From: "Peter Walker" <rifeforum@...>
Date: Thu Nov 17, 2005 5:27 pm
Subject: Update on the Michael Forrest Case! rife_forum

Some of you will remember the case of Michael Forrest, the maker of
various electronic health devices who was put in jail for selling
such units.

In January 2005, we started a campaign to organize support and funds
to help Michael Forrest. We managed to get people like Tim Bolen
(, Dr. Steven Haltiwanger (both recently featured
on the Coast to Coast radio show), Jim Turner (lawyer) and others
involved in this case which really helped to organize a good defense.

Donations to the "Michael Forrest Defense Fund" were organized by
Peter Walker on the Rife Forum ( and almost $5000
was raised that way. Several thousand dollars in further funds were
obtained from similar manufacturers who themselves had an interest in
finding a solution in order to help protect themselves from similar

Michael Forrest's sentencing hearing will be on December 8th, 2005.
Our efforts so far have managed to change the case in such a way that
the outcome should have no negative effect on the industry (as may
otherwise have been the case). With a little luck we will be able to
greatly reduce the sentence.

If anyone out there has the "Black Box", made by Michael Forrest, we
urgently need your help providing a written testimonial about this
unit. We also need more funds to complete the job and ask those
interested in protecting the rights of manufactures, to sell us such
devices, to make a donation. We wish to thank all those who have
contributed so far and assure you that the money is being spent

For more detailed information on the progression of this case and to
learn where to send your testimonials and donations, please look at
the following link:


Peter Walker and Cindy Charlebois
On behalf of the Michael Forrest Defense Group