by Hilarion

"The food that passes through your body is of the utmost importance for your health, your mental balance, and your emotional well-being. When you eat any given food, you are not merely eating the molecules and atoms in that food. You are also eating the astral and aetheric counterparts. If the astral (emotional) part is full of poisons, then these will lodge in your Astral Body. If the aetheric counterpart is contaminated, your Aetheric Body will likewise be adversely affected."

"It goes without saying that the harmful 'rich' foods popular in this century must be eliminated -- all foods containing refined sugar, all soft drinks, and all fried oil and fat. Likewise, habits which drain the body's energy must also be stopped, namely smoking and the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Lastly, there is a great burden placed on the digestive and renal systems by the taking in of any chemically produced substance. This includes sleeping pills, aspirins, and even some vitamin supplements. There are enough vitamins in man's 'natural' foods to satisfy all bodily requirements in a healthy adult who has purified the diet in the manner just described. The reason why many people now require supplements relates to the abuses to which their digestive systems have been subjected due to their eating habits."

"Fasting and purity of food intake can hasten the process of stimulating the Third Eye ability. In a general way it will be found that many persons will be able to hasten the developement of The Third Eye Center (The Ajna Chakra) by removing all or most heavy protein sources from their diet."

"A diet too rich in concentrated protein sources and other foods which leave a mucus residue in the body also contaminates The Aetheric Body with toxins and waste materials at that level, and these undesirable substances tend to cloud the various chakras of the body (Aetheric Body), including The Ajna Center which is the eastern name for the vortex where the clairvoyant gift originates."

"It is fully expected that in The New Age soon to dawn for the human family, the average diet will have become one of fruits, nuts, and some of the lighter vegetables -- a regime perfectly conducive to allowing the opening and flowering of all the gifts associated with the various energy centers (chakras) in The Aetheric Body."

"The seat of all emotions is the bloodstream, and it is extremely difficult to attain any purity of the emotions when the bloodstream is polluted with toxins and debris. It is especially the blood that needs to be purified if real progress toward spirituality is to be realized. Of course, the kidneys regularly cleanse the blood of toxins and poisons, however there are ways to help in this purification process."

"One such way is to eat certain herbs and foods that have a cleansing effect. One of the best is parsely. For anyone who has embarked upon a program of bodily detoxification, the daily eating of parsely is highly recommended. The best parsely is, of course, that which has been recently cut. In a general way, the liberal consumption of any green, leafy vegetable will help to cleanse the blood. The old saying, 'green food, red blood', is absolutely true."

"Another excellent blood purifier is garlic, which should always be eaten in the raw state, never cooked. The removal of red meat from the diet will greatly facilitate the purification of the blood and detoxification of the body in preparation for the brightening of spiritual light. Such removal, however, must be accomplished slowly."

"The pancreas has a number of functions, but one of the most important is that of allowing the body to balance the sugar (glucose) level in the blood. With the great availability of sweets in The Earth today, the pancreas has been called upon to secrete far more insulin than was the case in past ages when sugar was not so readily available in the refined state. Few are aware of the ravages to which they subject their bodies through the ingesting of refined sugar in any form."

"It is the case that Man was meant to have sugar as a part of his dietary intake. However, The Wise Shepherds of The Race -- Those Who designed the physical vehicle and provided the means in nature by which it could be sustained -- did not intend that Man should debase natural forms of sugar by refinement. The carbohydrates which Man can find in Nature basically include fruit sugars and starchy vegetables. In the latter category are potatoes, yams, bananas, beets, grains, and other souces. The digestive system which Man was given is ideally suited to absorb properly these natural materials, whether in the raw or the cooked state. Of course, most foods for Man are best eaten in the raw state, although some -- notably the potato -- are preferable after cooking lightly to convert some of the components which would otherwise be inassimilable."

"When the human body takes in a whole fruit, it does ingest the sugar which the fruit contains. This was planned. However, the fruit contains much more than merely the sugar. It contains numerous enzymes, minerals, and other factors at the physical, astral, and aetheric levels which contribute importantly to the task of digesting the sugar. Without these additional materials, the digestive system is, literally, not able to digest the sugar content in a healthy way."

"Thus, when Man strips away these additional factors, for example, through the refining of the sugar cane, the refined sugar which results is not something for which the human body was designed, and its ingestion can only be harmful. Naturally, it is a question of quantity. Small portions of candy or the like, made with refined sugar, will only cause marginal damage, but the average North American eats far too much of this dangerous material and has caused serious ravages in his system by the time he reaches age 30."

"One of the most grievously damaged parts of his body is the pancreas. Because of the inordinately high sugar intake, the pancreas has had to overwork for years, and in many people this produces a weakening of its ability to perform its function. For some, the result is a chronic over-secretion of insulin, leading to cases of low blood sugar or Hypoglycemia. In most such cases, the person has over-indulged in sweets in a previous life, and the result is a congenitally-weak pancreas in the present physical body."

"In other cases, the pancreas simply gives up and cannot any longer secrete sufficient (or any) insulin. Diabetes is the result. Again, the illness is usually prepared in a previous life of over-indulgence in sweets."

"The diet followed by most people in the affluent countries predisposes them to hardening of the arteries (Atherosclerosis) by robbing the body of those chemical factors which are necessary to allow the arterial walls to remain flexible. The best dietary 'cure' for this condition is to gradually switch to a vegetarian diet which is low in protein generally, although this must be accompanied by a 'loosening up' of the emotional rigidness that has been adopted."

"Many people predispose themselves to high blood pressure (Hypertension) through improper diet. The simplest way to combat Hypertension is to switch over gradually to a high vegetable, low protein diet, preferably to a vegetarian regime, and to practice loving all souls that one contacts. It is essential for the habit of loving everyone to be cultivated, for merely changing the diet alone will not fully achieve the desired cure."

"Illness, impairment, and infirmity are wonderful teachers to The Human Race. Many of the afflictions of present-day Humanity -- in particular the illnesses that are called chronic -- are the direct result of wrong ways of thinking, feeling, and acting. By 'acting' is meant primarily those self-indulgences that have a direct negative impact on the physical body -- excessive consumption of unnatural liquids like alcohol, vinegar (acetic acid), and sugared water, the consumption of non-food chemicals in the form of pills and medicinal potions, chemical injections, and the eating of animal cadavers."

"The beauty of the fruits and other natural sources of sugar is that they contain, along with the fruit sugar, certain enzymes and acids which 1) facilitate the digestion and assimilation of the sugar, and 2) act to protect the teeth from decay. It is only since the discovery of the sugar-refining process that tooth decay has become wide-spread."

"As a general rule, all foods -- including the sources of sugar -- should be eaten in their natural, raw state, for that is what the human life-form was designed to use as food. Any steps or manipulations which depart from that natural raw state represent a degradation of the nutritive value of the food concerned. The further removed, the less the value. For example, fresh grapes are the best form of that food. The juice of the crushed grape is second, and wine is a poor third. Raisins too are inferior to the fresh fruit."

"Perceptive individuals will readily understand that the flower and the fruit are the most refined portion of a plant, bush, or tree, the part that is the highest in spiritual terms. The vegetable life-form literally gathers together all that is pure and sweet in its nature and uses this essence to produce its flowers. Of course, fruit is always produced at the same location as the flower, and thus the same high vibrations are formed in the fruit as well. The 'sweetness' of any fruit is an index of its spiritual value."

"Many people find it irritating to have to peel certain species of fruit like oranges or to deal with seeds and pits, such as those found in grapes. However, these 'obstacles' have been deliberately placed in the way of overly-rapid consumption. The reason relates to the body's ability to assimilate the sugars in fruit. While it is true that most fruit varieties contain various minerals and enzymes which aid in the processing and digestion of the sugars, there are some varieties which should not be eaten too quickly. The Designers of the fruits wisely arranged for seeds to be distributed throughout the flesh of fruit that ought to be taken more slowly (grapes, oranges, etc.) in order to force the person consuming it to pause in order to deal with them. The presence of an inedible skin is likewise intended to slow consumption."

"It can thus be seen that modern technology, in reducing many fruits to their juices and in developing seedless hybrids, has removed the 'brakes' which The Guides of Humanity wisely provided. We strongly recommend that all fruit be consumed slowly, particularly those with built-in obstacles like seeds and an inedible skin. In particular, We suggest caution in the drinking of fruit juices (especially grape and orange juice). It is also wise to water down juices by the addition of about 25% spring water."

"Finally, We wish to point out that the whole fruit is superior to the juice for one more reason, namely that the spiritual essence of the fruit is removed and dispersed in the juicing process, whereas that essence will remain in the picked fruit even for weeks so long as no putrefaction has set in. Always choose whole fruit in preference to the juice whenever whole fruit is available."

"The proportion of water in any form or any part of a form is generally a good barometer of the vibrational level of the spiritual essence occupying that form. Most sweet fruit is very juicy, meaning that a high percentage of the fruit is water. By contrast, bananas are much drier, and one can conclude that the degree of spiritual refinement is less. As a general rule, a life-form that consumes another form with a higher water content than itself will increase its spiritual vibration, while the eating of a form with a lower water content will lower the vibration."

"Naturally, the raising or lowering exists only while the foodstuff is being consumed, but if repeated consistently, one or the other can lead to a permanent change in the form doing the eating. Here then is another excellent reason to increase one's consumption of juicy fruits since most such fruits have a significantly higher water content than the human body."

"Many seekers have been perplexed by the apparent contradiction inherent in having a reverence for animal life, while continuing to eat the bodies of the vegetable entities. The soul-stuff manifesting in The Vegetable (Plant) Kingdom, generally speaking, derives considerable benefit from its interaction with Humanity and the animal life-streams upon this Planet, which greatly outweighs any negative result from the inevitable destruction of plants for food."

"This benefit comes about, for the food-plants, by requiring the spiritual essence within them to literally pass out through the bodies and sheaths of the animal or human consuming them. This direct and internal contact with the essence of a more evolved being (the human or animal) has the effect of 'upgrading' the more primitive spiritual essence, because for the space of a brief few seconds, it gives to that primitive essence a glimpse of the perspective on existence which the more evolved being normally enjoys. In effect, the 2 become blended as one during the time of merging, and this has a greatly beneficial influence upon the lesser being. It must be understood that this represents a gigantic leap for the plant entity. This momentary glimpse of a grander vista than anything the plant essence had previously known provides, in most cases, a great impetus in the direction of developing its own consciousness and spiritual level."

"Of course, the blending of the 2 consciousnesses can only take place if the plant is eaten while it is still alive. If it is allowed to die before it is consumed, the human or animal takes in only the 'body' but not the spiritual essence. When the human life-form was planned for this Earth, it was intended that Man should eat only whole, living plants and the fruits of trees and that these materials should be picked just before being eaten. In this way the beneficial interchange between the Kingdoms could be ensured."

"One might wonder whether the act of eating the flesh of an animal might also be of benefit to the animal consciousness. In general, this is not so. The eating of one animal form by another does not really produce any significant benefit in terms of heightening the consciousness of the victim. The prey of a predator has its consciousness literally assaulted by the rush of terror and desperation that occurs during the chase. Such an emotion cannot possibly be a prelude to a spiritualizing experience. And, for many carnivorous animals, only part of the kill is eaten immediately. Indeed, the fear engendered in the prey is such as to make it practically impossible for that consciousness, once released from the dying body, to become one with the consciousness of the predator animal. The fear creates a tremendous vibrational mismatch which prevents such merging."

"Almost any person in incarnation can experience the 'rush' of energy which is liberated by a plant at the moment of its 'death'. This is accomplished simply by eating the whole plant while it is alive. The spirit essence of the plant freed from it at the moment of consumption immediately passes into The Aetheric Body of the human who has consumed it, and if that person is sensitive enough, a powerful energization will be sensed. For some individuals, this will be felt only with the very powerful and concentrated forms of energy, such as those available in sprouted seeds and in wheat grass. Also, some humans have so abused their digestive and other systems over many years that they have become almost insensitive to such experiences."

"The picking of the fruit of trees also has a beneficial effect for the tree. It was originally intended that a human or animal would pick and eat the fruit of a tree 'on the spot', as it were, and moreover that the eater of the fruit would stand or sit down under the tree while eating its fruit. This would place the animal or human directly within the aura of the tree while the sweet spiritual essences in the tree's fruit were passing out through the human or animal body, thus allowing that released, spiritual essence to find its way back to the tree again without difficulty."

"In modern times, however, the fruit of trees is stored for long periods after having been transported many miles away from the originating tree, and for this reason it was necessary to make a provision of a special kind to allow the spiritual essence of the fruit to rejoin the original tree entity from which it came. A particular class of Deva was therefore created and which was trained to distinguish from the aura of the plant the fruit essences which Mankind and the animals continually liberated by eating fruit that had been transported away from the originating tree. These Devas are able to find again the tree from which the essence had come and to deliver it back to its origin."

"After The Tribulation Years have passed, Man will still need to eat to survive, of course. This will, at first, consist of the same fruit, vegetable, and grain sources as are now consumed, together with the dairy foods. However, with the passage of time, the level of the entire Race will rise until only the fruits need to be consumed in order to keep the physical vehicle balanced. As knowledge and understanding spread, more and more will restrict their intake of solid food to the juicy fruits and, of course, will reap the rewards of energy, clarity, health, and longevity which that will bring."

"The sun's own light will be able to give energy directly to man's new brighter body. This energy will pass into the body through the eyes mainly, for strange as it may seem now, the vibratory rate of Man is expected eventually to be raised so high that He will be able to look calmly upon the sun's very face."