[curezone] Issue 182: Diabetes, Bacterial Vaginosis, Cholesterol, Triglycerides, Hypothyroidism

Issue 182:

Diabetes, Bacterial Vaginosis, Cholesterol, Triglycerides, Hypothyroidism, Eczema, Acne, Fatty Liver

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Reducing insulin again today for my son YES!! by alwayshopeful
I am reducing his insulin by 2 units per day ... When he left the hospital he was taking 26 units total .. now he is down to 18 units per day!

Alternative Treatments for Bacterial Vaginosis by collar
I didn't believe it would work either ... but I wont be spending my money at the doctor anymore.

IN GOD'S EYES by Candace Carteen, Portland, Oregon
By the time I was ten, I was totally ashamed of my father. All my friends called him names: Quasi-Moto, hunchback, monster, little Frankenstein, the crooked little man with the crooked little cane. At first it hurt when they called him those things, but soon I found myself agreeing with them. He was ugly, and I knew it!

Cholesterol/Triglycerides Success by Charly
Whoo-hoo - I am a 63 year old female with NO health problems. I'm not on one prescription drug - and my new numbers are:

I got off both of those (Armour and Hormones).. by Ladylove
Now it is 3 or 4 months later. I am off the Armour, off the Hormones, am about $100. richer every month.

My magic flush by hopinso
I consider flush #17 to be my magic flush. It was in that flush that I discovered some parasites in large stones. I did a homemade parasite cleanse using garlic, cayenne pepper and Black walnut hull capsules. I also did enemas two or three times a week.

Anyone have advice regaining digestion after raw vegan diet? by nglassman
I was 100% raw for 3 years. And I mean I was strict. STRICT. And now I can hardly digest anything.

No eczema problems anymore by carlas
I had excema off and on since childhood until I started the colon cleanses and liver flushes. After 5 liver flushes (the Hulda Clark method) my eczema is 99.99999% gone.

After two years Urine Therapy by desjar
I lost my joint pains also with the therapy and at 55 I am starting a new job and feel very confident about the concentration, memory..., something I thought I had lost a decade ago.

Hello Skin People! by Somer
I continue to have perfect, radiant skin after years of "adult acne" and "rosacea" since flushing my liver clean a couple years back!

Fatty Liver Gone!! by rh6500
I changed my diet 1 month before I did Dr. Hulda's liver flush. I went to the doctor today for an annual checkup and my fatty liver is GONE!!

Active Surveys:

Oil Pulling: Day 8 (Week One Results In) by NoScale
Teeth are all one color; all staining is gone. Sinuses feel a bit clearer.

We tried twice going to a chicken pox party by deepdish
Both of our daughters were born at home and are unvaccinated. They are 6 and 9 now.

Tea Tree Oil and a Planters Wart. by Catniplemon
I had even gone so far as mutilation with a razor blade trying to cut it off. All the blood made me stop that approach.

Coconut Oil for Scalp success! by lainrosuta

Did Harvard Ethics Investigation Break the Rules?

Psoriasis: doing well with cleansers by polaris700
I have to say , I think the biggest improvement came when I stopped smoking 3 months ago when I decided to give this cleansing a try. If you smoke and have P. give the cigs a rest for awhile..it isnt easy trust me , I have seen the result.

A little results I wanted to share with the readers ... by daermo
It's been 4 days~ since I started the new way of eating (I still notice a little skin peeling etc but not like before).

Urine Therapy: Totally baffled by this method. by winamac
Now, 11 days later, my infection has gone, my jaw is healing nicely, the hole is a pleasant pink, not the putrid looking red flecked with yellow that it was. I can see better, my skin is clear, my rashes are receding rapidly, and I do not have any bad breath, my eyeballs are a healthy bluish color, my irises are clear of the 4 brown spots that some therapist said meant something nasty, and did I say, I feel great.

Re: Resolving the Stone Mystery by imabeliever
Since the 1st flush I've passed stones after the 2nd dose of epsom salt a couple times. Before consuming Olive oil or grape fruit juice.

Re: Resolving the Stone Mystery by Invincible
my partner flushed only with the Epsom salts! His first flush was OO/GJ free! After he drowned his 2nd ES dose, loads (over 1,000) stones came out.

Brown Recluse Spider Bite Foto Report
On or about Wednesday, July 24, 1996 I was unknowingly bitten by a brown
recluse spider.

Re: kelp by samantha60
I feel better than I have felt in years and I have lost 2-3 lbs, and my bowel movements are better. Mind you, I only needed to lose about 2-3 lbs, and I wasn't trying to lose the weight really.

Peeling Lips: On my way to recovery by ArcticMonkey
I wrote earlier on this forum a little less than 2 months ago about a regimen of supplements and dietary changes I'd be doing to improve my lips. And since then I've improved the condition of them by about 50%.

Oil pulling with hemp Oil: day three - interesting results by fallingsnow

It's a Miracle! by Somer
I could never have done what I have done without juice fasting and professional colonics.

Uniformity for Food Act - Take Action NOW!
This bill would eliminate many local and state labeling requirements, such as those for foods or beverages made with genetically modified organisms!

Awesome Recovery! by JohnnySmith
Recently, I caught a nasty flu/cold bug that had been making its rounds.

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