Hulda Clark

Eulogy for Dr Hulda Clark
Dr Clark passed away, last month.

I've always credited her for popularizing zappers and it was in 1996, after
reading her book, THE CURE FOR ALL DISEASES, that I was inspired to begin my
current profession as a zapper maker.  I had bought a zapper from a friend,
Larry Andreen,  along with that book in March of that year and cured my
lifelong depression in a day, along with a lingering sickness that began
with my first exposure to chemtrails, six months earlier in Southern

Dr Clark identified parasites and environmental toxins as the  two major
causes of sickness.  I much later came to realize that agency-administered
poisons has become another major cause and Carol and I believe that's how
she was killed, by the way.

The publication of her books in the mid-90s represents a watershed of new
awareness in simple, effective and inexpensive  cures for previously
untreatable and deadly sicknesses, including cancer, malaria, HIV/AIDS,
'swine flu,' etc.,  and I'll always be grateful to her for introducing us
all to this new paradigm.

~Don Croft