Flu Shot Brain Damages 5-Year-Old

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BL Fisher Note:

The health authorities always try to blame whatever happens after
vaccination on "coincidence." Even in pre-licensure clinical trials, most
serious vaccine adverse events which occur are written off as "coincidence."
The flu vaccine has never been studied in great depth in children,
especially when given in combination with other vaccines. The implementation
of the CDC's policy of universal use of flu vaccine by all American children
this year is a national medical experiment with no credible follow-up for
short or long term adverse effects.

San Antonio Express (subscription), TX
Mother claims son had adverse reaction to flu shot
Web Posted: 01/19/2005 05:00 PM CST

Wendy Rigby
Eyewitness News

A San Antonio woman believes a simple flu shot nearly killed her 5-year-old
son Maurice.

Maurice was a healthy kindergarten student when his mother took him for a
flu shot in October. Maurice has asthma and the doctor recommended the
vaccine. That night, according to his mother Michelle Mouille, "He began
running a high fever and two days later, lapsed into seizures."

"He was drooling, totally down his mouth and stiff as a board and couldn't
move or talk," said Mouille. " I just feel devastated."

That's the last time Mouille heard her son speak. He spent 40 days in
intensive care at the hospital and several weeks in rehabilitation.

Neurologists and a team of doctors say his brain swelling and injuries were
not caused by any obvious virus, and may have been a rare reaction to the
flu shot.

The city's top health official says right now, there 's no hard proof.

"At best, it's coincidental, but because of the temporal sequence, we have
to say that at least there is that hypothetical possibility, or theoretical
possibility that it might be related," said Dr. Fernando Guerra, Metro
Health District Director.

Maurice is covered by Medicaid, which is paying for outpatient therapy. He's
walking and eating again, but there's no way to gauge how much brain
function he'll regain.

If he was the victim of an adverse flu shot reaction, his case would be one
in a million. Maurice's mother feels compelled to share her story.

"Before they would get their child the flu shot to really think about it
because it might not help them like it's supposed to and it could really
damage them for life," said Mouille.

Guerra says parents should not be scared away from the vaccine, which he
considers safe.

"I would certainly recommend to parents that they opt to protect their
children," said Guerra.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is investigating Maurice's
case, but it will be months or even years before they determine if the flu
shot or a mysterious virus caused his brain damage.

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