Re: Council Of Canadians Policy On Bottled Water Ban

You will notice all the comments from the bottled water companies who are objecting to the ban - not one - mentioned why people really buy bottled water. Unlike many they recognize the real reason why people spend oodles of money for bottled water - it is to avoid toxic city water! These companies covertly bank on this fact to gouge the public...

See: Why Tap Water Can Harm Your Kids (4 minutes long)

Sadly most don't understand that cleaning the city water is the primary solution to the bottled water issue... Naturally this petrifies the bottled water industry - instead they keep praising city water while deflecting the real issue (toxic water) and push for such alternates as recycling, consumer choice, blah, blah....

"In the end, banning plastic bottles rather than removing toxins from our municipal drinking water shows a tragic level of denial on the part of elected officials, not to mention a sad disregard for public health by administration."

Extracted from: Banning Bottled Water Not The Right Way To Go (Letter) - The Waterloo Chronicle 16-jul-08

Chris Gupta

Council of Canadians is succeeding in implementing the "Drink fluoride or else" campaign across Canada. London approved the resolution last night.

The only way I see to counter it is to get a coalition of united groups to say that this is horribly premature as long as municipalities are adding FSA to water that now becomes the only water in town, literally, if you are participating in municipal democracy or using municipal facilities and programs.

The Walkerton victims of the E.Coli outbreak who have developed kidney disease are now unable to excrete fluoride well. They require fluoride-free water. Some are on peritoneal dialysis, but this greatly increases fluoride uptake from water. Walkerton water contains up to .6 ppm naturally, averaging .4 ppm I believe. These people can not safely drink their own tap water. Now they will also be unable to drink the local water when they have to visit London for their various follow-up appointments and class action meetings. Council of Canadians is hoping to make every municipality, every school, every public facility a place where only tap water will be available to drink, but you can buy all kinds of other empty calories and chemicals in plastic throwaway bottles with no limit. These beverages also contain fluoride.

The (un?)intended consequence of this policy is to increase fluoride intake, period.


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