by Hilarion

"Luckily, man's physical body has a natural defense mechanism by which to clear from itself the putrefying residues which collect from the eating of meat. This is the function of fever. When an individual runs a fever, it is common experience that the body's appetite all but disappears. The sight and smell of food causes queasiness and usually only liquids can be taken."

"What is happening is that the body is forcing its inhabitant (the conscious personality) to fast, for the body knows that only in the fasting state will it be able to discharge the toxins and poisons which have accumulated due to the harmful eating habits to which it has been subjected."

"When one fasts, the various cells and organs of the body proceed to dump their toxins and poisons into the blood stream (by way of the lymphatic system) which soon becomes heavily charged with these noxious materials. The kidneys then begin the task of filtering the harmful substances out of the blood."

"The build-up of toxins in the blood is the principle reason for the headaches experienced during fever, and the overworking of the kidneys is the cause of the back pain which is commonly reported in fever cases."

"If all men would fast on a regular basis out of choice, they would greatly reduce the likelihood of developing fever-type illnesses, even if their diets were not purified by the elimination of dead flesh. Naturally, still better health would be quickly attained by restricting the diet to non-animal sources of protein."