[curezone] Issue 180: Body Odor, Peeling Lips, Warts, Blogs, Candida


Issue 180:
Body Odor, Peeling Lips, Warts, Blogs, Candida, Acne, Liver Spots, Inflammations, Orgasm

What are the symptoms of health? by molly bloom
No more pain. I would come home every night from work and lay on the couch. I would stay on the couch because getting up was painful. My feet and ankles were in pain. I had a raging case of inflamed rib cartilage that kept me from doing simple household tasks. I felt like I was carrying a brick in my stomach. I sweat a lot. I looked bad. I felt like I was asthmatic, could not climb a flight of stairs, and was out of breath walking short distances.

Body odor gone! by faith B.
I have been having a fecal body odor for the last four-five years (off and on). I recently start taking Zinc vitamins and they are working for me.

Body Odor: I'm cured ! by helpme17th
Well I'm not 100% cured by say 80% cured.
That's a major improvement. I have fecal body odor and sour smell body odor and yeast skin infections.

Here's how I cured my nasty odor...
I have been looking for a cure for my disgusting body odor for years. I made a major break-through by correlating the type of food I ate with the severity of the odor.

Acne Program by melvel
My skin has gotten so much better. I am almost finished, this is my last week on the cleanse. I will finish my 2 months next Monday. I have seen a drastic change in my skin. I am not suffering "breakouts" anymore. I am about to start my period (I know, too much info) and normally I would have a bad breakout with big pussy or red pimples...nope, not this time.

The dangers of CureZone
Many people here get VERY involved in posting, reading, studying, responding to others in need, and indeed staying up half the night glued to the monitor with CureZone "on". Yes, I confess to being overly involved.

Re: The dangers of CureZone by Zoebess
She has been well for the first year in her adult life, based on my additional advice to liver flush, and make simple changes in her life to help her body detox and rebuild. She in turn has taught others to do simple body maintenance, liver flush, drinking more water, sharing the dangers of aspartame. Those she has taught are teaching others. People are showing up at my door, so-and-so says you can teach me how to do this...one weekend we had a liver flushing marathon since we have three toilets in the house.

Re: Wife likes only one orgasm by Alikat
First of all, not all women are multi-orgasmic. For some, one good round is all that's needed, while others with more energy/drive, etc., can have more than one. Either way, keep in mind this is no barometer for a woman's genuine capacity to be enjoying herself.

Oil Pulling and Olive Oil observations by fallingsnow

New Max Gerson Film
The following links contain downloadable parts of an outstanding video on the Gerson Therapy.

Dr Richard Schulze on Cancer
"Stop doing the things that cause cancer, and start doing the things that heal cancer."

THE FOLLOWING OFFER is made to U.S.-licensed medical doctors who routinely administer childhood vaccinations and to pharmaceutical company CEOs worldwide:

Medical identity theft on the rise
Victims of medical identity theft find that clearing their names can be even more difficult than those clearing a traditional credit card ID theft, largely because of laws designed to protect patients' medical records. Once a patient reveals to the hospital or doctor's office that their medical records are somehow tied to someone else's -- even though that person is an identity thief -- their records become much more difficult to access.

Cayenne - effective for wounds, pain & swelling by Ohfor07

Master Cleanse Day 10, I did it! by iqaiqa
My skin got smoother. The cellulitis from the back of my thighs is almost all gone ( aprox 80%). My finger nails got harder. My hair stopped falling. My stomach is flat again! I am happy I did this.

How I cured mine Candida by trapper/kcmo
I immediately noticed my urine getting cloudy and being extremely tired and sleeping a lot. I captured my urine in a glass jar. It was so thick and opaque that I could not see through it.

Daughter's wart on hand cured thanks to this forum. by michaelshane
My 14 year old daughter had a wart the size of a small pea, on top of her hand, right at the knuckle. It had been there for several years and kept getting larger.

Warts responsive to 'suggestion'. My story. by marimekko
It has been shown that warts are somehow responsive to suggestion, which explains why children especially have success with selling their warts, or other magical ways of getting rid of them.

13 warts gone in 2 weeks by believer63
I used tea (tee?) tree oil on warts that I had on fingers and around nails etc.. these were NOT planters warts.

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Lucky I found the liver flush by aableapple
My liver spots on my arms and hands have DISAPPEARED. I have truly reversed my aging.

Peeling Lips: Exfoliative Cheilitis Suggested Treatment Advice by Eedbeedee
For the people who think it is likely that their condition is caused by the overgrowth of bad bacteria and/or yeast in the digestive tract.

My flu shot editorial follow-up by _BOB
It is quite apparent that America has an addiction problem. Its not addiction to nicotine, alcohol, heroin or crack, though. Americans are addicted to the medical community. Statin drugs, blood pressure medications, Cylert, Vioxx, the list goes on and on.

CDC's Goldberg recommends more flu shots
"I hope we use absolutely every one of those doses, but we know that the demand for vaccine doesn't really match up to the list of people who we think really should have it," Dr. Julie Gerberding of the Centers for Disease Control said.

Amazing that I'm not tired by saos
This is the first weekend in months where it hasn't been necessary for me to sleep in extremely late with frequent naps on top of that. I'm amazed!! By this time in the day, I've normally accomplished nothing due to fatigue.

Indoctrinated Doctors
Becoming a doctor takes many years. They learn an awful lot. But just exactly what do they learn? And who decides what they are supposed to know? Any discussion of medical education starts with Dr. William Osler, who originally set the standard.

Andreas Moritz's Diagnosis (Peeling Lips) by Eedbeedee
When I had a camera look down in my stomach and take biopsy's, the results came back with 'Mild, chronic gastritis'. This means inflammation in the stomach, so yes I can say that my results prove that he is a least right about there being some inflammation of the stomach.

Dr Richard Schulze on Iodine - hypothyroid and hyperthyroid balancing by saos
I had posted that the weekend before last was the first weekend in months that I didn't require several naps during the day. This past weekend was the same and I had even more energy. Not one nap.

Telman's flushing history

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