Food combining

[Food combining came from Natural Hygiene (Shelton), popularised by Dr Hay (Hay diet) without giving any credit, and more recently by Natural Hygienist Harvey Diamond in his book Fit for Life.  Essentially, concentrated carbohydrates (bread, potatoes) don't combine with concentrated proteins (meat), and fruit doesn't combine with either, and should should be eaten first.  Poor food combining could be the main cause of bowel cancer and bowel disease, and is the main sin of the food industry--the great big fat LIE that you can mix grain and meat.  You never feel good as good feelings come from having a clean, properly working gut.]

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I have observed that people on vegan or fruitarian diets lack proteins. As this condition persists, the intestinal tract's ability to develop and produce enzymes diminishes. Over a period of years, especially after child-hood, fewer food combinations are tolerated because of the lack of certain enzymes. On a raw diet that is high in meat enzymes are easily produced and most any combination is digestible, except combining vegetation and meats, including vegetable juice, because they neutralize the acid fluid and bacteria that digest meat. Interview with Aajonus Vonderplanitz