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[June 22, 2006] Myocarditis death in soldier may have been caused by vaccines--DOD press release
Meryl Nass, MD: Please note that CDC found a much higher rate of myocarditis in  smallpox vaccine recipients than did DOD: 1 in 1,725, according to  Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report put out by CDC.  In a vaccine  trial of smallpox vaccines conducted by Acambis the rate of myocarditis  was 1 in 973.  A 1978 study in Finnish military recruits found a much  higher rate using looser criteria (1 in 29).
    If DOD had cases occurring at the same rate, they should have had 580  cases in 1 million vaccine recipients, not 120.  However, DOD likely  had even more cases of myocarditis than 580, since it is believed that  people who have never before received the vaccine are at higher risk of  complications than those previously vaccinated.  Nearly all those who  were vaccinated through CDC had been vaccinated in childhood.   Relatively few military servicemembers have been previously vaccinated.
    Claiming that no previous smallpox recipients died with myocarditis is  also blatantly untrue.  Twenty-two year old Rachel Lacy died in early  2003, one month after receiving five vaccines in one day (including  smallpox and anthrax) and her autopsy demonstrated myocarditis.  Two  panels asked to evaluate her death for DOD agreed her death was  probably vaccine-related.  I wrote something about earlier inaccurate DOD statements about  smallpox vaccine-related myocarditis and death in 2003:

[1921] There are no adequate statistics showing these fatalities, but it may be estimated that in England and Wales no fewer than 6,000 Infants are Killed every Year by Vaccination.    This is perhaps the least part of the damage. The Great Damage is that caused to Teeth, Eyesight and Constitution, by the illness of vaccinia forced upon the infant at the most critical and delicate period of its life. [1921] Vaccination and the State By Arnold Lupton MP.

[1880] That since Vaccination has been rendered obligatory, infantile syphilis (under one year old) has been increased in England, according to a Parliamentary return, dated February 25th, 1880, from 472 per million of births in 1847, to 1,736 per million in 1877, or fourfold; and that other inoculable diseases, such as pyaemia, scrofula, erysipelas, and bronchitis, were also augmented in infants. In England, the increase of inoculable diseases was 20 per cent., notwithstanding an expenditure of 200 millions sterling since 1850 in sanitary works. Another Parliamentary return (No. 443, Session 1877) demonstrates that 25,000 babies are yearly sacrificed by diseases excited by Vaccination.  International Anti-Vaccination League points against vaccination 1880

See U. S. Mortality Statistics for 1907, page 40. The Reports of the Registrar General of England for 1906, 1907 and 1908 give a death-rate from infantile vaccination in those years which runs as high as forty-two deaths per million children vaccinated! Here we see that, according to some of our highest statistical authorities, vaccination is not harmless, but is so very harmful that its ratio of mortality per million vaccinated is sometimes twice as great as the ratio of smallpox mortality per million population, and including an epidemic period! [1920 USA] HORRORS OF VACCINATION EXPOSED AND ILLUSTRATED BY CHAS. M. HIGGINS

Is it not, therefore, rather strange, Mr. President, that vaccination should be reported as so utterly harmless in the distant Philippines, where we can not easily get at the records, when we know it is so deadly in the nearby England and America, where the accessible records show that it causes, frequently, more deaths than smallpox, as I have already proved? For example: the great English Commission on Vaccination found that deaths from vaccination were sometimes as high as seventy deaths per million vaccinated. This is twice as high as the mortality from smallpox in the United States, which for five years, from 1901 to 1905, including our last great epidemic period of 1901 and 1902, averaged only thirty-four deaths per million population! [1920 USA] HORRORS OF VACCINATION EXPOSED AND ILLUSTRATED BY CHAS. M. HIGGINS

Vaccination has been the cause, directly or indirectly, of the death of at least fifty children in New York State in 1914.  The record herewith printed gives only the cases occurring in rural or suburban districts.   Neither the time nor means were at hand to make a canvas of the cities.   While only 27 fatalities are here recorded, some of which are not clearly proven, it is believed that were the figures from the cities obtainable, possible errors in the list would be more than offset and enough reported to swell the total to the number given. [1920 USA] HORRORS OF VACCINATION EXPOSED AND ILLUSTRATED BY CHAS. M. HIGGINS

Mr. James A. Loyster, of Cazenovia, New York, which shows the death of his own son and about thirty other children from vaccination in New York State in 1914. This child slaughter was the result of a general vaccination raid made upon the school children of the State in that year; and this pamphlet gives convincing proof that about thirty, and probable proof that about twice that number, were killed by vaccine infection, while only three persons died from smallpox in the whole State for the same year!  [1920 USA] HORRORS OF VACCINATION EXPOSED AND ILLUSTRATED BY CHAS. M. HIGGINS

Increase in deaths due to diarrhoea
How far this awful fatality from diarrhoea increased our infantile mortality may be seen from the figures in Table 13. For the eight years, 1868-75, when vaccination was not only rigorously enforced, but kept at over 80 per cent, of the births, the death-rate from diarrhoea reached an annual average of over 3,000 per million. Exactly twenty years later, with more, and better, sanitation, and less vaccination, for the eight years, 1888-95, when the vaccinations averaged only 3.1 per cent, of the births, the death-rate from diarrhoea had fallen to an annual average of only 1,397 per million. I do not, for one moment, contend that vaccination has been the sole cause of increased infantile mortality; but I do most emphatically maintain that when vaccination was enforced upon very young infants, it was one of the principal agents contributing to "the Massacre of the Innocents." ...The enormously decreased death-rate from diarrhoea was undoubtedly due to three principal causes—(1) The comparatively small amount of vaccination, compared with 1868-72 and following years; (2) the greatly improved sanitary conditions in the town; and (3) the improved physical stamina and virility of unvaccinated parents, who are now contributing a considerable quota of the total births.

600 infant lives, 2,200 under 5, saved every year in Leicester due sanitation & discarding of vaccination
That Leicester (which was formerly classed by the Registrar-General amongst the most unhealthy towns of the country) had an average annual death-rate in 1868-72 of 26.82 per 1,000 total population, when the percentage of vaccinations was 91.7 to the total births; and that subsequently, when vaccinations had fallen to 2.1 per cent, to the total births, the average annual death-rate from all causes for 1893-97 had fallen to only 17.31 per 1,000 living, and has since gone down to 12.30.
    The lesson of this table (49) is that when we pinned our faith to the prophylactic and saving virtues of vaccination—from 1868 to 1872—no fewer than an annual average of 239 out of every 1,000 infants born died within twelve months of their birth. Now, having seen the error of our ways, and discarded the nostrum, instead of 239 deaths, there is only an annual average of 128 deaths per 1,000 births, or a decrease of 111 per thousand, being a saving of 46 per cent. These figures represent an annual saving of over 600 infant lives each year in Leicester.
    ..The saving of children's lives under five years of age is on the same lines of progress. Whereas in the high vaccination period of 1866-72 there were 107 deaths per thousand living at that age, now there are only 34 per thousand, being a decrease of 73 per thousand, or a saving of 68 per cent. This represents a saving of over 2,200 lives each year of children living under five.

"I well remember, some years ago, listening to a knighted medical researcher as he spoke, on the radio, about vaccines. He told two classical stories form the history books. The first concerned Edward Jenner who, according to history, watched as the milkmaid caught cowpox and this protected her from smallpox. So Jenner got some of the 'cowpox' and inoculated it into someone's arm - it fostered and the pus was then inoculated into someone else - 100% success was claimed. 100%!! How absurd - complete with all sorts of germs including hepatitis, syphilis and whatever. If one did that today, without antibiotics, the death rate would be huge."---Dr Kalokerinos, M.D.

"LAST June, at the Public Vaccination Station at Norwich, nine children were vaccinated by the Public Vaccinator, and in less than three weeks four of them were dead, and the remaining five were labouring under more or less severe constitutional disease."------William J. Collins, M.D., B.S., B.Sc. (Lond) (1883 A Review of the Norwich Vaccination Inquiry)

"Three children, all of the same parents, aged respectively 3, 6, and 7 months, 'all died of  "diarrhoea after vaccination." In these cases the small-pox virus invaccinated was driven upon the intestines, and produced "diarrhoea" and death. In the latter cases the invaccinated virus produced its like in another form, i.e, the small-pox. Deaths from "diarrhoea" after "vaccination" may be counted by their "tens of thousands."---JNO. PICKERING, F.S.S., F.R.G.S. [1876. THE STATISTICS OF THE MEDICAL OFFICERS TO THE LEEDS SMALL-POX HOSPITAL EXPOSED AND REFUTED]

"Conybeare reported 222 cases of post-vaccinal encephalomyelitis, of which 110 were fatal, in twenty years from 1927-46.....Prof. Dick  reports 147 cases of post-vaccinal encephalitis in England and Wales from 1951-1970 of which 36 were fatal."----Michael Nightingale

"In Australia when a few children died as a result of smallpox vaccinations the government abolished compulsory vaccination in that country and smallpox suddenly declined to the vanishing point. Australia had only three cases of smallpox in 15 years as compared with Japan’s record of 165,774 cases and 28,979 deaths from this cause in only 7 years (1886-1892) under compulsory vaccination and re-vaccination."--Eleanor McBean

"At present, intelligent people do not have their children vaccinated, nor does the law now compel them to. The result is not, as the Jennerians prophesied, the extermination of the human race by smallpox; on the contrary more people are now killed by vaccination than by smallpox."---George Bernard Shaw 1929

"Whether we examine the long-continued records of London mortality, or those of modern registration for England, Scotland, and Ireland; whether we consider the "control experiment" or crucial test afforded by unvaccinated Leicester, or the still more rigid test in the other direction, of the absolutely revaccinated Army and Navy, the conclusion is in every case the same: that vaccination is a gigantic delusion; that it has never saved a single life; but that it has been the cause of so much disease, so many deaths, such a vast amount of utterly needless and altogether undeserved suffering, that it will be classed by the coming generation among the greatest errors of an ignorant and prejudiced age, and its penal enforcement the foulest blot on the generally beneficent course of legislation during our century."-----ALFRED RUSSEL WALLACE [Book 1898] VACCINATION A DELUSION

"A startling fact!  In England & Wales in the 16 years ended Dec 1948, only 2 children (under 5) died of smallpox, but 72 died of vaccination in 1938, 1939, 1940, 1941 and 1942.  20 deaths were assigned to smallpox vaccination and none to smallpox (under 5)."--The Vaccination Inquirer Sept 1953 [Ref: Replies to Minister of Health, 13 July 1938, 23 Oct 1941, 11 Nov 1943, 24th Dec 1946, 23rd Sept 1948, April 11th 1949]

"With the polio vaccine we are witnessing a rerun of the medical reluctance to abandon the smallpox vaccination, which remained as the only source of smallpox-related deaths for three decades after the disease had disappeared.  Think of it! For thirty years kids died from smallpox vaccinations even though no longer threatened by the disease."----Dr Robert Mendelsohn, M.D.

"Whenever she set out to prove that vaccination was killing more people than smallpox, she always did so, even under the handicap of having to treat the official record of vaccination deaths as if it were really true! Even today, there is no obligation to report such deaths properly, and Miss Loat knew that the official mortality figures represented probably not one-tenth, possibly not one-hundredth, of the true number. As Bernard Shaw put it, the true figures, "could they be ascertained, would probably horrify Herod."--Lionel Dole

"In 1962 Dick spoke out at the British Medical Association annual meeting against the smallpox vaccination programme enjoined by the Minister of Health, Mr Enoch Powell. "He is asking for a sacrifice of at least 20 babies a year," Dick said."--Prof Dick obituary