Dr Day Refused a Mastectomy and Took Charge of Her Healing 

by Dr Whitaker

Now, let me introduce you to another physician who has come to the same conclusions: Lorraine Day, M.D., who comes from the heart and soul of conventional medicine.

For 15 years, Dr. Day was on the faculty of the University of California in San Francisco. She was vice-chairman of the orthopedic surgery department and chief of orthopedic surgery at San Francisco General Hospital, and is respected expert world wide in the demanding art and science of trauma surgery. She has published widely in conventional medical publications while nestled in this heart of conventional medicine, she believed, like most of her colleagues, that if she didn't know about something, it didn't exist.

However, she began to question "business as usual" with the explosion of the AIDS crisis in the 1980s. She became aware that the flow of AIDS information to the public was highly political and began a crash course in "alternative medicine." Quickly, she grasped the incredibly narrow scope and tunnel vision of modern-day conventional medicine.

More than two and one-half years ago, Dr. Day found a lump in her breast. It took her some time to find a doctor who would agree just to take the lump out and not have her sign away her body parts at the discretion of the physician while under anesthesia. When the lump was removed, it was cancerous, and they couldn't get it all without removing her breast, which she refused to allow. She was told to have radiation and chemotherapy, which she also flatly refused, and decided to structure her own program to heal her cancer.

Dr. Day believes, as I do, that the only way to increase your chances of surviving cancer is to nourish your immune system, not wipe it out. She is doing what I would do ----eating a vegetarian diet of primarily raw foods, drinking vegetable juices and Essiac tea, getting plenty of rest, and taking copious amounts of nutritional supplements, including Pycnogenol, coenzyme Q1O, barley grass juice, aloe vera juice. She has also treated herself with shark cartilage. It's been almost three years now, and Dr. Day says she feels better than ever.

It's Time to Overcome Our Fear of Cancer

In a letter to me, Dr. Day writes, "As you know, for virtually my entire career I was in the heart of academic establishment medicine. However, in all my years in established medicine, I didn't learn anything about real healing."

The fact that so many of us are terrified of cancer is obvious testimony to the failure of conventional treatment. As long as we continue to be controlled by the fear and rush into the very therapies that don't work because we are too scared to do anything else, we will never make progress.  No one articulates this better, more understandably or more concisely than Dr. Lorraine Day. Therefore, the name of the video she created about her experience with cancer should induce you to seek out her message. How can Dr. Day say "Cancer Doesn't Scare Me Anymore"? What did she learn that eliminated her fear and opened her up to alternative treatments?

Folks, whether you have cancer or not, Dr. Day's video message is lightning in a bottle. She is not theorizing, she is putting her life on the line, and she is telling you why.

"Cancer Doesn't Scare Me Anymore" normally $19.95, is available to Health & Healing subscribers for $17.95 with 71/4 sales tax for California residents. It can be ordered by calling 800/574-2437 or by writing Rockford Press, P0 Box 952, Rancho Mirage, CA 92270. If you request it, Dr. Day also will send you a copy of the protocol she is currently using to treat her breast cancer. If you want a copy of the protocol only, just send a long self-addressed stamped envelope to Phillips Publishing, Customer Service-H&H-Day, 7811 Montrose Road, Potomac, MD 20854.

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