The Diseases

"An MD who called me from the east coast and said, “I’ve got an emphysemic patient who was diagnosed seven years ago, and for the last two years she’s been mainly on machines and bedridden. Looks like she’s going to die this weekend.” And this is a Thursday night. “What can I do?” And I said, “Well, you’re calling me a little late, aren’t you?” and she said, “Well, I’m an MD. I have my whole family and everything to support, so I can’t put them in jeopardy. It is the law that an MD, a licensed MD, cannot advise anything other than regular medical therapies unless a patient has been on the therapies for 10 years and failed or is on their death bed. So this woman is now on her death bed, and I can approach alternatives.” So I said, “Well, that’s your conscience. All I can tell you to do at this point is to get her 10 to 15 dozen eggs, put them on her bed table, and tell her to eat as many as she can.” So I got a call on Monday morning from this raspy-voiced woman, and she said, “It worked. I’m out of bed. What else can I do?” and I said, “Well, who are you?” She explained that her doctor had called me and I had told her to eat dozens of eggs and she had emphysema. She was off the machines and out of the bed. In just two days. She ate 66 eggs on that weekend: 33 on Saturday, 33 on Sunday. Was off the machines and out of bed on Monday morning. That is what eggs can do."--- [2011] Interview with Aajonus Vonderplanitz

Simpson, Rick   91 y.o. man, cured of Emphysema using Hemp Oil!  91 y.o. W/ emphysema, teathered to oxy extensive rattling and wheezing healed using Rick Simpsons "Run from the cure"
here is video proof of him