Michael Fitzpatrick

[Dr Fitzpatrick has an autistic son.  One of the more zealous 'MMR is perfectly safe' advocates.]

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[2009 April] Who is the UK's Dr. Michael Fitzpatrick? By Martin J. Walker

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"Dr Fitzpatrick is a Trustee of Sense About Science which is funded by a number of the major pharmaceutical and biotech companies.  Sense About Science has shared its telephone number with Global Futures, of which he has been a Trustee, and in which Sense About Science workers Tracey BNrown and Ellen Raphael have also played a part.  Spiked on line is supported by Hill and Knowlton, which handles the accounts of a number of pharmaceutical companies, including the three main vaccine producers.  He has spoken at events organised by both Spiked and the Pfizer funded Institute of Ideas." --Brave New World of Zero Risk http://www.theoneclickgroup.co.uk/

One Click recently published the dedicated section on Dr Michael Fitzpatrick - The MMR Vaccine and ME/CFS, Chapter Five, pp 37-67, from Martin J. Walker's new book, Brave New World of Zero Risk.

Just a reminder of some of the questions unanswered by Michael Fitzpatrick over the years.





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