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>From: Raymond Gallup <truegrit@gti.net>


 In an article in the Townsend Letters, Harold Buttram talks about MMR
vaccine as a potential cause of encephalitis (brain inflammation) in
children (1). Also, in another article Dr. Buttram talks about pertussis
causing allergic encephalomyelitis in laboratory animals.(2) One only has
to check the vaccine inserts on the DPT, HIB and hepatitis B vaccines to
see that they contain thimerosal. (3)

 Our son, Eric received 5 DPT shots, one MMR vaccine, a HIB shot, an oral
polio and 3 hepatitis vaccines. The MMR caused Eric's regression into
autism but the other vaccines didn't help him as well. The hepatitis B
vaccines caused the aggressive tantrums we see today where he head-butts,
pulls hair, scratches, kicks, bites and chokes family members and others he
comes in contact with.

 The following extract: For more than 25 years, it has been known that
pertussis vaccine is a reliable adjuvant for the production of experimental
allergic encephalitis. This experimental allergic encephalomyelitis is
mediated by sensitized lymphocytes rather than serum antibody mechanisms.
Pertussis vaccine has also been used as an adjuvant in the following
experimental autoimmune diseases: thyroiditis, myocarditis,
glomerulonephritis, uveoretinitis, and hemolytic anemia. Except for the
adjuvant effect upon antibody responses to specific vaccines, there is no
evidence that any of the experimental adjuvant activities of pertussis
vaccine, and specifically LPF, occur in vaccinated children. (4)

 Besides this are other DPT vaccine citations. (5) We need to realize that
there is more to this issue of autoimmunity and vaccines than just the MMR
vaccine and thimerosal issue. In the meantime, the epidemic of autism will
skyrocket and human tragedies will continue. The liability issue will not
disappear and as the numbers increase, the liability issue will increase
accordingly. It is better to resolve this issue now, then wait for a future
where the public will not be so understanding.

 Our son who has these aggressions is 6-foot, 2-inches tall weighing 209
pounds. There was a story in the Orlando Sentinel where the young man, Andy
Misura, the same age as our son, Eric, age 19 years old, was 6-foot,
4-inches tall and weighed 294 pounds.(6) This is the human aspect that will
continue to grow, in more ways than one. God help us if this is ignored.


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 6. Orlando Sentinel Monday, February 23, 2004 Page A7 Special Report:
Living with Disabilities Illogical rules leave family fractured State
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Writer Debbie Salamone can be reached at dsalamone@orlandosentinel.com or
at 407- 420-5456 http://www.orlandosentinel.com/

Competing interests: Founder of The Autism Autoimmunity Project and father
to Eric, who has regressive autism and tested positive for myelin basic
protein antibodies, has elevated measles antibody titers, T-cell
abnormalities and colitis.