these troglodytes, I am living proof as to how dramatically the skull and facial bones can change over time.

My story

Go here for my photo testimonial and others.

After 4 treatments
After 20 treatments
After 28 treatments

In all of these photos I am standing with my left shoulder against the grid, and I am trying to stand upright in a natural position (a little stiff in the last one, my apologies). You can see that the shape of my skull changed significantly, comparing the first, middle, and last photos. After 4 treatments, you can see from the tip of the nose to the back of my head it’s 6 box lengths. After 20 treatments, 5 1/2 box lengths. After 28 treatments, 5 box lengths. Look at the difference to the back of the head, to the bones around the eye, and to the mandible. There is a significant improvement to posture as the skull is able to balance upright on the neck.

I discovered this therapy when I was a teenager, browsing the Internet for ways to fix my skull and face which had always been misshapen, but became gradually more deformed after a traumatic car accident. I had many symptoms I didn’t realize at the time since I had experienced them for years. My parents who had spent many years in the medical system declared the therapy “weird”, “quacky” and even “dangerous.” Fortunately I didn’t believe them, but I needed to wait until I had money and transportation to get the therapy. So I forgot about it for a few years and proceeded with college.

Then when I was in my early 20s I borrowed money during college to pay for the therapy. Originally I only intended to go in for one session (4 treatments which cost between $600–$1300 depending on who you see), but I ended up going in for seven, trying different doctors because I had such incredible results after each session. My head finally wasn’t hunched far forward on my neck, my baseline anxiety went away, I began to feel focused and concentrated, stronger, and I started to look a lot better too. I couldn’t afford more treatments (I still cannot pay back the money I borrowed for them), so I began to look into ways to treat myself. At first I was extremely apprehensive, because the doctors made it appear that what they were doing was very complicated - using an esoteric sort of energy-work massage and proprioceptive testing prior to treatment. I was even told by a doctor that treating yourself was dangerous. 9 months of self-treatment later with the results I’m seeing and the experiments I’ve conducted, I can confidently say they were wrong.

While I do honestly believe the doctors are good people and want the best for you - they pay Dr. Howell a $10,000 recurring fee for training under his patented therapy, and I believe money speaks loudly in this case about why the therapy is set up to appear more complicated than it is.

Put simply, few people will pay $1000, despite profound results, to have a balloon inflated in their nose - no matter how nuanced the technique and informed the doctor. A well known fact to sociologists is that all people controlling organizations seek legitimization, which is accomplished through facades, personas, and appearances. The medical industries accomplish this in some of the most pernicious, deceptive ways. The business world is a massive amalgamation of authority and “expertise” in order to create legitimization, because without being perceived as legitimate you won’t have trust, and without trust nobody will do business with you.

Despite being told I shouldn’t do it myself, after months of research I mustered up the courage and bought the tools I needed. The results initially were not quite as good as they were with the doctors, as I was doing some things wrong. So I continually experimented and tried using different balloons, different methods, and different techniques until I discovered what I believe to be the most simple, effective, and safe modality.

The therapy itself is not complicated when you know what to do. It’s surprisingly simple. But it is very important that you do it correctly, and that you understand potential side effects (which, if they occur, will usually occur the first session but usually not afterwards). You should also self-monitor and pay attention to what your body tells you. That is to say that I do not believe this therapy is significantly more dangerous than a massage, but you are very gradually adjusting the positions of the bones making up your skull/face, which also gradually adjusts/unwinds your spine, pelvis, ribs, and other parts of the body, so obviously there are going to be contraindications and you should not just jump into it right away.

This is by far the most powerful technique on the site. It is particularly effective with migraines and other chronic headaches, vertigo/inner ear problems, TMJ and jaw issues, lethargy, strokes, seizures, whiplash syndrome, dystonia, autism, neck pain, posture issues (Kyphosis, Excessive Lordosis, Scoliosis, Military Spine), sleep apnea, sinus issues, sciatica, fibromyalgia, bells palsy. Your skull will become optimally shaped and your face will become more and more symmetrical. You will improve in ways most people think is impossible. Even if you are healthy and have no major symptoms, this therapy will still optimize your body. Best of all, you are responsible for your own treatment so there’s no hassle, nobody to pay, and you can do it for as many months as it takes to get the best body you can have.

How to Perform the Therapy

I am unwilling to give instructions on how to acquire and construct the device and perform it here, primarily because people should not jump into it without knowing every possible risk or side effect (which truly, are very minimal), and when I cannot talk to them about their goals, medical history, and progress throughout the self-treatment series. There are always a lot of initial questions and concerns that need to be addressed and going at it alone in the beginning isn't recommended. I also need some incentive for people to donate as I am completely, and to some extent willfully broke. I will share with you in thorough detail what to do, and steps to conduct the therapy if you simply send me an email describing your condition and what you hope to gain - donations not required, but of course seriously appreciated.


and my photo testimonials (results from the therapy):