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Distilled water

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of drinking distilled water for cleansing the blood stream, for reducing arthritic pain & lowering blood pressure. It has also been known to reduce cholesterol & triglycerides. In fact, the only effect on the body is health.  The Importance Of Distilled Water On Aging By Chester Handley

“The first step in the physical regeneration of the race is a crusade against ordinary or “raw” drinking water. When distilled water is universally used humanity will take a long step forward. It is the duty of the state to see that only perfect drinking water is used; we look after cess-pools, drains, noxious odors, plumbing, adulterated food, etc., and the water supply is more important than all these. If distilled water was in every home, the board of health would have to go out of business.” — ELMER ELLSWORTH CAREY, from his article, “Distilled Water and Longevity” Written for Suggestion Magazine, 1910 http://aquariusthewaterbearer.com/if-distilled-water-was-in-every-home-the-board-of-health-would-have-to-go-out-of-business/

It will soon be discovered that even at breakfast time one eats very moderately after having taken two cups of distilled water. After three days one observes a loss of taste for this and that and quite different desires assert themselves for dishes which one may have previously disliked. Day by day one eats less: soon only half and then only a third of what one normally takes. After three days the complexion becomes clearer and more rosy and a feeling of lightness is experienced. After two to three weeks, the eyes become clearer and more penetrating; one is able to think more clearly and one becomes less easily irritated. After three weeks, the thinner ones become a little stouter and the stouter ones become a little thinner. In case of sufferings of an acute nature, The Cure need last but three weeks; in other cases five weeks. If The Cure be resorted to for from 5 to 12 weeks in succession, 65 percent of all ailments become eliminated, and the other 35 percent will be eliminated if one continues after ward with a correct diet. By the time one has almost completed The Cure, one has become so accustomed to the drinking of distilled water that one likes and takes regularly a couple of cups before each evening meal. The adoption of this habit wards off all disease. The body is already composed of 85 percent water, and by adding thereto two cups of water regularly each evening, all acids and crystals are eliminated there from in a natural way and the bloodstream is not burdened thereby.  The Importance Of Distilled Water On Aging By Chester Handley

 After a few weeks on The Cure, one learns to choose the food that nature requires to build up the system; one begins to live anew. Even after three days the purification and renovation of the bloodstream is noticeable. One does not necessarily gain or lose weight by taking The Cure. The purer the blood, the more normal the cells of the body become. If one gains too much weight one simplifies the diet by discarding butter and oils. The great advantage of The Water Cure is that one need ask no questions; one just takes it, everything comes lay itself so long as one resorts thereto. As a result of The Water Cure, one begins to think for oneself instead of asking questions, one becomes a thinking human being. The Cure is so simple one cannot make a mistake, not even a mistake in diet. The wonderful feature of it is that no efforts are required and yet the maximum of benefit is obtained. Moreover, one is sure of the expected result, whether one resorts to it for a weak stomach, indigestion, dyspepsia, constipation or a liver which does not function normally, or because the kidneys are affected; for the lungs, nerves, heart trouble, change of life or for growths.  The Importance Of Distilled Water On Aging By Chester Handley

One of the major causes of pain is the over consumption of grain in older people. It is softer, easier to eat & appears to be more easily digested. Well the true reality is that it is no benefit to the aging body at all & leaves an acidic residue that gets deposited in the joints which is the number one reason for arthritic pain.  The Importance Of Distilled Water On Aging By Chester Handley

“Distilled Water: AN ULTRA-PURE FORM OF WATER with potential antineoplastic activity. Derived by boiling impure water and condensing the resultant steam in a sterile container, DISTILLED WATER HAS BEEN SHOWN TO KILL BLADDER CANCER CELLS in vitro through osmotic lysis (cytolysis).”— National Cancer Institute DOCTORS AND EXPERTS WITH THE COURAGE TO TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT DISTILLED WATER

It’ll also clean out all clogged veins, all arteriosclerosis, it just makes the body completely brand new again[2011] Andrew Norton Webber interview (Urine therapy, distilled water) by  Chrissy McMahon

And the chlorine 7 the fluoride, which are both halides, in the drinking water go directly to the pineal gland and freeze it, turn it into a stone, calcify it......When they do autopsies on people in fluoridated societies, they find fluoride at about 5 to 10 part per million through most of the body. But when they get to the pineal gland during the autopsy, it’s at 22,000 ppm. It goes there like a magnet.......having a rock in the very, very centre of your head, at your most important, most important, most precious gland for thinking, that would be the obvious very first place you’d want to look for problems. And the beauty of distilled water is that it melts that. Most people aren’t aware that there is a massive conspiracy to hide the knowledge of distilled water. [2011] Andrew Norton Webber interview (Urine therapy, distilled water) by  Chrissy McMahon

 And in that article it gives you the impression that it will, say, leech all the calcium out of your bones and you’ll literally crumple to the floor. Or it will leech all the potassium out of your system, and you’ll have a heart attack. And which is completely not true. And I can prove it to you. And the other thing where people get it. say you ask most doctors, “should I drink distilled water?” They go, “No, no, no, no. It’ll leech minerals from the body.” And where they’re largely getting that from, along with that other article, is from the W.H.O. -the World Health Organization- the supposed pinnacle of collected science health knowledge. They have an article, I think it might’ve come out in the 70s, I’m not quite sure, but it’s titled, “De-Mineralized Water”. And so you can Google that, too. And in that article you’ll find a line akin to, “do not drink distilled water, because it’ll leech minerals from the body.” And a few sentences later it says something else like, “and by the way, you should add fluoride to your water”. So if you understand how poisonous fluoride is, that kind of helps tip you off as to where that article is coming from....... The W.H.O. is part of the U.N. And the U.N. has a stated goal of reducing the world’s population. They have a de-population program. So if you want to participate in the U.N.’s de-population program, by all means, stay away from distilled water.[2011] Andrew Norton Webber interview (Urine therapy, distilled water) by  Chrissy McMahon

And the calcified pineal gland… fluoride & chlorine are both in-organic minerals. And so that’s an in-organic mineral deposit in that X-ray of your head. And distilled water will, over time, dissolve that. And your pineal gland is supposed to be a functioning, juicy little gland – not a white rock. So it will free that up, and then you will gain access to all the almost-mythical properties associated with the pineal gland.[2011] Andrew Norton Webber interview (Urine therapy, distilled water) by  Chrissy McMahon

Well, when you apply heat, you flip the electrical charge. That’s the whole purpose of the raw food movement, is to stop people from turning their organic-mineral-based food into inorganic-mineral-based food. And so, it rots like garbage inside you, and smells permeate – your urine comes out disgusting. K? Now the beauty of this is you can change that really quickly if you switch to live food. That’s probably the highest diet. The diet in the Garden of Eden, or Paradise, is fruit & rainwater. Or, fruit & distilled water. And your urine is the highest distilled water source possible… anywhere. It even blows away rainwater[2011] Andrew Norton Webber interview (Urine therapy, distilled water) by  Chrissy McMahon

When you start drinking urine, which is distilled water, and it melts in-organic mineral deposits, and it melts that stone in the middle of your head, and… when your pineal gland opens up fully, the grey dot in the auric field disappears, and a golden glow surrounds your head. This is turning lead into gold! This is the actual meaning of alchemy, of turning lead into gold. It is not at all about being able to magically turn the metal lead into metal gold.[2011] Andrew Norton Webber interview (Urine therapy, distilled water) by  Chrissy McMahon

It’s called the pineal gland because it looks like a tiny pinecone. It has the perfect Phi (? What he says sounds like “Phee”) spiral to it. And it’s covered with crystals. That is the Philosopher’s Stone. The Philosopher’s “Crystal”. The “Thinker’s  Crystal”. The rock, not the calcified rock, but the actual beautiful, crystal-covered, healthy, juicy, functioning eyeball in the center of your head. That is the Philosopher’s Stone. And the way you free it, and you create… and you free it up, and you make it fully healthy, and functioning, and fired up, and full on, is you drink distilled liquids. And if you’re really smart, the ultimate way to do it, is you act as the oroborus, and you drink your own water, and you use urine, you keep looping urine over and over again. Instead of in a cabinet, you keep applying urine and you keep evaporating and evaporating and evaporating it, you keep applying urine to your self, yourself, yourself, and this is the Philosopher’s Stone.[2011] Andrew Norton Webber interview (Urine therapy, distilled water) by  Chrissy McMahon

Cataracts. I personally know a woman, who after 3 months, 70 years old, 3 months, she was able to throw her eye-glasses away. And it happened… she didn’t even… she was so used to wearing them, she didn’t even realize she didn’t really need them anymore. She had to go get her license renewed. I think she’s 72. Had to go to the DMV to get an eye check. Alright? And the guy kind of looks up at her, like strangely, the eye test guy. He’s like, “Why are you wearing glasses?” He says, “You’ve got 20/20 vision!” She say, “But, I’ve been required for 45 years to wear eye-glasses”. And so, he was baffled. And he wrote on her license, “No longer required to wear driving glasses.” And she went to her eye doctor because she was, you know… to confirm this. And he absolutely confirmed it. And he’s like, “What have you done?” And she said, “Well the only thing I’ve done different is started drinking distilled water.” And so that eye doctor is looking into distilled water because of her results. Within the same week, she also happened to have an appointment for her little 15 year old dog to take it to a checkup at the vet. And she started giving her dog the distilled water as well when she started drinking it. And the vet kind of comes out of the appointment with a strange look on her face, like, “What have you done to your dog? Your dog has a liver and kidney function of a 4 year old!” And, it’s the distilled water again. It’s cleaning out the body. It’s removing garbage so the body starts to work right. And so now that vet is looking into distilled water, because she cannot believe what happened to the dog. [2011] Andrew Norton Webber interview (Urine therapy, distilled water) by  Chrissy McMahon

It’ll also clean out all clogged veins, all arteriosclerosis, it just makes the body completely brand new again [2011] Andrew Norton Webber interview (Urine therapy, distilled water) by  Chrissy McMahon


"First of all DISTILLED WATER IS A HIGH ENERGY WET WATER. In order for it to end up high energy wet water it is going to have to become cationic. Remember, cations can have anywhere from 500 to 999 milhouse units of energy. The closer the distilled water is to 999 the higher energy and wetter it is going to be. Therefore, being highly cationic means it is also going to have a pH on the cationic side of the physiologic "neutral" point of 6.40. In other words, all distilled water is going to test cationic (acid).

This is not a problem, first because water is not to be a source of mineral nutrition — it is to be water and high energy water alone. Second, it has to be converted to the body's frequency just like food energy. The "electron press" (anions against cations) that causes the resistance for this process to happen is not effected by the pH of the distilled water because there is no mineral base to react."

--- Dr. Alexander F. Beddoe, DDS, Advanced Ideals Institute