[The 5 Tibetans--apart from the spinning rite they could be Kundalini yoga. 
One of the best daily routines as it is easy and short enough so you tend to stick with it. 
See: The Five Tibetans by Christopher S. Kilham.]

Five Tibetans

The Spinning Way to Gain Energy:
How to Do the First Tibetan Rejuvenation Rite

By Peter Kelder

Here follow the details on how to perform and teach to
clients or patients the first exercise:

Stand erect with your arms outstretched, horizontal with
the shoulders.

Now spin around from left to right until you become
slightly dizzy. In other words, if you were to place a
clock face up on the floor, you would turn in the same way
the hands are moving.

You'll probably only be able to spin around about a half-
dozen times before you become dizzy enough to want to sit
or lie down.

As soon as you reach this point of slight dizziness, stop
and sit or lie down. That's it for the first day.

As time passes and your energy centers become more rapid in
movement through this and the other four exercises, you'll
be able to practice the first exercise to a greater extent.

During the coming week, try to add one revolution each
night. But don't overdo.

And please don't disregard trying this exercise because of
its simplicity.

Thousands of people practice it daily, and they feel better
for doing so.

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